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Underrated Coasters?

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I think Batman: the Ride at SFNE. I always see/hear people complaining that it's rattly and mediocre and whining about how small it is. If you sit in the back row on this thing you would be surprised! There's airtime on the dive loop from the back row and you get some good laterals on the first drop The Zero-G Roll's pretty intense too.

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Well I was pretty close to starting a new topic on this, BUT! I did a search and found this topic, so time to bump!


I think we all know how much I lament Rampage's underratedness. I think part of it is nobody ever comes to Birmingham to ride the damn thing, and another part of it was the lack of care it received for so many years under some seriously shoddy ownership and management (a problem we have fixed rather well I might add). After some track work last offseason and more to come this offseason, everyone might want to make a point to come visit AA next year and give Rampage a few spins. Yes, shameless plug for my park. So sue me.


And for another CCI that I think is insanely underrated, it's The Boss. I know it probably has a bad reputation for its Gerstlauer trains and lack of omfffggggzzzz AIRTIMEZZZ!!!!! but it's still a hell of a ride in my opinion. Fast, out of control, multiple great drops, and the double helix of death at the end, which I think is only topped by Beast as far as wooden helices are concerned. And maybe I just caught it on a good night, but it didn't really seem that rough to me, although a back seat ride gave me a bit of a headache. The only two rides I had were in pitch black, so that may have added to the greatness of it, as well.

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^The Boss was miles better this year after some track work. The helix are still the helix of death, but the ride is fun now.


My biggest underated coster right now is Cornball Express. The ride gives stand-up airtime in the front and just fun overall.


A close number 2 is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at WDW. It's not mind blowing, but it is a very fun ride.

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A close number 2 is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at WDW. It's not mind blowing, but it is a very fun ride.


Especially if you sit in the back seat, the laterals are awesome. Both the front and the back give some fun pops of airtime too.


I vote for Shockwave (SFoT), Superman Krypton Coaster (SIFT), Steel Eel (SWSA), Terminator Salvation The Ride (SFMM), and Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket (UO).


I think the reason that a large majority of the Texas coasters are underrated is because a lot of enthusiasts haven't ridden them. I personally think that Shockwave is a great ride with awesome airtime in the back. SKC is my favorite floorless and the way it utilizes the terrain is amazing. Steel Eel is a really fun ride and it has great airtime, especially in the back.


TSTR is a really fun ride and I know a lot of people like it, but I prefer it to alit of other GCI coasters.


HRRR, I really don't understand why this ride is just being put off as mediocre by a lot of enthusiasts. It is fun (nothing too intense or crazy) but just plain old fun. The airtime is great coming in and out of the block brakes, and it has some really neat elements. I think a lot of this may have to do with the trains. Some trains provide great rides, some provide OK rides, and others are just flat out painful... UO is now only running 2 train operation (which kills capacity) but these 2 trains provide great rides.

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Roar at SFDK.


You never see the ride getting any attention, but it is very good. It isn't air-time-crazy, but it has a great layout and is incredible at night!


I think the issue for Roar at SFDK is the fact that its a near clone of Roar on the east coast, clones automatically seem to get less attention right off the bat...


I felt Fahrenheit at HP was better than the reviews gave it credit for. In the back seat I got a couple great moments of airtime, and it gave a short but very fun and intense ride. The only real problem I had with it was the capacity...

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California Screamin, Maverics younger brother. There is a fun launch, a good sized drop(especially for a disney park) and about 5 pretty good pops of airtime. There is even one really good pop of air in the front after the launch, and dont forget, tis ride gave ejector airtime when it first opened before the trims were added before the bunny hops. The ride is just really fun, and combines pretty much every element someone could desire in a roller coaster into a family ride.


The Matterhorn is also under rated in my opinion. The coaster is not that fast, but in my opinion it feels fast. I have also never been on a coaster that felt as out of control as the matterhorn. On the left track there are two small drops that are really steep, yet you dont break for them or anything, and its intense as hell. I rode in the rain this friday with my hood over my face, meaning I could not see and I felt like a ship in a tsunami. We were flying all over our seats(we only rode one per seat) and it was the wildest ride ever.


As far as non coasters are concerned the California/French tower is very under rated. It is over shadowed and far inferior to the florida and disney sea ride, but it is still a lot of fun and very well themed. There is also a stron moment of ejecor airtime.

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I think it would have to be the Avalanche (it's now Hellcat--but it will always be Avalanche to me) in the Wisconsin Dells. Everyone who comes to town is ripping and roaring about Mt. Olympus and they seem to forget Timber Falls across town. Yes, there's only one train, BUT I swear it's the fastest rollercoaster in town. The line is never too long-I rode it last summer 15 times in a row. I don't think the Avalanche gets the hype it deserves. Awesome, awesome ride!!!

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Viper @ SFMM - Not nearly as rough as everyone says it is. Plus I enjoy the hangtime in the corkscrews.


Silver Bullet - Not as forceless as everyone claims it is.


Top Gun @ PGA - While people don't usually trash this ride, It's just so much better than what people claim it is. It's about as good as the Batman Clones.


V2 @ SFDK - I actually prefer this V2 to the one at SFGAm due to the hangtime you get on the first spike.


Space Mtn @ WDW - It's got good airtime


Hydra - Love the JoJo Roll and the rest of the ride is actually pretty good and not forceless.


Cobra @ La Ronde - Smooth, fun, and got Ejector Air at one point. My current 2nd Favorite Stand Up.


