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  1. One amazing time from a bunch of amazing people....congrats to Russ and Stacey....its about damn time!!!
  2. guys...i wanna thank you for all the updates....i wasn't able to make the TPR trip but i'm going to SDC in October and was a bit concerned since i'm 6'4"....but i think we can all move on from this and RIDE RIDE RIDE with a ton of enjoyment!!!
  3. I was on the Mexico TPR trip (one of many TPR trips so far) and i have to tell everyone on this thread that it was AWESOME!!! I'm always surprised to see those that NEVER go on trips always bitching about PAINT??!! I thought Superman at 6 Flags Mexico was AMAZING....who gives a F&*K about a paint job! I recommend each and everyone of you on these threads, who never leave your backyard, to get out there and go on some of these trips with TPR out of the US and see what the rest of the world has to offer....you'll be blown away in more ways than one! And as a side note, THANK YOU ROBB AND ELISSA....your trips ALWAYS BLOW ME AWAY!!!
  4. this T.R. has really got me excited about the upcoming trip with TPR in March...can't wait!!!
  5. I am DEFINITELY IN for MEXICO!! i want to ride that last mobius racer soooooooooooooo bad....that will complete all 3 in the world for me!! woo hoo!!!!
  6. did i read correct Elissa? A Mexico TPR trip??? been wanting to go there for years and ride the last mobius racer ...and maybe climb the sun and moon pyramids...wink wink hint hint!
  7. now with the POV of Verbolten i definately am booking my ticket for ECB!
  8. gotta work this in to the summer schedule...looks way too good to pass up!
  9. Honestly no one was more impressed than i was with Elissa's Japanese...she was able to get us on the two credits at Kashiikaen (after a good rain storm) when we all thought we were S.O.L. on the credits.... so atta gurl!!!
  10. Galaxy Express 999 at Tokyo, Japan with TPR and the last ride of the trip!!!
  11. check out the park map below... http://florida.legoland.com/Documents/pdf/2011LLFParkMap.pdf 4 coasters just waiting to be ridden! And they kept the Intamin flying island (thank goodness!) Park opens October 15, 2011....
  12. Being in Japan (even with some rain) is still better than working 2 jobs and being stuck at home!!!! Let the fun begin!!!!!!
  13. vast difference b/w morning and evening ERT...the evening ERT was really amazing..the ride does slow down quite a bit towards the end (as noted by the 2nd tunnel comments earlier.there are some areas where the airtime is a hard lapbar jab to the thigh....its definately a steel coaster (you guys have seen the red ibeam tracks right?)...its also very re-ride able which is always a plus in my book. Is it a #1 steel coaster? that will always be debated....but its definitely top 10 material! But can i just say hats off to Robb & Elissa for an amazing event and to SFOT for their amazing hospitality...BRAVO!!!
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