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Best Drop Ride!!!

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Anybody hear any more news on that giant funtime tower? Would be amazing if one came here to North America (although I have my doubts it'll ever happen). The last time a travelling tower of that size was around this side of the pond, I believe it was a Moser model that is now at a small park in the states.


Here's a vid

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No matter what new, and amazing technology comes out... It seems like no drop towers can provide the awesome ride experience of the Intamin First Gen Freefall Rides. I don't know what it was about them, but there is no drop ride that has ever been able to come close to the experience provided by these!! This is now, and has (for as long as I can remember) always been my favorite drop ride:


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I didn't have the possibility to ride any North American drop ride, so I will only talk about the european ones.

If your question is about intensity, I'd go with : 1. High Fall (Movie Park Germany) 2. Space Vertigo (Gardaland) 3. Scream (Heide Park)

But, in the meaning of whole experience and theming.. Mistery Castle and ToT are the best.

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Tower of Terror without Shiriki Utundu

Blue Fall

Tower of Terror with Shiriki Utundu

Crazy Fabbri drop tower at Orange County Fair

Free Fall at Nagashima Spaland

Drop Zone Kings Island

Giant Drop SFGAm


And sorry Falcon's Fury, you're great but don't like you enough.

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Top 5 Towers:


5. L'Orbite - La Ronde (S&S space shot tower)

*Much stronger launch than other S&S towers I've been on, and a unique setting on an island in the middle of the park, but virtually no airtime.


4. Cannonball - World's Finest Shows (Travelling ARM/Larson tower)

*Great for a traveling ride, however, didn't quite live up to the hype that was built up on this thread. Almost feels like a watered-down version of the intamin towers


3. Space Shot - Huntsville Space and Rocket Center (S&S space shot tower)

*Great launch, with plenty of ejector airtime at the top of the tower. Gives a great view of the outdoor portion of the museum as well... Very surreal experience being on a ride that normally towers over everything at a park, and still being able to look up at the nose cone of the 300'+ rocket standing next to the tower.


2. Space Shot - Galaxyland (S&S double shot tower)

*Forceful launch, followed by one of the most intense moments of ejector airtime I've experienced on any ride. Also the first, and only indoor tower I've ever done.


1. Drop Tower - Canada'sWonderland (Intamin 2nd Generation tower)

*Provides the best sensation of speed/Freefall/I'm gonna die feeling of any tower ride I've been on. Great pop of floater/ejector air that lasts all the way down the tower until the breaks kick in. Great ride to do with GP too, especially if they're used to the (relatively forceless in comparison) drops of the two B&Ms at the park, Behemoth and Leviathan, and think the tower will be a piece of cake... None of them have any idea what they're getting into.

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5: Acrophobia @ SFoG - Very unusual drop with the tilting seats but very fun nonetheless. Not a very forceful drop though.

4: Supreme Scream @ Knott's - Great setting and very fun and forceful drop. I seem to like S&S towers more than Intamin.

3: Drop Zone @ Canada's Wonderland - Forceful drop, great setting, and great speed.

2: Scream @ SFNE - Gorgeous view from the top, very forceful, great freefall experience, and every time I've been at SFNE this year they ran each tower on combo cycle (launches then freefalls).

1: Down Time @ Lake Compounce - This is my favorite out of all the drop towers I've been on. Great location and very forceful drop. The launch up to the top is great and I just love S&S towers!

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Demon Drop. I am so glad there is still one left in the U.S.


Acrophobia. I love the seating arrangement, the downward tilting seats, and the brakes are so low on the tower I feel like they aren't going to stop us every time.


Larson/ARM towers. Just terrifying and they feel much taller than they are.

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Update time! I don't dislike any of these, but here's how I rank them.


Zumanjaro (GreatAdv)

Atmosfear (Moreys)

Demon Drop (Dorney)

Acrophobia (SFOG)

Drop Tower (KD)

Dominator (Dorney)

Power Tower (CP)

Voodoo Drop (SFA)


Come to think of it I rode all of these this year except Power Tower.

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If I had to rank them...


5) Sky Screamer - Marineland. I feel weird putting an S&S here but the placement on top of the hill, impressive height and view of Niagara Falls make this an amazing ride.

4) Zumanjaro / Lex Luthor

3) StartosFEAR / AtmosFEAR / X Scream (Larson Towers)

2) Falcon's Fury

1) Demon Drop

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Falcon's Fury, incredible.


Other good ones even though they scare the crap out of me:

Drop Zone - KI

Fear Fall - KK, small but pretty intense!

Also enjoyed Demon Drop when it was at CP

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