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  1. Finally got around to go through your updates. I always enjoy seeing your IAPPA coverage! Thanks! GyroStore ride on page 2 - I have never seen a multi-seat version before. The video shows it flipping a lot but the other axis is moving slowly. Years ago, I got to try the single seat versions (1 was sit down and 1 was stand up) and I loved them. They flipped every which way like crazy (more than the one in this video) and made me dizzy as hell! It was cool to see the Daniels Wood Land display. I only know them from watching their show "Redwood Kings". They do some amazing work!
  2. Yeah, that absoultely does. For some reason I have noticed that ride to have some pretty jarring roughness when the train is empty to half-empty. It's much better if you get the train at least 3/4 to full. I feel the same about Hydra at Dorney Park. Several years ago, I got to ride it multiple times while there and noticed as the train filled up, the ride felt less rough. I know most people hate the ride, but I ended up really liking it. Back to Infinity Falls, it does look like a fast, fun ride! It reminds me of Popeye & Bluto raftride at IOA. We were surprised at how speedy that ride was!
  3. Great to see more about this! I had heard rumblings about it but knew nothing about it. It is on my To-Do list now!
  4. Worlds of Fun is a great family park, but that's it. I find myself bored when going there. I do love Prowler. Timberwolf has been meh for many years for me. The problem with Mamba is how it's run. They slow the chainlift to a crawl so the next couple of hills you have little to no airtime and the MCBB nearly stops you so the train crawls back to the station. Such a shame! When it opened, it was a fantastic ride! Of course, my biggest disappointment with WOF is not being able to ride Zambezi Zinger and Orient Express. I really miss those rides! Again, nice family park.
  5. Thanks for the great photos! I have always wanted to see more of the waterpark and the coaster. Looks awesome! Def on my bucketlist!
  6. Would love to have a model of Magnum's pretzel! Gatekeeper's keyhole elements would be cool to see done!
  7. 93 here. Robb, I last rode Tree Topper at Upper Clements back in 2000. At the time, it was a fun, quirky ride. I have no idea how it's running now. It's a hard credit to plan due to location. Nothing else around. I did it on a big New England trip and then crossed over to Nova Scotia, then hit a credit in New Brunswick before working back through Canada stopping in Quebec City, Montreal and Canada's Wonderland.
  8. Fun read! There will always be people out there not happy they can't do things that others can. I will admit I am jealous that I cannot travel like you, Robb! BUT, I am not going to start things because of it. It's great that people can get out that much! I see things here that end of on bucket list. I love the content of this site! Keep up the great work!
  9. I would love to get back over there! Haven't been there since ACE trip in 2002. Loved GeForce! My favorite Intamin by far!
  10. They've done a lot of work to Voyage over the past several years. Last year I thought it was running better than it has in a long time! Wish I could get there this year!
  11. Article didn't mention if they got finished before the ride was over, or if they stopped the ride before they were done.
  12. My first B&M is THE first B&M: Iron Wolf. My brother and I were there when it opened. Awesome ride then! Did not age well.
  13. It is a nice small park. Last year was the first time I had ever been there, as we just recently moved to Kansas and it is the closest park to us. We bought passes and went a couple of times. The free concerts are a nice perk for guests. We met Michael on our second trip. He spotted us in our coaster shirts and commented. We chatted for a while. After mentioning missing out on riding Wild Kitty, he took us over and got us on. We want to go back this year if finances improve.
  14. There is so much to do in the area. We spent our honeymoon there in 2008. We had a cabin up in hills overlooking Dollywood. After breakfast each day, we would go out and explore the area. Major tourist trap! Parrot Mountain was great. So glad we did it! It is so much fun feeding them. Also in one area, had large macaw get on my shoulders and didn't want to get off. The mountain coasters were not built when we were there. But have heard from friends that they are all fun. If you like caverns, there is Forbidden Caverns in Sevierville. Also a petting zoo there. Feeding the camels was fun. They will eat cup if you're not careful!
  15. The issue is, if the seatbelt is too tight or tightens more during the ride, it feels like it is cutting you in half. Where, if the belt is slightly loose and lets move a little, it doesn't hurt as much. I've had some rides on Magnum where I fought to get the buckle done and it provided a very painful ride. Of course, it doesn't help that I usually ride in the ejector-seat!
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