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Underrated Coasters?

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Also Vekoma Giant Boomerangs (Deja Vu).


I completely agree! The Giant Inverted Boomerang at Parque Warner Madrid was seriously way smoother than most B&M Inverts I've been on. Maybe the American GIB's are rougher, but unfortunately I have no experience with that . I also loved the ''industrial'' look of it and it sure is one of those coasters that just doesn't need any theming.

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Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. It is even underrated on the underrated forum! It has so much force and airtime, plus, lapbars.


Quoted for absolute truth! I ride new coasters, and some may rank a bit higher, but then I will hop on Phantom's Revenge again and it reminds me why I love that coaster so much. It is still firmly intrenched in my overall Top 10, and I see no signs of that changing anytime soon. And the rides it's dishing out this season are seriously some of the best rides I've ever had on it! The airtime is just so plentiful....and powerful! Great stuff.

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I think that Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril (Indiana Jones and the Tempil of Peril) at Disneyland Resort Paris is very underrated. Ok, so it's a bit rough and not extremely thrilling but i think it has great themeing and some good drops and near misses with trees and walls. Does anyone agree?


I have posted a picture of the ride below-


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either alpengeist or apollo's chariot at BGW, they were a huge adrenaline rush and had quite seriously no line to it and i mean second in line for front row or back.griffon is way overrated but it draws the lines away from the real rides.


lines are short for this


lines are really short for this

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Here are some at KD:


Avalanche - faster and more intense than I expected

Flight of Fear - seemed better and more intense than KI's version

Hurler - at least the straight bits, the turns beat you up pretty bad

Volcano - an extremely fun coaster that doesn't get talked about all that much, especially because it now lives in the shadow of I305

Ricochet - a fun and borderline crazy Wild Mouse...watch out for those brakes, though!

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Viper @ SFMM - Not nearly as rough as everyone says it is. Plus I enjoy the hangtime in the corkscrews.


Silver Bullet - Not as forceless as everyone claims it is.


Top Gun @ PGA - While people don't usually trash this ride, It's just so much better than what people claim it is. It's about as good as the Batman Clones.


V2 @ SFDK - I actually prefer this V2 to the one at SFGAm due to the hangtime you get on the first spike.


Space Mtn @ WDW - It's got good airtime


Thunderation - This is much more insane than your average mine train. And that's just going forewards. It's even crazier backwards.


Hydra - Love the JoJo Roll and the rest of the ride is actually pretty good and not forceless.


Cobra @ La Ronde - Smooth, fun, and got Ejector Air at one point. My current 2nd Favorite Stand Up.


Legend - While not quite as good as it's two wooden brothers, I don't feel that this ride gets enough love.


Firehawk - Smooth, Intense, and kicks the crap out of S:UF


DejaVu - Love the 90 degree Lifthills


Boomerangs, SLCs, and Volares - Not nearly as painful as people in the coaster community claim they are.

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I agree with ^ on Viper, SB, TG (now FD), V2, and Dv. They're all underrated rides. Along with this, I'd like to include:


Blue Streak - It has a lot of airtime and I'd MUCH rather ride it than Mean Streak


Top Thrill Dragster - Not exactly 'underrated', but I know some people don't rate it top at Cedar Point. I personally think it's the best coater there.


Grizzley - It's not fun in any way, but neither is it the worst woodie I've been on (even though it's been rated worst since 1994 on the Mitch Hawker Poll).


Medusa - It's one of my favorite floorless coasters. Sure, it's not very well themed, nor is it the best floorless coaster ever made, but I really love it and think it should be rated higher than it is.


Raptor - Not the most forceful Invert, but it's still pretty intense and a lot of fun.


Goliath (SFMM) - It was originally compared to MillF, and sure, it isn't MillF. But it wasn't meant to be MillF, just a great hyper-coaster, and I really think Giovanola did a good job. I'm sad there aren't more coasters like it.


X2 - Once again, not exactly 'underrated', but I really do think it's the 2nd best coaster on the West Coast (behind Xcelerator), even though it's not on any top 10 list I've heard of.

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either alpengeist or apollo's chariot quote]

Both of those(especially Apollo) are VERY highly rated in the enthusiast community, in fact, I would probably put it (apollo) as my second fave steel coaster.


Riddlers Revenge. Why? Standups get a bad name because they supposedly suck. Riddler is my favorite ride that I have ever ridden. It is forceful has a few awesome backseat moments of air and is a B&M masterpiece.

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Tornado at Adventureland: This is still one of the better airtime coasters I have ridden, and it has buzz bars!

Outlaw at Adventureland: Not rated terribly, but not mentioned too often either. There's really nothing to dislike other than some roughness. Good airtime including some exciting ejector. And despite being newer, it has buzz bars too!

Mamba at Worlds of Fun: Great airtime, especially in the ejector seat, not to mention some intense headchoppers for extra fun! The airtime is actually pretty consistent throughout the course, never getting completely killed.

Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun: Yes, there are plenty of comparable coasters that don't try to kill you, but I personally don't think this coaster merits the hate it receives. There's still plenty of airtime throughout its lengthy layout.

Coaster Thrill Ride at Puyallup Fair: While by no means the greatest, it certainly deserves praise. Plenty of average airtime plus one intense pop of stand-up air.

Invertigos & GIBs: Both non-standard Boomerang types are thrilling, especially GIBs, and the roughness is survivable.

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