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  1. ^ It hasn't been free for the last 2 years. It's something like $30 per person, or $90 per car. Still gets packed though.
  2. Super Bowl spot is up: http://superbowl.nbcsports.com/post/109713622824/universal-studios-hollywood-fast-furious-ride
  3. These are not the types of guests we need at theme parks: *If these sorts of videos aren't allowed, please remove!
  4. They want Universal to settle for cash. They're entering by just asking for an apology to get into the public's eye.
  5. Happy 50th anniversary of the World Famous Studio Tour! Opened on July 15, 1964
  6. I go with a group of coworkers from the theme park I work at nearby every few weeks or so. 90% of us have the SoCal select pass because of 2 reasons: 1.We don't make enough to afford the higher ones 2. For us that are lucky enough to live nearby, we would never want to go on a weekend or during the summer season Luckily, the group I go with is VERY well-behaved and doesn't treat the resort like we own it. And since we save money on passes, we find ourselves having more cash to spend on food like eating at the Carthay Circle Theater.
  7. Most likely with its back facing WWOHP. The front of the backdrop looks towards the attraction. This will create an easy division between Harry Potter and Springfield.
  8. Robb was right, the outrage started with a Vice article. Here is update from the author of the original article after the show was cancelled: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/universal-studios-canceled-their-homophobicracistterrible-bill-and-ted-show
  9. It's sad and Ironic that Universal cancelled the show to get out of the path of a storm of bad press. 2 days ago if you typed in Bill and Ted on google, you'd get 2 or 3 articles about the show, now every major and non major news source is publishing about it, and everyone is going along with the idea the show was complete trash, and homophobic.
  10. I'm sure most of the people circulating the article didn't even see the show. Now that Universal has cancelled the show, and pulled all the youtube videos down, they'll never know how wrong they were.
  11. Somewhere in the world, there is the guy sitting behind his desk, smiling, knowing that his article achieved it's purpose. Sadly he probably doesn't notice he just put the actors, make-up and wardrobe crew, tech crew, and show control employees all out a job.
  12. As an employee working at the Tour, we're going to have a huge rush tomorrow. We close early compared to the rest of the park so everyone comes to us first. Luckily we had the B & T show to null the crowds out, and spread them out. Not anymore! Tomorrow is going to be ridiculous.
  13. The Bill and Ted show has been cancelled for the remainder of HHN 2013 http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood/2013/bill_and_ted_show.php Possibly due to this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/19/homophobic-halloween-show_n_4124862.html
  14. Going to the park tomorrow. Do you guys think these closures will lead into tomorrow?
  15. Well this came out of left field. I didn't install the game the exact same way you did, instead I followed this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t435pgYq12M Anyway, so I was just messing around with files and decided to try and open the 8 car trainer and it pops up in the same RCT2 window and actually works! It's a little glitchy (I have to open it up after every action), but it's still awesome!
  16. Could it have something to do with where we save the files. When it asks me if I want to create a rct2 folder during install I just say yes and basically use the default settings except I choose full install.
  17. Having basically the same problem as everyone else. Install went great. When I tried to open or test run it, I got that little white box int he corner. After I changed my setting to yours, now it's just a big black box.
  18. Employee Preview last night was great. Got 2 rides in. Line was 5 minutes at the end of the night, though I left early. The ride is amazing, I was complelty immersed.
  19. I can't tell if this is real. The park looks closed and I doubt they'd get away with this! I think it's actually released by Universal for a new campaign. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueItDRlbwQg
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