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  1. If you mean tools like the smoother, the make straight command, etc., then I would assume yes (I myself don't have a Mac, but my brother does ). Otherwise, I don't know. Sorry I can't be more helpful
  2. How do you access it? Is it in the Simulator, cause I've never seen it EDIT: I found it --it is accessible in Simulator. All you have to do is push NUMPAD 0 to toggle it on and off. For those of you who do not have number pads on their keyboards (like me), you can change the command for it in the control settings. However, even though I have the AVI feature set up to export to the screenshots folder (NL default setting), every time I try to record a video (or, for that matter, take a screenshot) nothing appears in the folder. It's just empty. Can anybody help me out?
  3. How do you upload screenshots to TPR? Every time I try to find them the screenshots file folder comes up blank Also, does anybody know if you can get FRAPS for free? I know its probably not possible, but just in case anybody knows...lol
  4. I completley agree. The name is pretty cheesey. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool. I was hoping for a GCI and was not initally thrilled when they announced a water ride, but this is actually pretty impressive. I'm hoping they'll get some theming into that tunnel though
  5. For GCI's, I like to use a gold/yellowish color. It sounds stupid, but in my opinion it looks pretty good. I'm working on a GCI myself, maybe I'll post it
  6. Wow. The scenery around the station looks amazing! For the supports: I noticed in one of the pictures that the transfer track and the brake run have customized supports, while some of the airtime hills and the hammerhead don't. With track that's low to the ground, I've found that you can get away with using the pre-made supports, whereas with track that's high off the ground (like with an airtime hill) its better to elaborate on what the pre-made support gives you. Look at a typical B&M hyper, the supports for the airtime hills usually look a lot like the A-Shape supports, only the "A" s
  7. I would have to say Canobie Lake Park. Yankee Cannonball kicks a$$ in the back row and they have Xtreme Frisbee, which runs even better than Tomahawk at SFNE. Starblaster isn't bad, but not worth more than a 10 minute wait, in my opinion. And they have the BEST FRIED DOUGH EVER!!!! All they need is another coaster .
  8. Six Flags probably renovated the parks when they bought them. That might explain it, cause the same design crew probably would have worked on both parks.
  9. I'm not sure. If you mean this in the sense of construction companies, then probably not due to the differing locations. On the other hand, they are both SF parks...sorry I can't be more helpful odene497: I agree it's a great place. Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual park, instead of spending 15 minutes taking pictures of Bizarro! (Speaking of pictures, thanks for the help with the uploading )
  10. OK, I know this is pretty late. But I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t had a lot of time to get this on the server. This is also my first PTR, so I was pretty slow uploading pictures, etc. I got lucky--everything was running good today. Pandemonium was awesome--the best I've ever ridden it. Thunderbolt kicked A$$ in the back row, as usual. Batman was GREAT in both the front and the back and the rattle on the last corkscrew has gone down a lot, if that’s even possible. Bizarro is so *OMFG AMAZING* that Six Flags could open a separate theme park for it—no joke! And at night, Bizarro is INSANE!
  11. I liked it a lot! The track was consistently smooth throughout the ride. I saw that you did custom bracing on the first 2 hills. This is good, but if you take a look at the support structures on some real GCII coasters you could improve this a lot Overall, very good ride! 8.5/10
  12. Nice! It really rode like a B&M! The only nitpick I could find was the pumpiness. Some of the inversions are a little pumpy and some of the transitions are a little choppy. But overall, very good!
  13. Nice! You should upload the track so we can check it out That is a sick station
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