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Marathon riding?

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I haven't really done a 'marathon' on any coaster, well except for some of Robb's and Elissa's Finland trip's ERT coasters, which have short lines anyways.

I've ridden Balder 5 times in half an hour, could've done more but I wanted to take some photos and eat etc.

To be honest I don't think I would like to ride any coaster more than 15 times in a row...

Speaking about marathon's I went on Särkänniemi's (quite boring) rapids for 13 times in a row back in 2001 , when our soccer team visited the park, we had fun, as the rest of the park was packed, ie. incredible (in Finland) 70 min queues for Tornado, (I know it was the opening year, but still). Besides that I was afraid of many coasters then.

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  • 9 years later...

Resurrecting old thread hear. Did search for marathoning wondering what others have done. I was surprised by not seeing more posts. Maybe in other threads.


For myself, I am always wanting to see what I can handle. Especially now, as I am going on 45. When I was a kid, I thought I was hot sh*t for riding Double Loop at Geauga Lake 10 times in one day!


My current best marathons are:


Magnum - 82 - and this was no re-riding!

Chang - 93 - marathoning B&M stand-up bad choice!

Gemini - 93 (consecutive rides without getting off) - during Coasting For Kids

Cheetah (Wild Adventures) - 110+ - this was amazing feat as we still managed to ride every coaster in park, take train ride and take photos that day.

Kumba - 83 - on Christmas Day, wore Santa hat strapped on head all day.

Voyage - 97 - greatest accomplishment this year as, IMO, is the hardest to marathon. I had a goal of 100. But due to late opening and guest illness in afternoon (not me), I didn't make it. Of course this was during HoliWood Nights, so the ERT really helped.

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A marathon on Voyage is 3 times, but I've ridden 6 times in a row in the back without getting off. I was so tired afterwards. I've ridden Bizarro/Superman 10 times in 4 hours, 11 on Montu the day I went to BGT and went on 124 inversions that day.

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I got to ride Intimidator 305 eight times in a row without leaving my seat, and 21 times total that day.


The next day I did 12 laps on Fury 325 without any re-riding. I don't count this though as there was about a 10-20 minute wait between rides.


Other than that the longest/densest marathon I did was 25 times on Demon Drop in an hour while doing morning tests.

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My best marathons are:


El Toro - 8 times in a row without getting off train @ CAD 2015.


Nitro - 5 times without getting off train for 3 of those @ CAD 2014.


S:ROS (SFA) - 12 times in one day, 8 of those in a row.


Steel Force - 12 times in one day @ C4Ks. 8 in a row, then came back and did 4 in a row.


Talon - 8 times in a row @ C4Ks (luckily then only made us switch seats, not walk around)


Possessed - 5 times in a row @ C4Ks


Sea Serpent (Moreys) - at least 20 times in a row when I was about 12. I didnt count then but we basically sat on it for over an hour and the ops just kept sending us back up. I don't think I could do a boomerang 2xs in a row now lol.

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I got 39 rides in on El Toro including wasting an hour for Ka, riding every other ride and helping my mom as she wasn't feeling too good.

I got somewhere around 85 rides in on Skyrush in a day plus I rode every other coaster that day and man it was fun but really took a toll on me the following day.

I've had other mini marathons of like 5-15 rides in a row but nowhere near what i got on Skyrush and Toro.

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some of my larger ones are.


Viper SFMM 54 times in 4 hours. i think i only got off to go to the bathroom. 20 years ago. i'd be done after 2 today.

