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Underrated Coasters?

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Ok, here's my list of underrated rides:


Yankee Cannonball: I've heard many complants about it, but my whole town agree that the Cannonball is awsome! Great airtime with only the smooth parts not having airtime! Also with a great feeling of speed with comfy PTC trains makes this ride my favorite.


LNM: Many people think its boring, but I don't! My first looper was definetly a great one! An intense first drop, hangtime in the loops and a inclosed helix make this a great ride! Only one bang thoughout all of my 6 times riding even though its almost 30 years old! My only complant is that it is overtrimed.

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The Voyage.


It totally beats El Toro in a landslide.


How is the Voyage underrated? It was #1 in the In-Season Internet Wooden Coaster Poll, and could very well be #1 for the real one. If it doesn't make #1, it's almost guaranteed to be top 5. It's also one of the most talked about coasters right now.


I'm going to go with Cornball Express for my underrated coaster. Sure it's a top 20 ride, but I never hear it mentioned much. The airtime is astounding in the back seat, especially on that notorious third drop. I personally feel it's better than at least 2 rides in the top 10. So, thus I say it's a bit underrated.

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The Boss at SFSL was real kinda underrated woodie stuff before i

saw this pov at YouTube but this woodie now gotta be super jolly

woodie like Holiday World's Voyage for me! if i've got a scale of

1 to 5 in this Boss' excitement range i would definitely go for 5!!


sorry the Boss.....

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Cyclone at SFNE. It's rough almost to the point of being painfull, but it is less painfull then Batman across the park in my opinion. In most seats, t doesn't give a spectacular ride, but in the back, it is one of the crazyiest coaster expierences on earth. It is number 3 on my top ten coasters, behind only Millennium Force and Superman Ride of Steel.

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These are uderrated IMO: Viper SFMM, Desperado, Air, Colossus Thorpe Park, Ninja SFMM



i wouldnt say Colossus was underrated.


Personally XNWO is fun. it has a fair few airtime hills, pitch black (sometimes) and goes backwards. the only thing its lacking is an inversion...

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I can think of some....


Viper at Darien Lake- It may be an old Arrow Looper, but it still runs smooth. For being so old, it has an interesting layout and decent length. Easily Darien's second best coaster.


Iron Dragon at Cedar Point- Yes, it is a bit boring on the first half....and nowhere near as good as the one at PCW. Still, it's not bad for an "intermediate" thrill ride, as CP's site calls it. It's not rough or painful either.

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Viper at SFMM: It doesn't hurt AT ALL! I mean, I have not had any headbanging on that ride ever. I actually enjoy it a lot!


Colosuss at SFMM: This one doesn't hurt that much either. I've been on a few woodies that hurt a lot more (Ghostrider, SoB, Beast in the back row, Psyclone, Mean Streak), so I don't understand all the complaints about this ride. I really like it. Then again, I haven't been on too many wooden coasters. El Toro was easily the most amazing one that I've been on. Believe me, I know that Intamin wooden coasters blow this out of the water with a nuke. Still, it's fun.


Apollo's Chariot: Easily the best of the B&M hyper's that I've been on. Raging Bull had ZERO air apart from the first drop. It was the same with Nirto. Now, I rode Nitro in the back and RB in the front. AP beat both of them in the front row alone. The back was even better! Yet everyone glows over Nitro and this ride gets the shaft. (I know Goliath is better, but I haven't ridden it)

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I think that Thunderhawk at Dorney is under rated. The ride has some insane ejector air in about 3 or 4 different places. It would have more if it wasn't trimmed, but even with the trims it still has some floater air on the last few hills. Also I don't think that the ride is rough, it's only rough at the bottom of the first drop and after the first turn around. So Thunderhawk gets my vote.

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^not exactly the same in my opinion


underrated - one that doesn't the greatest reviews but that you think is a great closet


closet coaster - doesn't have to be a great coaster just one that you really enjoy. you can even admit this coaster is lame but you still like riding it

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Raging Bull had ZERO air apart from the first drop. It was the same with Nirto. Now, I rode Nitro in the back and RB in the front.


I rode Raging Bull twice in the very back row in August, and it had extreme airtime on both runs. The first drop was like more like being hurled into a freefall than anything else. My ass didn't touch the seat at all during the drop. And I got airtime several times out on the course, even a very strong pop coming down off the MCBR.


I wasn't expecting much with Raging Bull, because so many people had called it "the worst B&M hyper". But I was utterly blown away by it.


Maybe it was because it had been raining most of the day. Anyway, you should try the back seat next time you make it out to Gurnee.

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