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Best Drop Ride!!!

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One of my favorites has always been Dungeon Drop at Astroworld. I rode it when I was little and have never forgotten it. I'm curious to know what happened to it when Astroworld closed. Was it scrapped or moved to a different park?

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My absolute favorite drop ride (and favorite of every ride I've experienced) is the SCAD tower (if that counts). Otherwise, I love the Intamin 1st gen freefalls.


On the subject of drop rides, I personally don't care for the S&S turbo drops. Because of the downward force, it feels too controlled and less intense than a true freefall to me. I enjoy them, but I just don't find them to be as good. The space shots are great though.

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I'm going to get it for this but I really like the Intamin first gens. I've ridden the one at Magic Mountain (defunct), Great adventure (defunct) and Cedar Point (moved) and I loved all of them. I don't really care for the S&S rides. I rode Drop Zone (whatever it is now) at KI and really enjoyed it but the first gens feel like more of a true "free fall" experience.


That being said, Big Shot in Las Vegas was the most terrifying shit that I've ever ridden but it's a shot tower and not a drop tower.

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It will almost certainly be Lex Luther: Drop of Doom at this point next year, but as I have not ridden it yet I am going to say Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure Park, with Scream at Six Flags New England being a very close second. Drop Tower at Kings Dominion is very good as well, and while it has a better drop the overall ride isn't as good as the other two.

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1. Drop Tower - Kings Island

2. Drop Tower - CGA

3. Double Shot - SCBB/Dragons Tower - Castle Park (With loose restraints on both)

4. TOT - DCA

5. Cliff Jumper - Scandia

6. Dragon's Decent - Funtown USA/Downtime - Compounce/Scream - SFNE/Supreme Scream - KBF

7. Sling Shot - Adventuredome

8. Maliboomer - DCA

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I've only been on a couple drop towers, the tallest one being at Six Flags America. But, I found the ride to be lame. It slowly pulled you up, and you sat at the top for a couple seconds too long. Then, just like that you hit the brakes.


My favorite that I've been on is a maybe 50 ft high Moser tower. There's some awesome airtime, and the restraints were really loose.


Lex Luther looks awesome! I hope I can ride it in the next couple of years!

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