Batman 50. i don't remember how long it took me. it was during a Superman pass holder preview day. most were riding superman when it went up like half way the year before it really debuted. but superman was also open for us. maybe free fall too.


canyon blaster 50 during an ERT session in 1995.


i used to take a casino bus to buffalo bills and ride desperado all day. pickup at like 7-8 am in orange county, ca. bus ride there, purchase all day pass, ride, ride, ride, eat free buffet, ride, ride, ride, get back on bus and be home around 11:30pm. no idea how many times i would ride each day. it wasn't a ton though. you'd have to wait for a long time before they dispatched trains.


twisted colossus did 8 in a row and 16 that day during commercial filming. that was fun. i know there are some here that were able to get on every time and were in the 20's in a few hours.


this past jan i did canyon blaster and el loco 10 times each in probably the shortest amount of time you could alternating. they wouldn't let me stay on either. it was okay, cause i don't think i could do that many on canyon blaster in a row. there's a brutal hit you take after the double loop. i had a decent bruise on my the next day. i did 10 on each cause i felt that was enough to justify my day pass. had a convention to go to and had planned to go back at night, but they changed their hours without warning. oh well, el loco was a blast.


anyway, those big days are gone doing lap after lap on older coasters.

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I have done that but honestly the max I did with roller coasters is 3 times in a row i think. However when it comes to carnival rides its a bit different. There is a ride called fireball for example its a giant loop and I went on it i would say 20 times in a one day. Also another ride called kamakazzie I also did that ride i think 14 times in one day. (you can probably tell i love rides that go upsidedown)

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The only time I can remember ever riding a coaster over and over, for over ten times at least,

was SPEED at Oakwood Park in Wales. It was my very first vertical lift coaster, and I

just loved it - enough to go on it 14 times, and I only stopped going on it more times,

as a small headache had started up, and I didn't want to possibly make it worse. Darnit.


Actually, posting this, there was another, being Troy at Toverland. Rode that coaster

12 times on my first visit there with TPR in 2008.


SPEED at Oakwood Park. Also the home of my 100th Coaster, too! TPR 2006 UK Tour.


TROY! at Toverland. TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

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Always marathon my favorite coasters at which ever park I am visiting.


My personal best was the day I rode Diamondback 45 times. That good ole single rider line came in handy when they had it.


I didn't intend it as a marathon, but I rode Falcons Fury at BGT 15 times in a row with a walk on.

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I've really only done it two times.


Python at efteling i rode ten times in a row since there was absolutely no queue on that day.


The first time though was Ukko the skyloop at Linnanmäki when there was no queue they just let you sit in the seat and make you go around as many times as you want. I did only seven though, skyloops are quite intense.

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I'm usually not one to marathon a roller coaster, except at times the opportunity is way too good to pass up (and maybe I've ridden everything else in the park already).


I rode Thunderbird 12 times in a row when I was last at Holiday World in October, and could have easily done more if I didn't have other plans in the park! I only had to switch seats twice, but I never had to leave the station.


I also lapped Banshee 12 times in one day (at least 10 times consecutively) on a quiet Sunday in October last year.

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The only ride I have marathoned is 19 times on Chessingtons spinning ship plus a mini Marathon on Vampire with 6 nonstop rides. I could have done a Marathon on Furius Baco too - not because it was empty but I was on my own so after I got off i just filled an empty seat however we had to go so I only did it twice. UK parks are always a bit busy even on quiet days I guess.

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The two best times that come to mind were marathoning Piraten @ Djurs Sommerland on a *very* empty day back in 2011 or so. I had more than 30 rides… and this summer I went to Holiday Park, it was in the main season but kind of rainy, so also very empty. I managed about 15 or 20 rides on Expedition GeForce. I don't think I've experienced so much weightlessness in one day, except for skydiving...

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I'm usually not one to marathon a coaster (esp if it's one I've been on multiple times before). At WCB I usually try to get a few rides on everything rather than just marathon one.


However, back in like 2011 at Bay Area Bash/Bay Area Day at SFDK we had 2 hours ERT for Kong and Medusa, and we did a water challenge on Medusa. After riding Kong like once we basically just stayed and marathoned Medusa for the 2 hours, switching around rows but otherwise not getting off. I didn't count how many rides we got, I tend to lose count pretty easily.

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