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  1. Wild Waves cause the best coaster was the kiddy powered coaster.
  2. How can you not find the best pizza in the world the best pizza in the world. I <3 lou malnati's. Also, Superdawg is like less than a mile from my late Grandparent's house. I used to go there all the time when visiting them.
  3. You are also launched backwards on V2 me thinks. I'm not fully sure. People here can probably correct me.
  4. I think they should grab a hold of Lord of the Rings. So we could have a Shire 10 loop Colossus clone.
  5. I don't think Disney should ever announce a fifth park. Instead they should use that money to make their current parks better. I think all four parks need some huge TLC.
  6. Ohh. I used to live in Naperville. It borders Painsfield. I remember that tornado that leveled that town.
  7. American Eagle at SFGAm. But I rather have Intamin retrack the ride. But out of anything, it just needs new trains.
  8. I remember going to Gatorland. It was pretty cool. Though I don't remember having any gator feeding problems. But I also remember seeing some other guest hand feeding the alligators. Everyone was thinking he was going to get his hand bit off or something.
  9. I think I saw some track for it up in Seattle. I'll take a photo next time i'm by it.
  10. Im the only person left in the world who still thinks Iron Wolf is awesome.
  11. Splash and Dudely are in a league of their own. I don't think any other flume could compete with them.
  12. The ride has so much potential. Hopefully the manufacturer will fix the problems and make an improved model that works.... like what Arrow did.
  13. I remember Mean Streak being awesome back in 1998. But um... Viper at SFGAm has breaks/slows down at the top of the lift and most of TPR absolutely loves Viper.
  14. Um. If you can't take screens. Then how can you save your park?
  15. I know the park likes to run what it can when it can. Wind and lightning will close the coasters faster than anything else. Rain will only really stop them from running if the ride ops think the ride will valley. I've gone to SFGAm a couple times on rainy days and the only rides closed those days usually ended up being the taller ones.
  16. Well that tunnel looks like a construction tarp. But they could always but large nets on the sides of the bridge. You can see through them and see the cars.
  17. Batman the ride is weird at any park non SFGAm.
  18. Tommorow is actually much easier to achieve than people think. I think Disney should consult Daft Punk's people when redesigning the land. But on the most part. Rocket Jets needs to return to the top of the peoplemover station. The peoplemover needs to be revived. Nothing fancy just a good people eater like the WDW version is. From what I understand, the arcade needs to be completely redesigned and use both floors. If not, then one of the floors should be used as part of a replacement attraction to the Pizza Port. Alien Encounter was a great idea and would have worked better at Disneyland as the attraction would have no been at the front of the area. But that ride is probably dead. Innoventions needs to become a new carousal theater attraction. Yet another people eater. I think an interplanetary convention theater show could be really awesome. The upper floor should be some sort of "tech based" walk-through. I would love to see the city of the future revived, but all done with 3D holograms. (technology is getting there...) (plus, it would be a really cool use of the interactivity Disney is pushing these days.) Space Mountain is fine. Star Tours is something. I dunno. Autopia should be updated to electronic. I've never been to Disneyland though.
  19. Geauga Lake was such a nice park when I went there 10 years ago. And now two, not one nationwide park chains managed to kill the park. How sad.
  20. After seeing these new trains. I think S&S should focus on re-engineering their suspended coaster trains.
  21. I want to ride an SLC. Everytime I go to a park with one, they are closed for some reason. And yet I somehow managed to ride Deja Vu... anyway, nothing beats arrow, especially Shock Wave.
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