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Underrated Coasters?

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Viper at Darien Lake- It may be an old Arrow Looper, but it still runs smooth. For being so old, it has an interesting layout and decent length. Easily Darien's second best coaster.


Hey, someone actually agrees with me on Viper being smooth!


To be honest, all of Six Flags Darien Lake's coasters are under - rated. I may just be a Darien Lake fan boy, but it really is a fun place. Viper is smooth, even in the back seat of the yellow train (which is supposedly the "rougher train"). Mind Eraser wasn't unbearable, nor was Boomerang or Predator. Superman just has ejector airtime all over the place, when in the back seat of the blue train. So what if the helices are large? They are pretty forceful, and you really have a sense of speed, as does the straight section. However, I believe our dear departed Hercules is probably the most under - rated roller coaster of all time. I was amazed at the massive 151 foot drop and the thunderous pace at which it traveled through that turn over the lake. The ride was unique, fun, and huge. It will be missed.

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You know, now I think Python at BGT was horribly underrated. Sure it was bumpy and short, but the airtime moment on the first drop was always fun. Its probably a solid 6.5 in my book instead of the lower than 5 ratings it usually gets.

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Anaconda @ Walibi Lorraine (now Walygator Park): Why must every coaster have airtime?


Pepsi Max: The same like Anaconda. I love it to ride relaxed without any intensiv parts or airtime above the huge camelbacks along the beach and through the big curve above the part of the park. The roughness doesn´t cares!

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I know it has been mentioned several times but The Boss at SFStL is one of the best wooden coasters I have been on. It is a great two part ride, with the first being the drops and the last being the helix, which is separated by a good margin of time and real estate.


Also the Georgia Cyclone and Mindbender, although mindbender is not that unliked.

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^ I agree with you on Silver Bullet.


Yeah, it's slow as heck and quite unoriginal (aside from the overbank), but the ride as a whole is just "fun". Not intense, not thrilling... just the "Wheee" kind of fun...


Not as bad as some make it out to be, but sure not what all the Knott's-loving GP teenagers say it is.

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I say Yankee Cannonball Wildcat at HP, and Shockwave at PKD.


Yankee Cannonball, while raved about by the locals, is relatively unheard of, but it's a really amazing ride for it's size. It's extremely smooth and loaded with airtime.


Wildcat seems to really be overshadowed by Lightning Racer. I haven't ridden it since I was young so I don't remember what it rode like other than it was extremely fun, and I don't think it really gets a lot of credit that it deserves.


Shockwave was a really decent ride. The restraints are not as bad as they are made out to be. I felt some airtime on the ride, some force in the loop, and the helix (banked at almost 90*) was just crazy. And I haven't ridden any other Togo's, but SW was very smooth. The only time I saw the train jerk/felt any roughness was the small drop into the helix, and it really wasn't even that bad.

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Um...every coaster at SFMM is underrated because people's disdain for the park in general clouds their senses.


Viper is tech, especially in the rain


Psyclone is NOT too rough, it's actually really fun when you think you're going to fall out.


And, of course...




Hey, it's not like helices and unbanked turns aren't fun? Besides, the whole topless helix thing really pushes it over the top.


And of course, it uses FIRESTONE tires for brakes.



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Wild Lightnin'- This mouse is nuts! There are so many times where it seems like you are going to slam into a support. Plus, it's able to be really intense with out being really painful coughmaurersohnecough.


Tennessee Tornado- I don't think this gets the recognition it deserves. It's a very short ride, but it is straight up righteous. The first drop is amazing (especially in the back seat), the loop is completely bizarre (must be experienced), and the butterfly element is really intense.

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I thought I would restart this thread:



This coaster hasn't gotten as much coverage as I thought it would. The ride is great, I thought. The lift slowly turning you upside down produces incredible hang-time, and with only a lapbar, it's crazy.


Rock n' Rollercoaster

It's the smoothest Vekoma I've ever been on and the launch is the most forceful I've experienced. I think it gets looked down on because it's a Vekoma, but I could be wrong there.

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Silver Bullet at KBF - In my opinion, a coaster doesn't need to be forceful to be fun... I like Silver Bullet because it's a good break when you're worn out from the more intense rides, and it's just really floaty and fun to me.


Psyclone at SFMM - While it's gone now, the four back-seat rides I got on it were actually a lot of fun. Sure, it was rough, but to me it was definitely tolerable and less painful than GhostRider usually is. The whole it's-gonna-fall-apart feeling of the ride made it unique for me.


Vekoma rides in general - Yeah, they're rough... but not intolerable for me, and usually a lot of fun. Deja Vu is easily my favorite shuttle coaster, and I even like the standard Boomerangs! I feel that they get bashed a bit too much around here.

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