Firehawk - Smooth, Intense, and kicks the crap out of S:UF


DejaVu - Love the 90 degree Lifthills


Boomerangs, SLCs, and Volares - Not nearly as painful as people in the coaster community claim they are.

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^^ I don't think Avalanche is under-rated, as everyone who rides it seems to rave about. Now I do agree that it certainly doesn't get talked about much, but that's likely due to it being so out of the way. By contrast however, Mt. O is extremely over-rated, which boggles my mind as I can't stand the place.




[Edit to make this post resemble English..]

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Spinning coasters. Theyre a lot of fun and can be very thrilling if the weight is distributed right:


Gerstlauer=two people on one side/two heavy people on one side and two light people on the other


Reverchon/Zamperla=the sides become halves


I've ridden both it works.

But at Primeval Whirl, don't expect it to work(very long lines and almost no capacity). They're painful enough as is.

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I can think of quite a few...


Vortex at KI: Sure it's a headbanger, but it's not all that bad. And it's one of the more intense rides out there, with the second best first drop at KI.


Wicked Twister at CP: Often overlooked, this ride is one of the best at the park. The launch is suprisngly intense, the view is outstanding, and overall the ride is just crazy. It's one of the few coasters that scares me everytime


Superman Ultimate Flight Clones: Sure they don't have the awesome layouts of Tatsu or Manta, but they are still loads of fun, and have the intense pretzel loops.


Gwazi at BGT: Yeah it's rough, but it's bearable, and it has some of the turns and airtime pops that GCI is known for.


Vortex at Carowinds: Headbanging isn't that bad, and it's a fun ride with a little bit of force. I liked it better than Mantis.


Shivering Timbers: Deserves much more acclaim than it gets. Awesome wooden coaster that still rides smooth, with loads of airtime. I think part of the reason it gets barely any attention is beacuse it's so out of the way.


Wolverine Wildcat: Another good woodie at MiA. Certainly not as good as Shivering Timbers, but it was suprisingly smooth and had some good airtime and laterals. I would have re-riden it if I had had more time at the park.

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Picked up a few this year:


Cornball Express - One crazy CCI coaster! The airtime is incredible with the buzzbars; very scary at times!


Steel Hawg - Very unique elements make this ride work. Downward heartline rolls, hangtime, reverse banked turns...insane!


Mr. Freeze - Fantastic launch, then 'surprise' launches give this ride the intensity to make it Premier's best work. I wish they made more of these...they ROCK!


Shockwave (SFOT) - This ride kicks MAJOR ass! Powerful loops, and airtime that is out of this world. Hadn't heard much about this ride before, and I think it beats Mindbender by a long shot! ERT on this ride was the best!


Titan (SFOT) - Truly one giant ride. A very unique feeling first drop, a drawn out airtime hill, and two helixes of black out death!


La Vibora (SFOT) - If I'm not mistaken it's an Intamin. I had sooo much fun on this ride! There were little airtime pops that surprised the hell out of me, and the drifting was really neat....huge fan on the ride!


Runaway Mountain (SFOT) - One of those Windstorms..but in pitch black darkness! I had no idea what this ride was going into it, and it scared the crap out of me with the 'loop.' My group rode this ride quite a few times.


I really liked Boardwalk Bullet!


SFOT is one of my favorite parks, as you can see!


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Grizzly @ KD This ride is amazing if you ride it in the front and at night.

Anaconda @ KD This ride has really grown on me. I'm loving it now.

Alpengeist @ BGW Alpengeist is amazing, I don't see how it's not always liked by some.

Gemini @ CP A fun ride that doesn't get enough credit.

Hydra @ DP I don't care if Hydra is forceless, it's so much fun and the layout is great.

Wildcat @ HP This ride is the most intense ride I have ridden (other then El Toro) You get so many pops of airtime.



Fahrenheit @ HP This is my 4th favorite ride. It is absolutely amazing yet so many people complain about nothing in general. It's so fun and the airtime on the first drop and last hill are insane. There's more airtime on the last hill then most of the hills on El Toro (but not the rolling thunder hill).

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Rita - Awesome launch, three pretty good moments of airtime. I find it rough but I don't find it painful and I think a lot of people tend to overlook it.


Shockwave - Great ride overall. A lot of people say it's rough and although I've had a few headbangs on it I usually find it smooth, and that Zero G Roll makes up for any headbanging I've ever had


Colossus - Very nice atmosphere thanks to the foliage, tunnels and that WONDERFUL music! It's got a brilliantly paced layout and it's one of the most intense coasters I've rode. Mostly smooth and the only bad words I can say about it is that it's a bit unreliable and the seats are very uncomfortable. But overall it's worthy of a 9/10 pushing into the 10's


Nemesis Inferno - The sequel isn't as good as the original, but it's still pretty damn nice =D

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Wildcat @ HP This ride is the most intense ride I have ridden (other then El Toro) You get so many pops of airtime.



Fahrenheit @ HP This is my 4th favorite ride. It is absolutely amazing yet so many people complain about nothing in general. It's so fun and the airtime on the first drop and last hill are insane. There's more airtime on the last hill then most of the hills on El Toro (but not the rolling thunder hill).


I totally agree with these! Fahrenheit is my second favorite steel coaster, I really had a great ride on it back in October, and was smoother than my ride in August (that was pretty rattly). I like WC too, the first drop is really steep and insane and I prefer it over Thunderhead!

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