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Underrated Coasters?

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Déjà Vu

Wicked Twister

Batman - The Dark Knight


V2: Vertical Velocity

Magnum XL-200 (One of the Best in my opinion)


Magnum XL-200 is underrated? Really? Apparently none of the coaster enthusiasts got that memo.


I know I definitely underrated Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure. I never remembered the awesome ejector air you get from the first drop sitting in the back.

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^I'm sorry...You put Riddler's Revenge and underrated in the same sentence? Riddler's Revenge is noted as one of B&M's better rides overall. There is nothing underrated about it in anyone's books. It's an 11 year old coaster that can still draw a 2 hour wait with a decent dispatching.

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I'm still a big fan of Space Mt. and when you ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland you feel your riding history. Ninja and Goldrusher and always fun. At Knott's the old Arrow Cycle Chase was scary. 35 or 40 mph with only a leather strap holding you on. Geee I wonder why they took that out. and the worst IMO was Knott's Windjammer that Togo mouse coaster with a loop. They should have called it Neckbreaker.

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For me it has to be the Georgia Cyclone. I actually have it ranked #9 on my woodie coaster list right now. When you know where to sit, that coaster really kicks butt.


I really enjoyed my rides in the back seat a few years back, scary ejector airtime and head choppers back there.



I think Wild One @ SFA is generally underrated. It one of the oldest coasters in the world and gives a fantastic, smooth ride with some really nice airtime no matter where you sit. And the helix finale is some of the craziest laterals you'll see anywhere. Although its been modified over the years and apparently these changes hurt the ride I still think its awesome.

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I don't really like the concept of "underrated", because it seems that most people/things that get labeled underrated are actually highly respected by many people. I guess it's just a perspective thing.


Also, some of the coasters I consider underrated are coasters that even I don't rate highly but that I do like much better than most other people seem to. So it seems they aren't worth mentioning, because even if someone likes them as much as I do, they won't be like "That was amazing!" Example: Looping Thunder. It's just a Pinfari, but other people seem to hate it, whereas I like it (although I don't think it's great).


Timber Terror: Not because people think it's bad, but because people think Tremors is (much, to some people) better. I like Timber Terror better because I'm all about the airtime. I need to ride both of them more, though.

GIBs: Maybe some people don't like GIBs because they are, after all, Boomerangs, or maybe it's only because of the infamous breakdowns and not because of the ride itself. Aftershock is my favorite coaster! (I adore 90 degree drops, so maybe my rating of Aftershock will go down once I experience other vertical drop coasters that aren't quite so simplistic and formulaic.)

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I love coasters that you think are going to be just ok, and then you ride them and come off saying WOW!


Twister at Knoebels- Such a surprisingly good coaster over shadowed by its neighbor Phoenix.

Wild One- Its really fun though from the reviews from last years east coaster trip it seems it was not running to par. Normaly it provides great airtime and laterals.

Great American Scream Machine at SFGAV- Maybe I just caught it on a good day but it was running fantastic! Very little headbanging!

Skull Mountain- If you sit in the back seat, that first drop has some insane airtime!

Sooperdooperlooper- Ride in the back seat for a great ride!


(Now I just need to find the overrated thread!)


EDIT: I forgot one!

Great White at Moreys- I was not expecting the coaster to be that good! The drop was awsome and those last bunny hops gave a surprising amount of airtime!

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The Boss--- Incredible layout, great airtime, best first-drop on a woodie I've seen in a long time, nice speed, and pretty smooth (it was yesterday, anyway.) I can't believe so many people dog on the awesome wooden coaster.


Mr. Freeze--- Though it isn't rated poorly, it still doesn't receive the ratings it deserves. The launch is intense, the inverted top hat is an amazing inversion, and the vertical spike is just awesome...not to mention the very intense positive G's while going backwards.



Evil Knievel--- Hands down the best GCI around...I couldn't believe the amount of airtime and constant speed this ride delivered. I think it will definitely move up on polls as more people experience it.


I agree with you on the Boss - I thought it was a really neat ride with a very original layout. The biggest problem it faces is the awful g-trains I think. If it had different trains I think it could be a great ride.

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Viper at SFMM, great ride, sure it has it's rough spots but its fun from start to finish, the hangtime on it is amazing!! And Silver Bullet at KBF, while it is not the most intense B&M out there, probably the tamest or close to it, it is still a very fun coaster, the helix is the only real intense part.

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