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  1. For anyone in general, regardless of out of towners or locals, I recommend the Gate A pass. I've been to the event twice this year already, and on saturday, by 11:00 PM, all the mazes had 100+ minute waits. Just a heads up.
  2. I'll take one if possible! I didn't get a chance to order for my girlfriend. PM ME PLEASE!
  3. The escalator switched directions while people were on board. http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_11007890
  4. ^ You are quite right. I skipped USH HHN Last year for Knotts Scary farm so I did not remember.
  5. according to one of the VIP guides who was helping with the event, he did.
  6. Today Arnold Schwarzenegger hosted many Mexican Governers for some conference thing. Anyway, the area around Terminator 2:3-D was closed off as well as the Globe Theater. Arnold played the Terminator in two privite shows for the guests of the conference. I just think that's awsome. The conference will continue on for a few day's. In other news, Fear Factor Live closes tomorrow. Billy and Ted's Excellent Adventure will move in to the Castle Theater. After that Creature from the Black Lagoon the Musical will move in. Billy and Ted's Excellent Adventure is usually in the old Wild West theater, but this year, their is a new maze in the theater, which I caught a glimpse of today thanks to the perfect position of my Manager's office, litterally next to the theater. There's your update.
  7. ^I actually talked to the guy Yesterday backstage and he says it's a lot of fun to do over and over. He changes it up sometimes too.
  8. Why didn't you visit me over at Carnival!?! Anyway, I was talking with one of the mechanics about the Bridge like a week ago and he told me it would be up before the end of the month,
  9. ^Which could be any day, he was simply stating the park was in the off season, which was not stated before.
  10. Real fast, what happened to the idea of a "family Coaster?" And for location, I'm gonna guess that is going to stretch along the back of Cyclone Bay.
  11. ZacSpins are Intamin's 4-D model. They are free spinning. The first one was Kirnu at Linnanmäki. Then came a clone Terra Mitica. I decided to try a new model. I used the same type of supports and basic layout except the shape of turns and that it is longer and about 30Ft. taller. Please do NOT down rate for the fact that the ZacSpin model is not avaliable in No Limits. Instead I used Intamin Suspedned Design. For best riding effect, use pursuit by one of the sides of the car. ENJOY! ZacSpin-condorboy1.nltrack
  12. The first one is out, it's a card trick check it out! It took me a couple minutes to figure out.
  13. Well this is one of my older projects. As you read it is a recreation of Kirnu at Linnanmäki in Finland. As you know, No Limits does not offer Zac Spin models, so I simply used the Intamin Suspened trains. Do not down rate for this or for the fact that G's pop way into the reds becasue of the model issue. Kirnu.nltrack
  14. Just an idea, they could create basically the same idea as king Kong, except with one of the large T-Rexs used in the filming of the Jurassic Park films.
  15. From helecopter photos of the King Kong building, you can still easily see some of the Grafiti from the indoor city street sets. I wonder if the metal inside of KK survived.
  16. Sorry for the Double Post So we're done with the project for now, we will probably move to another theatre soon. We were on fox, abc, and nbc. Fred Phelps supporters protested our show yesterday and were met with 10X as many of our supporters. http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2008/05/31/education/blr-laramie31.txt
  17. ^^I did, and I'll try ^Well we're trying to fight it : ) Thanks for everyones support.
  18. They're about to do a report on the Fox 11 news right now.
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