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  1. You know what! That is something I never thought about! you are so right! that is more or less exactly what happens! Seriously! It does kind of bring you back to a point where you just feel younger.
  2. Hi so I used to go a park alone near my house but I went too many times alone and it was not exactly by choice. The problem I face is I am someone who wants to go pretty much every week or so and It can be extremely hard to find anyone who is willing to go. But yeah I used to go and now I can't do that anymore maybe I could if I went to a different park but even then I have no idea if I could handle it anymore it is just to depressing for me to go alone again
  3. So I know that question is a bit strange maybe but I am curious what do you mean for you like are they one of the most important things in the world for you or are they are they as entertaining as going to the beach or something like that. For me roller coasters are an experience like no other they make me feel like i am doing something we should not be able to experience and survive and in fact allows people who ride together to basically experience the same thing together. It gives a feeling of almost something addicting and makes me so happy they are one of the few things in real life I feel like gives me happiness and makes me feel somewhat alive. I am not sure if how I am describing them is making any sense but that is how I feel about them.
  4. the chair swing ride the one that goes over 150-200 metters above the ground and all that is attached to seat is chain that looks like its the type of chain you see holding a swing set lol.
  5. I do still love roller coaster and most flat rides! I'm not a huge fan of spinning flat rides any more... but that's just because they always make me feel so sick. The older I get the less spinning around in small circles I can handle. Yeah i kind of feel the same way too like right now I wish i could just marathon the most intense looking rides right now but the issue is I just feel like I would start to feel sick fast cuz i am getting older. Roller coasters are fine and some rides that last less then 2 min but like if a ride lasts 5 min i dont see myself doing to well right now :/
  6. So I have another question apparently six flags wants to place a fireball type ride in every six flags park and i am kind of thinking la ronde will get that ride next year after this one coming up and do you think that would be a cool new ride for those you who dont know what the fireball is its a gaint loop that goes around a bunch of times.
  7. So I am wondering what do people think about the vampire going backwords next season. I am kind of excited for it but i think its a bit cheap and i really think la Ronde needs a new ride or roller coaster.
  8. ouch that does not sound fun I can imagine it might ruin the experience in a situation like this.I take it you still love roller coasters and rides though!
  9. I have done that but honestly the max I did with roller coasters is 3 times in a row i think. However when it comes to carnival rides its a bit different. There is a ride called fireball for example its a giant loop and I went on it i would say 20 times in a one day. Also another ride called kamakazzie I also did that ride i think 14 times in one day. (you can probably tell i love rides that go upsidedown)
  10. Is it really that rare. Cuz I would think it happens a bit more then a few times a year. Like for example the zipper I know that ride can get stuck upsidedown for a bit for example.
  11. So I am curious but has anyone ever been stuck upsidedown on a ride or rolller coaster and if you have what was the ride and how long was it for.
  12. I am actually kind of surprised the most people here are 12-15 to be honest.
  13. Honestly I am attracted to women who love roller coasters! I adore them! and they are one of my favorite things in the world! I also love women who love them just as much as me! And yeah one of the reasons I am on here right now is to meet women who love them as much as me and talk about them and how awesome they are and maybe share times we went on roller coasters together! So yeah that's pretty much all I have to say right now.
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