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  1. It kinda depends on location, etc. For example, in england we have 2 (awesommeee) B&M inverts, but no GCI woodies, so in that case if you want to build in england (please ;D) then I'd say GCI, but in other occasions I might say B & M invert. if that makes sense lol Although I haven't ridden a GCI, all I know is that B & M inverts are great, and that GCI's are meant to be, so best of luck with the project
  2. (Not my video), but we finally have some testing footage... THROUGH THE TREES. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hNEnVnKYzE
  3. Hi, I'm Joe, and I like wishful thinking... ALTON TOWERS CROSS-VALLEY WOODEN COASTER
  4. Pretty! These photos remind me why I rate Liseberg so high on my "to visit" list
  5. Heres all the coasters I could enter into the poll, listed as top being my favourite and bottom being my least favourite, with the actual mitch hawker ranking of them on the side. Nemesis - #7 Nemesis Inferno - #88 Colossus - #149 Shockwave - #274 Oblivion - #84 Stealth - #62 Rita - Queen of Speed - #128 Fav X SC2000/3000 - #188 Air - #96 Vampire - #194 Rage - #172 Avalanche - #235 G Force - #334 Space Invader 2 (S) - #290 Steeplechase - #170 X:\No Way Out - #357 Fav Tivoli - #332 Fav Powered `Coaster' - #319 Saw - The Ride - #117 Saw has the kind of rating I'd expect. It has it's lovers and it has it's haters. I'm part of the latter though, but seeing it above Rita still suprised me. I still find Colossus smooth and nice, and rank it very highly, so seeing it all the way down at #149 is something I personally disagree with... Yay Nemesis still going strong, best inverted coaster and best inverting coaster, plus the oldest operating coaster in the top 25. Nice. And I'd also like to say I find it a little bit funny that Stealth is ranked higher than Kingda Ka
  6. I don't know if this counts as what you mean by an overview, but it gives a good impression of the rides setting I suppose And @ Corkscrewfoley: Yeah, the cross valley wooden coaster was rejected because of issues with the rides height, concerns about noise and (I think, but am not certain) because of how many trees needed to be removed to make way for the ride. (Not my picture) It's a combination of an overhead image and the planned layout.
  7. ^ Absolutely. When I went much earlier this year it was like a jet fighter plane or something! I remember me and my family standing in the gardens, hearing Nemesis and arguing about what that insane noise was! As a park visitor it added to Nemesis' atmopsphere and scariness, but if I was a local resident and had to put up with it for 12 hours a day every day for 3 months it's probably gone beyond an annoyance and worthy of a complaint :l Thankfully Alton have took sound into large consideration for this ride. The tyre driven hill, the tests they ran at Thorpe Park for sound levels and (correct me if I'm wrong) saying they would use trees as a "natural sound barrier" on the ride? Although I dare to say we may be drifting a bit far off topic now lol =/
  8. ^^ I'm not totally sure, but I think theres probably multiple factors in Alton Towers noise restrictions. I know that one of the main reasons the Thunderlooper needed to be removed was because the noise it was producing was disturbing nearby cattle! But Alton's residents have earned a notorious reputation for complaining often About traffic and noise most often. Their complaints about noise are very frequent, recently moaning about Nemesis B & M roar (Although I think that's a lovely sound ). The nearby residents complaints (While somewhat valid, I wouldn't want to have to put up with hearing people screaming 10 hours a day...) have caused whole plans to be rejected, sound effects removed from Oblivion and have sued Alton Towers countless times. So there's multiple reasons for sound restrictions at Alton Towers, but the biggest cause is the local residents ^ Nemesis is an even better example than Oblivion for Alton Towers holes I think. The valley you see with Nemesis in now used to just be another hill, but Alton dug out the entire hillside to fit in that wonderful coaster And let's not forget that Air also had a suprisingly large amount of digging work done to it too: http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/history/articles/sw5/march2001.htm
  9. Rita - Awesome launch, three pretty good moments of airtime. I find it rough but I don't find it painful and I think a lot of people tend to overlook it. Shockwave - Great ride overall. A lot of people say it's rough and although I've had a few headbangs on it I usually find it smooth, and that Zero G Roll makes up for any headbanging I've ever had Colossus - Very nice atmosphere thanks to the foliage, tunnels and that WONDERFUL music! It's got a brilliantly paced layout and it's one of the most intense coasters I've rode. Mostly smooth and the only bad words I can say about it is that it's a bit unreliable and the seats are very uncomfortable. But overall it's worthy of a 9/10 pushing into the 10's Nemesis Inferno - The sequel isn't as good as the original, but it's still pretty damn nice =D
  10. My coaster enthusiasm doesn't really stretch anywhere past watching videos, browsing forums and infrequently posting on them and I wouldn't really get many or enough benefits to justify paying for personally. BUT if I was older, richer and would be likely to go on trips, I would have no doubts about signing up and I'd think paying the $50 per year isn't only justified, but also a bargain! That's my only real concern I have for the whole thing, but what I do on TPR overall would hardly be affected at-all and my personal objections are very minor. My verdict? Go for it! and I really hope it all goes well without any problems, but I personally am unlikely to sign up.
