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Underrated Coasters?

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I do think it is an underrated coaster, for family or anyone, really. The theming is great, the ride itself is awesome, getting the good 'ol Arrow min train jerks and turns. I have ridden it once this year and I am glad I got on it, there was even a small pop of air in the back seat going around the u-turn after the lift and turn to the left. Great views of SOB and the landscape. I think it's safe to say most people would just skip it because you could pass it easily, you just see the sign and gate! nothing else really unless you are in line for Racer or high above! Or people just think "eh, ewwy Arrow mine train...let's go to Face/Off!" I try to get a ride on it once a visit, especially in the summer when there is no line.

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Flying Unicorn is the sickest, most awesome kiddie coaster ever (that I have been on). Seriously, we rode this thing more than once on our trip, that proves just how awesome it is.


Goldrusher I have always found to be overlooked too. There is hardly ever a line and the ride still provides a more forceful encounter than S:TE! I love this coaster and I wish more people would spend time on it instead of overlook it.


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We all hear a whole lot about X2, El Toro, Superman; Ride of Steel, Milennium Force, Kingda Ka and recently Fahrenheit, among many, many others. And surely rides of this type are spectacular tops of their classes. But the parks they inhabit contain many other, special roller coasters which, while they don't provide the newest, tallest, fastest, or most devilishly inverted thrills are a great time in their own right. And sadly, they go wholly unnoticed in the shadows of their super-fantastic counterparts.


How many of us have blown past all of the rides in a park to be first in line at the New HyperMegaGigaSuper-Fantastic Death Drop coaster, and then half-heartedly go back and pick up the rest, if they're open. And if not, no biggie. Come on, we've all done it.


But I believe we all have a soft spot, a fondness for some certain "backup singer" coaster that will always hold a special place in our heart, even if we can't find a souvenir from it to save our lives. I want to know which out-of-the-way coaster means the most to you, the one which gets no fame but would just lay you out flat if it were demolished.


Which coaster do you feel is just underappreciated?



(And if it's not a coaster, that's okay too!)

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Goldrusher at SFMM is pretty fun. Sure it doesn't invert or break any records but it's a nice, fun coaster.


Also, Revolution at SSMM. I'm not sure if this is an underrated coaster, but I also don't hear much about it these days so I'm putting in my list.

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Wild One is a awesome classic wooden coaster that doesn't get much love since everybody trashes SFA. Batwing is also a great Vekoma flyer and would get more love if the dispatch times were better. Roar and Superman: ride of Steel are also great but since its at SFA, nobody cares

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Coaster at Playland (Vancouver) is a roller coaster that isn't too well known outside of Canada. The airtime on Coaster is insane! The entirely ride you are literally pitched over the lap bar, which is fairly high up. The trains are also really comfortable, although you don't spend much time sitting down while on the ride! It's not really that tall (about 70 ft) or fast (about 48mph), but being launched out of your seat on almost every drop and hill really adds to the thrill (and the fun)!


Timberhawk at Wild Waves is another fun wooden coaster, but it's not really that well known either.

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Matterhorn (Fantasyland Side) I find is quite often overlooked by coaster enthusiasts. I mean, Tomorrowland Side does have Dolly's Drop, which is still the most insane moment of airtime on a Disney coaster that I have experienced, but the Fantasyland Side is just as much fun. Sure it doesn't have as many crazy drops, but it does have some pretty sweet laterals on turns.


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Corkscrew at Cedar Point!


Though all of the 200+ft coasters have overshadowed it, Corkscrew at Cedar Point *should* be a shining star. It never has a line, the airtime is the back seat is phenomenal, and its one of the smoothest, well-paced Arrow coasters out there!

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Demon at SFGAm. The airtime in the back row off the first drop is probably even stronger than on Raging Bull. Plus the tunnel with the lights is a great surprise, especially if you don't know it's coming (guess I ruined that for some people on here).

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My baby, Steel Force. I don't know what it is, but I love it. I've never had a bad ride, and I've had some really great ones. Same with Talon, it's my favorite B&M, and I really don't find it boring or short like some people.


But maybe I'm just a huge DP fanboy.

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I've always felt that the Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood is just a tad underrated. I mean, I've been to Cedar Point and ridden Millennium Force and all, but I still haven't found a coaster that's noticeably better than the good old Phantom.


I know one's out there though, I'll just have to keep traveling to various parks in order to find it.

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^ I wouldnt NM Rattler, since the only reason it doesn't get many rave reviews is because not many have ridden it.


I'd say:


Disaster Transport

Thunder Road




... I would really have to agree with him.

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Underrated Rides:


Deja Vu

Wild One

Screamin' Eagle

Any Batman the Ride (B&M version)

La Vibora


Blue Streak

Shockwave (SFOT)

Space Mountain (Walt Disney World)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (either one in US)


Mr. Freeze

Joker's Jinx

Runaway Mountain

Premier Rides in general.

Ninja at SFMM


Goliath (SFOG)

Hydra the Revenge

Vertical Velocity

Matterhorn (Tomorrowland Side)

Arrow Mine Trains (That have that drop at the end)- SFOT, SFOG, SFStL, plus there might be more, but I have ridden them??


Overrated Rides:


Millenium Force

Raging Bull

Goliath (SFMM)



Steel Force

Roar (SFA)


Space Mountain (Disneyland)

Dueling Dragons (I think it's overrated even though I do think that ICE is great, but still it gets so much talk.)

Rock N Roll Roller Coaster

California Screamin'

Viper (SFGAm)

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