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  1. Facebook is my main social media site for posting any content. On Twitter and YouTube I pretty much only follow with the occasional post here and there.
  2. Such a great video! This is the exact reason I've loved going on TPR trips and loved being a Club TPR member. You and Elissa always give such amazing surprises! Thank you!!!
  3. I like option 1. It's got style! It's got pizzazz! It's got charazzma! Option two looks fine, but option one definitely has a sleek, modern finished look to it. I definitely like the addition of the twitter feed.
  4. A definite for Scandi. Wow, it seems like forever that I've been waiting for this trip to cycle back around. The expedition video for the last trip you guys did looked like so much fun!! I'm of course going to wait until things are finalized, but just to have an idea when looking for flights, is the 12th planned to be the arrival day and the parks and all begin on the morning of the 13th? (This is going to be great!!!! )
  5. Although I must say that I love the RAW series very much, I voted for hoping you make a Coaster Expedition DVD next. I'm sure it is a nightmare editing for the Coaster Expedition series, but they are so terrific! One of the things I love is how you always put such great music with the footage. The music along with the great footage of coasters and parks is even more amazing if your gym has cardio machines with video screens that allow you to connect your ipod or phone. I have never had a more motivating reason to work out. Maybe there could even be a Coaster Expedition HD in the works? Just a thought!
  6. Almost any new movie I buy is usually a blu ray, but if you decide to only release it in DVD format, I would definitely still buy it. Also, I always buy the download version as well. Can't wait until you make it!! I hope you put some of the crazy coasters you rode in China on it.
  7. I'm not sure why everyone is so upset. I love whales and dolphins as much as the next guy, especially with a little drawn butter and French fries. But, I'm sure they'd taste just as good in a PETA or would even make a heck of a hogie for that matter.
  8. Many congratulations!! Awesome and very inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!
  9. I can't wait for the start of the North East trip!! Like others have said, if you're trying to decide whether or not to go, JUST GO!! I promise you will not regret it! I went on my first TPR trip last summer to the UK and had such an amazing time! It just adds another layer of enjoyment when you're experiencing a park with other enthusiasts. There are so many different and wonderful people to meet on the trips as well, from those who know exactly how much torque is used on the bolts on the second turn after the third hill on Millennium Force(or whatever, lol) to those of us who simply like to enjoy a ride with bunny-hops and loop-dee-loops. Plus, Robb and Elissa do such a superb job planning out the trips. They are absolute experts when it comes to visiting amusement parks. I was particularly amazed at how they handled a little snafu one of the hotels made on our trip. Not only did we still get to stay in an equally amazing hotel, they threw in other extras to compensate! I especially loved all of the little surprise bonus stops thrown in along the way(though I know they can't necessarily promise that). I especially loved it when they were able to schedule time for us to get credits at a park that had already closed, so we were the only ones there! It was such an awesome experience!!
  10. I usually spend the first half of the off-season getting fat and the second half losing as much weight as I can, so I can fit my fat ass back into a coaster seat...and on that note i think I'll finish off my kolaches and doughnuts before the games start...aka...beer, pizza, and nacho time!
  11. I thought about going with the Old Red Courthouse and Dealy Plaza, but that seemed too depressing for Legos, so I went with SFOT, the State Fair, and Fort Worth Stockyards. There is something about a herd of longhorns made of Legos that seems intriguing to me.
  12. Yet one more reason to join the most amazing amusement park enthusiast club ever!! Thanks for another terrific perk just for being a Club TPR member!! I swear, with all of its benefits, my membership has more than paid for itself. I mean, with the club freebies, the savings I've gotten from visiting parks, plus the coupon codes for the videos and such, I kind of feel like I owe you more money! MUCHO THANKS!!!!
  13. What's that kiddies? I do believe I hear the faint sound of the gauntlet being thrown by Mike somewhere in the vague direction of Jason. I'm loving the trip reports so far, Jason! The only food I never found appetizing on the trip were any of the burgers I ate. I loved all of the fisn'n'chips I had for the whole trip really! I must confess, however, that I have not had any fried fish since, and it was actually quite a long time before I could eat ANYTHING fried at all. (although, i must admit that i'm quite excited about heading to the Texas State Fair to try the fried frito pie this fall! ) I look forward to the next update!!
  14. I can't wait for this thing to really get under way; it's so exciting!! It's been in the works since 2006. The original concept of the park was supposed to be finished this year, but when the economy took a nosedive, it seemed like the park did too. But, they re-worked the whole idea, and it went from being a dino-themed park/museum to a amusement resort. I'm absolutely hopeful that the park will come to fruition since I live literally five minutes away from where it's going to be built. I mean, imagine, an amusement park/resort right here in Hooterville!! Woo-hoo!! http://www.click2houston.com/news/24840900/detail.html#video
  15. ^^That is absolutely awesome!! I loved that ride!! ...in a special masochistic kind of way.
  16. I'd say go to Knoebels because it's damn hot down here right now! LOL But seriously, SFOT would probably be my choice just because it has more rides and one of them is Titan, which is an amazing coaster. SFFT does have a nice location though and would not be a bad choice. Though the mileage to SFFT is less, since you have to drive through San Antonio (not the most enjoyable experience) the drive to either park is pretty much the exact same in terms of time. Like has been said already, it really depends on what types of rides you want. Look at what's available at both parks and head that way. Whatever you choose it's a win-win decision.
  17. ^THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It gets old after a while, constantly reading the same old "Tastes great! / Less filling!" arguments over and over. All I know is that it looks like it has the potential to be outstanding, and I can't wait for it to reopen!
  18. This topic has been covered pretty well, but I'll throw in my two cents. I truly enjoy both parks and like them both very much. However, when someone asks me which park is my favorite, I always reply with Knoebels; I love that place more than any other. I love the coasters, the flats are amazing, the food is excellent and VERY affordable, and the park employees are absolutely top notch! I do not get the same feeling from any other park that I do with Knoebels. If you want more intense coasters, go to Hershey, but if you want an overall amazing experience, definitely head up to Knoebels.
  19. Wow, what a great update!! Actually, all of the updates have been great! It's so awesome to be able to relive the whole trip all over again, especially Brer Rabbit's Rap Party, lol.
  20. Day "0" looks great, Jason. I can't wait to see Chessy! Hope you're doing well! -John
  21. Thanks everyone! Wow, funny that I've never known that they even existed, yet they're all over the place! I appreciate all of the help. I'm pretty excited because I'm going to be in the New England area in a few weeks, and I found out that there's one in Hancock, Massachusetts! Woo-hoo!
  22. On the U.K. trip, we traveled to Oakwood, where they had a small bobsled type ride called Bobsleigh. It wasn't anything major, but I had an absolute blast on that ride! I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any rides like this in the states. When I research it, the only thing I can find are rides on actual bobsleds at Olympic training centers (which would be pretty cool, but it's not what I'm looking for, lol). Thanks!
  23. For me it has got to be The Ultimate! Wow, I've never been on a ride that rattled me to pieces like that one did! A week later and my knees are still bruised! ....that said, it was still pretty great
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