  11. Technically my first inverting coaster was Air - Alton Towers, but that might count as it's inversions aren't really upside-down, but laying down. My first real upside down coaster was Rage at Adventure Island, earlier this year. It's a fun ride; nothing special, but it's still much better than Saw
  12. ^ Alton Towers height restriction is that they can't build anything above tree height. This is generally about 70ft high. Looking at the plans it would seem Rita and Thirteen are pretty much the same height, maybe give or take a couple of metres at tops
  13. ^^ I can totally see where you're coming from there, and I think we can safely say that all the things I pointed out have better explanations. The last skip would also probably just be them editing out a useless few second break in which the train is fully stopped on the breaks. I hope I'm not/wasn't coming across as jumping to a conclusion, though. I don't want to do that, and I'm hoping that the ride runs well and is sucesful. I was just not totally sure whether we could get our hopes up until we've seen a totally unedited clip from start to finish so I can put any doubt to the rides operation to rest (Although, now I think there is very very little room for any doubt.) ===== EDIT: ^ Well I'm facing myself a losing arguement here, even though I was never convinced on anything in the first place. You'd clearly know *MUCH* more about filming and coasters than me and would easily be considered the expert, and me the uninformed fool, and I've got no doubts you'd see if anything really was suspicious before I would. I'm never one for conspiracies and when I think about it it's very unlikely that a park with a reputation to uphold would consider making a fake video. My original post wasn't trying to "Prove" anything. I just made some observations and wasn't sure what to make of them, and threw them out to see if anyone could make some better sense of them. Sorry if I came across wrongly there :l. From other peoples responses I can safely say that all of the things I spotted in the video are far more likely to be caused by other things than some kind of trickery. I take back anything I said and can totally see why you might find it ridiculous! But as I've said, I was only posting what I saw to see if there were any better explanations for it, and now I have a better explanation I can put any of my doubt to rest Much thanks to Gutterflower.
  14. Maybe it's just me being paranoid, but that video game from an official source, right? There are other videos of the ride and every one of these POV's is edited extremely, with obvious camera cuts which are a significant distance apart Here's the original video (I think from official Connyland) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-oGSX0AoRc Obvious Points: * In the off ride pov, they never show the breaks at either end? Why not? If the breaks are working fine then why have they bothered not showing them? * 1:15 theres a sudden camera cut * At 1:21 look at the clouds. They suddenly jolt, it looks more like they edited it together 5minutes later and the clouds moved. * 1:25 obvious camera change. I don't think they suddenly decelerated and accelerated in the opposite direction that fast, there's clearly some editing going on. I really have to wonder how they got such un-natural motions to happen without some camera magic there. * at 1:30 Theres another camera cut where it seems to skip a second of the ride in the loop. * The most obvious and important one of them all. Probably some problems with the breaks? At 1:44 look at the clouds again. They skip forwards about 20minutes, why? Maybe i'm gonna get shot down here and feel stupid, and I'm sure there must be some other explanations, but am I really the first to notice this? I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but why are all these official POV's so blatantly edited? Why is all the footage of the breaks so sudden, or have such obvious cuts? Are they trying to hide something here o.O? I'd like to an ultra intense shuttle Pax airtime monster as anybody else, but until I see an unedited POV I'm not gonna get my hopes up I'm afraid. Can someone debunk what I've just said for me, please lol? EDIT!: Practically none of this is worth taking very seriously. There's better explanations and there's no reason to suspect any conspiracy at-all. While I'm at it but some very sincere LOL's at my third paragraph! I honestly feel incredibly stupid right now, but at least I was able to clear up any misconceptions I had
  15. For me? B & M by a longshot. * Their rides are generally much smoother than Intamins. * They have a much better safety record than Intamin. IMSORRYBUTITSTRUE! * Their rides are generally really high capacity. Most B & M coasters can get through 1,400+ people per hour, whilst most intamins can only manage about 1,000-1,400. * B & M made Nemesis.<3 * B & M's restraints are always simple to put on/take off and are very reliable. Intamins are more faulty and less efficient (Albeit not by much.) * B & M's trains use 4 across seating without creating a cramped feeling. Some intamins have a serious lack of leg room (Colossus...) * Maybe I'm crazy, but B & M's almost always have some good positive G's, but I've never noticed any real positive G force on an Intamin ride :l * B & M have brilliant consistency in what they do. I like their "play it safe" stick to what you're good at business philosophy. The other side of the argument, these are some things I prefer about Intamin. * Intamin have much greater innovation. * One emoticon. * Most of the worlds best are Intamins. * Their great flat rides. Drop towers, (the intamin frisbee thing), Bounty (Pirate ship). I'll just say that B & M don't do flat rides, but if they did... (carlsberg reference nobody is going to get I think?) But overall I'm going to vote for B & M, for the smoothness, consistency, capacity, safety, forcefulness and rider comfort. Much as I love Intamin, I'm sticking with B & M for now
