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Underrated Coasters?

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I think Talon at Dorney Park is very underrated. The coaster has everything a great invert needs. An awesome drop, forceful loop, great zero-g roll, a forceful Immelmann, 2 very strong helixs, and an airtime drop. This coaster is great and is very smooth and forceful. I still don't understand how people think this ride is forceless. I have never experienced a forceless ride on Talon.


Amen to that! I totally agree about Talon being rather underrated in the world of Inverted coasters.


However, I have a coaster that in my opinion is even more underrated than that - Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. I honestly don't understand why you don't hear the Phantom mentioned when there are discussions of top hypercoasters. PR is a night-and-day improvement over the original, and the airtime is incredible, especially the ejector airtime that fills the second half.

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Great Bear at Hersheypark.

It did start off on the wrong foot for me though. I was sitting in the front seat and it nearly felt like it was going to rip my legs off with all the leg cramps.

But when I went in April the ride seemed perfect even when I sat in the same exact seat from the year before.

The ride produces a lot of great forces in the zero-g-roll, corkscrew, and the turn before the corkscrew. A nighttime ride is awesome on this.


Twister at Knoebels.

It was rough a few years ago, but when I rode it a week ago it seemed "different". You were still jumping all over the place and banging into the turns, but the double helix had a lot of force. It ranks up there on my coaster count 1 or 2 places below the Phoenix.

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One of my favorite wooden coasters is Texas Giant at SFOT. Sure, it beats the hell out of you, but what good woodie doesn't? I have a blast on Titan at SFOT: great drop, fast, nice g's, and decent air all in one great re-ride coaster. Poltergeist at SFFT has a good launch along with a spaghetti bowl of funness! At CP I have a blast on Wicked Twister, and I really enjoy Hydra at Dorney. A coaster you hardly hear about, again probably because it's not as well known, is Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. It really is a Blast in the Wilderness...okay, that is if the wilderness is a place full AARP members who go to mingle at overpriced hotels and shows...

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One of my favorite wooden coasters is Texas Giant at SFOT. Sure, it beats the hell out of you, but what good woodie doesn't?


El Toro, Phoenix, El Toro.


I second (third?) the Talon nomination, definitely my favorite invert, and one of my top five steel coasters.

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Don't eat me for this: Silver Bullet at Knott's. All I hear about that ride is how much it sucks, I actually find it very enjoyable, the overbanked turn is worthy of being its own ride, and I'm not a force junkie so it's right down my Alley!

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Silver Bullet. An overall good and re-ridable ride.

Desperado. Extremely rough but still a pretty fun coaster.

Ghostrider. Once you get used to the roughness, it's pretty good!

Manhattan Express. Definately NOT a Togo-Death Machine.

Speed: The Ride. Amazing.

Wicked. A pretty cool coaster with great air-time.

Roar. A nice, solid GCI.

Goliath. Should be rated better. It is a very good ride.

Flight Deck (CGA). Almost as good as Batman, nice layout.

Deja Vu. A very freaky and unique coaster.

V2: Vertical Velocity. A very cool experience with amazing hang-time.

Montezooma's Revenge. A great ride.


Maybe I listed a bit too much...but a lot of these rides dominate my Top coasters, unlike rides like Tatsu, Scream, Medusa, etc. I guess I seem to enjoy these more, and they deserve a lot more credit than they get. West Coast Coasters don't rate very highly on the Mitch Hawker Coaster Poll, hopefully that will change after the TPR West Coast Trip

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Tremors at Silverwood. There's 2 reasons why I'm saying this. One is because I've been on it and I haven't been on too many coasters. Two is that I never hear about it anywhere. The reason probably being that it's in Idaho. I think it's one of the best if not the best wooden coaster on the west coast. It has great airtime, great head choppers, and it keeps a good pace throughout the whole ride. For those reasons I think it deserves a little more respect.

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alright my turn!


My opinions would have to go to:


Big Bad Wolf- Ok I know everyone hails this as the best suspended out there and it totally is, but in regards to regular steel list, this thing should be higher, just went this weekend for opening day at BGE and good lord for being 25 years old, one of the most out of control steel coasters ever built


Talon- B&M silent invert, one of my favorites, I never have a bad ride on this B&M, smooth, fast, perfect in length, love it.


Great Bear- For some reason, the two PA B&M inverts don't get love. Besides Alpengeist, B&M had the most challenging time with this ride compared to probably any other. Amazing drop, 3 quick and swift elements, and the corkscrew comes out of no where. This ride also is in my top 10 of best coasters to ride at night anywhere, so amazing.


Great White- This one isn't on the list yet, Morey's Piers has a gem with this ride, a classic CCI (before it became GG). It goes under the pier, has floater air, a nice layout, and just an awesome location on the beach, absolutely loved this ride.


Deja Vu- Every one writes this ride off, but I think they are amazing. Nothing like hanging 90 degrees and flying over the cobra roll and the loop forward and backwards, plus the unique seating had me laughing the entire way through, so cool.

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I'm going to have to say SCREAM at SFMM.

Definitely the best ride there IMO.


So smooth, beautiful color scheme and so many inversions!

Haha, I'd have to go the complete opposite way with this one, if anything it's overrated (and it's not rated very high). It's just really boring, it's barely got any layout beyond inversions and it shakes like a mother. I only ride it cause it never has a line

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