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  1. Now those are some Sexy Stairs!!! Anyway, the lift and drop look great, can't wait for the finished product.
  2. Thank god there taking that death-trap out. I still have a feeling there attendance won't rise.
  3. I can't wait to here what you thought about Indiana Jones!
  4. Has the Sky Tower been crowded with the new additions? And is there a sign explaining that it is a museum now?
  5. Awsome pics Robb! Thanks again for the Great event. Did anyone notice that Superman broke down during the Night ERT. About halfway down the launch, we hit the breaks and slowly stopped, best.ride.ever! And it only took 5 minutes to evac it.
  6. ^^Wow, I didn't think about that, and that would explain why S&S was there. Anyway, Great event, I will have my PTR up on Coasterforce soon. I have a lot of great pics to donate!
  7. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. I have officially been given the role of West Coast Correspondent over at coasterforce so I'll be sure to get many great pics. I hope to see everyone tomorrow!
  8. I wouldn't see why not, but we will still be able to buy season passes this early in the morning right?
  9. Great update Robb. I personally liked the colors of Gold Rushers Station. Wish I had gone today like scheduled, I would have loved to see the job fair. Dream job, ride op at SFMM!
  10. Also notice that unlike recent maps, they actually show you the actual ride buildings. I found the very small date of the map in the lower left corner. It is dated 1968. So does anyone have any maps?
  11. After searching through the garage, I have found a few of my mom's old Disneyland maps. I find these maps very cool because you can see how much the park has changed through the years. I'm only going to post one of the maps right now. If you have an old map from Disneyland, please share, I would love to see it. Here's the fist one. I estimate it 1967-69 because the Haunted Mansion is built, but is listed as a future attraction, along with Space Mountain. Pirates is open, which means this is 67-69, between the opening of POTC and HM. First thing I noticed was no Splash Mountain(1989). The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train is still in the map, and This is before the Fantasy land Re-do.
  12. I love your Disneyland Haunted Mansion. Did you use the Doom Buggies moded ride? I can't download it, no Time Twister.
  13. Ok, I was talking about the Dragon station, I must have never noticed it in my many visits.
  14. ^ Wow, I had no idea it was that old, I'll have to get a better look at it this Sunday.
  15. Just ordered, thanks for this great and exciting event! This will be my friends and my first event, even though we went to SFMM 20 times last year.
  16. That is a Great Indy Poster. If anyone cares, my dad did the TV spot for Indy, it was wall filled with holes, and then snakes pouring through the holes. By any chance, does anyone know where I could find this ad on the internet?
  17. Is there enough room for Tony Hawk's Big Spin. Wasn't the original rumor the replacement of Colossus with Big Spin? ^That would be a bummer.
  18. I've Heard rumors of a Spring-summer Release dates, but then again, just rumors.
  19. ^They should blow it up, like they did to that 1st Gen. Free fall at one of the other parks. That would be very messy. Anyway, that would create a large stretch of land on top of the Plateau. Room for a very weird shaped coaster.
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