  16. He was talking about the drop tower I think . I don't like the drop tower in relation to this particular ride, looking in the drop tower picture you posted it makes the actual coaster look midget; unless you want to turn this project into a fully themed area/park I'd take it out (if you already haven't ) I'm Loving the layout A LOT. Flawless use of CS which puts me to total shame, and great theming which also puts me to shame. I love the partially enclosed lift hill and I'm interested in seeing what else you can add to make it even better! Keep it up
  17. Ahah god yes . Anything with a splash down or off-ride water cannons instantly becomes a great ride for the spectator
  18. I think this kind of thing is more common in the UK than in the US, but I'm not totally sure. In America you see lots of coasters just planked on a bunch of concrete or a parking lot but very rarely in England. Don't shoot me down for that though, I know theres loads of great off-ride coasters in America, I'm just commenting on the lack of "parking lot coasters" outside of American parks. These coasters instantly spring to mind: NEMESIS Easily the best. All the pathways are set in the middle of the Nemesis pit really well, so at times the coaster looks huge and intimidating and at others it looks like it's buried a hundred feet below the ground. AWESOME photo opportunities everywhere. Oblivion Before I was brave enough or tall enough to ride it I would always stand right next to the drop. Theres always a bunch of people (kids and adults alike) standing next to the drop and the way the mist ripples when a train of screaming passengers comes past only a metre or so away is excellent. Really intimidating, and looms above the entire surrounding area. Rides which do the job good but not as incredibly as those: Shockwave The problem is that the paths don't get close enough to the track itself, but I like how riding the river rapids takes you on a nice "tour" around the ride. Colossus, Nemesis Inferno Stealth and Rita Lots of paths throughout all of these rides and great photo opportunities. Rita and Stealth come in because I'm a big fan of standing right underneath the launch track when a train is going over it edit: Duuuuuudee I just named my top 7 coasters without even thinking about it Probably because I rate the off ride experience of a coaster as being so important to the overall rides quality though
  19. There is quite a bit more theming, and it has a nice setting surrounded by trees and with pathways to walk all around it, and it's the first ride that you see when you come in. Overall it has a good setting and atmosphere but the theming itself is rather average. It's acceptable theming but not up to Alton Towers high standards Is there any news of Rita getting a retheme or repaint?
  20. Oh I hate Saw so much. I've had headbanging and pain on roller coasters before but never a 2 hour headache Great video though; looking forward to the rest!
  21. Depends on the ride. On Nemesis I'm a screamer , on Oblivion I'm a WHOOOper and on Air I'm a laugher . But on some rides I shall not mention (But it rhymes with "Saw: The Ride") the roughness makes me a swearer. My dad, on the other hand. He is unique. He spends all rides with his mouth shut, because He's scared his false teeth will fall out!
  22. Worst day I've ever had at a theme park? Only one time stands out at-all. Thorpe Park, september 2009. I was there with my little brother, whom happens to be annoying and a little hyperactive, a standard annoying 11 year old I guess. So I spent most the day avoiding him (I'm so cool...) Pretty early on I qued 45minutes for Saw with him. All he did for the entire que was try to punch me/go out of his own way to be irritating. In the end Saw: The Ride provided the whole torture experience for me. The mental anguish of the que line plus the physical agony of the headbanging all in the same ride. I had a sore throat all day and was drinking loads, meaning that in every big que by the end of it I was either dehydrated or needing the toilet (So skillful). In another 40minute que for Colossus I was stuck in a que with a bunch of Polish people. It's not that which annoyed me about them, it's the fact they kept obnoxiously bumping into me and pulling their trousers down. BRILLIANT. A 40 minute que whilst dehydrated, needing the toilet, surrounded by wasps and some Polish people practically sexually harrasing eachother. -.O . Colossus may be excellent but it's still but not worth that imo But overall, how was my day? Great! It had a few downsides but I still enjoyed it. The rides were great, the ques weren't bad (only 30min + was colossus and Saw), and I got a decent amount of rides on everything. I honestly can't say I've had any bad days at theme parks, only a few bad experiences.
  23. Nemesis - Alton Towers It has the full package. Great theming, atmosphere, music. Wonderful intensity, totally smooth. One of the best layouts ever created and it's very forceful. How can it be anything but a 10/10 ride BABES!
  24. Don't worry about the silly marketing tactics; Alton Towers is still primarily a "Family resort"; do you really think they would purchase a ride which would isolate most their target market? Of course not; they're using the same publicity stuff which Merlin have done so much before. Remember Saw: The Ride's age ban? That wasn't enforced, and I'm near as certain this one won't either I just wonder if it's true that "All publicity is good publicity" and if these advertising methods are the best ideas. IMO, Thirteen isn't a bad name, it's a decent name and better than Rita or Spinball, but not up to the previous SW quality with Oblivion and Nemesis. I doubt the rides name will have any large affect on the quality of the ride in the end though
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