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  1. Those are the only two parks in Oregon... but Enchanted Forest really is a lot of fun. Big Timber Log Ride is one of the best water rides I've been on, and it's technically a coaster. The theming is good, the roller coaster drop is fun, and the final drop gets everyone pretty wet. Ice Mountain Bobsled is by no means a great coaster, but it's very unique. Definitely an attraction you have to go on at least once. The Haunted House is classic. I haven't been in very many but I hear it's one of the best around. My favourite attraction at the park is Challenge Of Mondor. It's a really great trackless target shooting ride; the theming is almost Disney quality and the ride itself is a lot of fun. That's basically the extent of the rides but there's a lot of other things to see. It's similar to Tom Sawyer Island in that there's caves, a fort, etc.
  2. Go for the Dell. I'm typing on one right now that's over five years old and still working well. You can get a PC with the same specs as a Mac for half the price. That's really all that needs to be said. Just whatever you do, don't buy an HP Laptop. I had so many hardware problems with mine that it was pretty much wasted money.
  3. It's nice to see all the parks around here get some attention, but I find it strange how you managed to make Wild Waves and Enchanted Forest look so ghetto. Both are actually quite nice parks, and Enchanted Forest has some of the best theming outside Disney. Regardless, great trip reports!
  4. My favourite small park is Enchanted Forest. It's home to some of the best themed rides outside of Disney.
  5. Good job on the TR, Nrthwnd. It's nice to see one of my home park for once (I really should bring a camera sometime and write a TR). And as for Coaster, it doesn't look like much, but once you've ridden it, you'll understand the hype.
  6. I guess I'm a bit late to this topic, but anyways... My favourite restraints are those on Coaster at Playland and the restraints on S.D.C. Hurricane coasters, such as Windstorm at Fun Forest. Coaster's restraint is just a buzz bar that comes a fair distance off your lap, allowing for some insane air. Windstorm's restraint system is a simple lap bar (similar to that of Schwarzkopf's), but the ops allow you to get away with quite a bit of slack.
  7. I've just started using Twitter recently, so I don't have too many updates, but I hope to use it more soon.
  8. I've met Sami Salo and Matt Cooke, who are both professional hockey players. They were both quite nice. I can't remember if I've met any other celebrities or athletes.
  9. It crossed my mind for a second that it could be a Rock-O-Plane, but I wasn't sure. Thanks, I've edited the TR now. Yeah, the place was actually open. I saw Thrill-Ville a couple days before seeing this 'park' and I have to agree, the two look quite similar. One just happens to be operating : p
  10. I just got back from a family trip down to Oregon, and while down there, we went up to Long Beach in Washington. As we were driving along, I noticed a Carousel off the side of the road, so I had to check it out... This sign pretty much sums up how ghetto the place is. ...and this thing. ...as did the Spider... The Rock-O-Plane seemed to be down for some minor repairs... Nevermind. This looks promising. ...which was, oddly enough, the nicest looking ride. The park also features a Tilt-A-Whirl... But patrons didn't have the chance to risk their lives today as the ride was deserted. And some rather beat-up Bumper Cars. Next to the Carousel is this wonderful contraption. On closer inspection it seems a whole section of horses and much of the decoration are missing. At first glace the Carousel looked nice. Rides! I must investigate...
  11. Can't believe I missed this topic before... better late than never, I suppose. Anyways, my favourite genre of music is rock; bands like AC/DC, Kiss, and Aerosmith are usually what I listen to. I don't branch out much further than various kinds of rock, but here are my other favourites. Alternative Rock (ie, Red Hot Chili Peppers) Blues (ie, ZZ Top) Grunge (ie, Nirvana) Metal (ie, Metallica) Pop/Rock (ie, The Beatles) Punk Rock (ie, Green Day)
  12. Anything Goes... in my pants (AC/DC) More Than A Feeling... in my pants (Boston) Strange Brew... in my pants (Cream) I Want You... in my pants (Kiss) When The Levee Breaks... in my pants (Led Zeppelin) Custard Pie... in my pants (Led Zeppelin) Some Kind Of Monster... in my pants (Metallica) Cum On Feel The Noize... in my pants (Quiet Riot) Magic Johnson... in my pants (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Ride The Rhino... in my pants (Rhino Bucket) It's So Hard... in my pants (ZZ Top)
  13. For the second time in a few weeks, I heard a weird comment on a Vekoma corkscrew... Once the train hit the brake run, I heard a lady behind me comment on how the ride is too slow and they should increse the speed. She then proceeded to ask the ride operator to increase the ride speed, which is when I explained that the ride is powered by gravity. I mean, I understand that not all people are that educated about coasters, but is it really that hard to tell the ride is not powered?
  14. My favourite songs change constantly, but here's mine at the moment: Welcome To Hell-Rhino Bucket She's With Me-Rhino Bucket Fly On The Wall-AC/DC Fool In The Rain-Led Zeppelin Kashmir-Led Zeppelin Photograph-Def Leppard Pearl Necklace-ZZ Top
  15. How is that an awesome name? It makes no sense... Uhh, exactly, you just proved my point.
  16. Yup. So is the other guy on the beach with Jacob the guy who has been showing up as dead people? Locke, Christian, Yemi(Spelling?) have all showed up on the island after being dead. Well, we know the "enemy" of Jacob took the form of John Locke (the loophole conversation at the beginning and end proves this). The others are still up in the air.
  17. "Oh my god, this is the scariest ride I've ever been on!" -Two teenage girls on a Vekoma Corkscrew
  18. About four months back I discovered a fantastic band that very few people know of... Rhino Bucket. Along with the awesome name, these guys are one of the few bands still pumping out great rock music. Check out their MySpace page (the best songs on there are Beat To Death Like A Dog, Welcome To Hell, and One Night Stand). If you're fan of blues based rock 'n' roll, you won't be dissapointed.
  19. Fantastic job! Those are some beautiful pictures, and the lack of colour just enchances the atomsphere. I especially like the railroad nd log flume photos.
  20. I got AC/DC tickets for August 29th today, it's gonna be awesome...
  21. I can't believe I missed this topic until now; I'm a huge hockey fan. I'm a Canucks fan (who are up 2-0!). I can't even express my hatred in words for the Laffs and Avs.
  22. Cool trip report of a park that isn't seen much... thanks for posting. It actually looks like a very nice, well kept up park; the kind I wish we had around here.
  23. I've been playing drums for a little while now, about half a year, I think.
  24. My favourite band (by far) is AC/DC. Here's some other bands I like: -The Beatles -Bloc Party -Bon Jovi -Def Leppard -The Eagles -Guns 'n Roses -The Jimi Hendrix Experience -Jimmy Eat World -Led Zeppelin -Loverboy -Metallica -Nickelback -Nirvana -The Police -Queen -Red Hot Chili Peppers -Rhino Bucket -ZZ Top
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