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  1. Once again, making accusations of something I didn't say. Did I blame the park for getting the dog out of the car? Not once. All I said is it would be helpful if they made it more obvious to guests that they have a *free* kennel to put pets if they happen to have some with them! No way?! You mean to tell me you DIDN'T see the big obvious kennel in the parking lot that apparently everyone else in the world is aware of?! You mean you DIDN'T go to the Six Flags site and see the information that takes 2 clicks to get to at the bottom of the page? How could you be so dumb??!?! /sarcasm So it's not the parks fault they lost the dog? Who ever said leaving the dog in the car was not the ladys fault? You guys seem to be arguing points nobody made.
  2. ^Dude, I never said it wasn't. I'm wondering why it is so hard for the park to make it more obvious to guests that there is a kennel on premises so they don't have to continue rescuing dogs by breaking into guests car windows? A sign at the parking entrance "Kennel available for your animals at no charge!" or a notice on the park map would make it obvious, and the problem would be gone, and they could stop breaking into guests car windows to save animals. That's all I'm saying.
  3. First of all, I said "I'm not relinquishing the idiot lady from responsibility for this entire incident." It's her problem, nobody elses. So you're taking what I said, making assumptions and running with it. You don't know the woman was hiding the dog and I never said they were supposed to examine every car for dogs as they drive through. However, apparently they do believe it is their responsibility to save dogs and make up for peoples lack of common sense because they go so far as to break through windows to get to the dog if they find this is going on. If they didn't feel it was their responsibility and they're not going to be held liable, they shouldn't be doing it! "We felt it was our responsibility to break into your window to save your dog, but it was not our responsibility to make sure the dog stayed in the kennel safely." It is NOT noted in the park map, and you're right they don't have to provide the service, but if they are, maybe they could do better at letting guests know its available so they don't have to go busting into peoples cars all the time they find an animal in the heat. I didn't say I wasn't AWARE of this service, I didn't say it was uncommon, and I know it exists because I've been going to the park for 20 years. I was saying I could understand how people would not know this service is available because they didn't check every page of the website like you did to hopefully come across that blurb at the bottom of the page, and due to the lack of communication between the workers and guests. You are all THEME PARK ENTHUSIASTS not just some GP Joe Schmo who decided to come to the park for the first time in 5 years, of course you know everything that is on the website or at the park. But for the normal guest showing up to the park, it does NOT say anywhere when entering the park that there is a kennel on the premises. I'm just saying breaking into cars as a habit for lack of letting guests know the service is available is a bit ridiculous. No, it doesn't. Why is it ridiculous for the park to let guests know when entering the park that a kennel is available for them just near the parking lot? It isn't. And it would save the park from having to break into car windows, and having to deal with the problems they have with guests leaving pets in the car. Apparently, this is a frequent occurence. OBVIOUSLY, the park is not doing enough to make the guests know the service is available.
  4. Now I'm not relinquishing the idiot lady from responsibility for this entire incident, but I don't understand why the Parking Attendants taking your $20 couldn't say "Hey lady, I see you've got a dog. Well so you know, we have a kennel so your dog doesn't die in the unbearable 100 degree weather all day while it's in your car. Then we don't have to break your window and leave your car unsafely open for the rest of the day." But NOOOOOOOOO... ...they're much too oblivious to remotely know anything that's going on around them, and it would be asking WAY too much to do this for people paying $20 to park in the lot. It would also be different if this was some kind of "unique" experience, but apparently this is the parks policy and they do it all the time. Has anyone here ever heard of this Kennel service the park provides before? How are people supposed to use the service if they never heard of it!?! Leave it to Six Flags...
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the update! Would you say Sunday is a good day to go now in September? I'm trying to go with my buddies and have been wondering how the crowds are. Went back in June and the crowds were brutal and I barely got on anything, I'm hoping on my next trip I'll get in as much as you did!
  6. What's sad is they can put out as many "Posters" they want of the rides acting like they're going to be totally different for Fright Fest, but the fact of the matter is many of the rides will be exactly the same they are on any other night when the park is open. OoOoOoOhhhhh! The lights are out! Crazy crazy stuff man! Monstertainment is also probably one of the stupidest name combinations I have ever heard.
  7. Perhaps I'm missing something, but what exactly does this have to do with Warner Bros. Movie World putting in an El Loco coaster? It doesn't. This issue was already addressed in the post above yours. I thought Movie World was owned by Six Flags. Thanks anyway?
  8. It really is amazing how much Six Flags has recently downgraded the proportions of their coasters and installations in the past couple years, all in the name of proper budgeting. Seems back in the day a coaster like this was for some smaller park you've never heard of who couldn't afford an Intamin or B&M.
  9. Based on a POV I saw of this ride, it seems like it is very fun and for Six Flags, pretty well themed. It's too bad they couldn't have more rides like this in the Six Flags chain, I actually really liked how it had a drop and hill portion, as well as a table top. I would guess maintenance and running costs were the nail in this rides coffin. It's unfortunate an entire water area will be demo'd for a concrete slab.
  10. ^Tatsu is probably my favorite B&M as well. Batman models are a close second. Unfortunately whenever I travel away from my homepark, hardly any of the B&M's stack up against the my original favs. Although I am hoping some day I get out to Parc Asterix as that looks like it may hold its own...
  11. Has to be X at Magic Mountain using 1 train operation. Once waited 3 hours for the ride because I with friends who insisted on riding, we got in line an hour and a half before the park closed, and didn't get in our car until 11:30pm. The ride went down 2 times while we were waiting in line, once when we were under the lift, and once when we were 2 trains away from getting on. Needless to say I will NEVER wait in that line anymore unless the line is less than an hour and doesn't break down. As soon as it breaks down now, I just get out of line.
  12. ...in other news cigarettes are barely regulated beyond the age limit (which never stops young kids from trying them anyway) and are still around to kill people every day...
  13. In case anyone is dying to see the photos now (like I was ) here's a link to the layout of the ride from the crane (I'm guessing these are the same photos posted earlier) which are posted less than halfway down the page. http://www.ameworld.net/forum/parc-asterix-nouveaute-2012-inverted-coaster-b-m-t19918-page-580.html
  14. ^Yeah and it's too bad too. Considering the range of coasters the other So Cal parks have, as well as the other Sea Worlds' around the country, San Diego has always gotten the shaft when it comes to additions in the roller coaster department. I mean c'mon, one even has a kick ass flyer for darns sake!
  15. So how long till Intamin adds a 425 foot drop tower off the back of TTD to take the record from Six Flags?
  16. Tatsu The most unique park name at Magic Mountain and no other park in the chain has tarnished it by using the name either. When you say Tatsu everyone knows exactly what you're talking about and which park. Sweet name for a sweet coaster, definitely the coolest.
  17. Raptor and Swarm. Here's your swarm layout below. I believe the park released a part-POV/part-Off-Ride video of Swarm as well. Essentially what I meant is Raptor and Swarm have extremely short layouts that I think neglected to take advantage of the new style cars, however X-Flight has a longer layout, more inversions, and more tight turns and features which look like they will really up the thrill factor for this ride. So sure, I still don't really "get" the cars, but I do find X Flight to be the best of the 3 so far. And with the way parks are buying these coasters, B&M really did hit the nail on the head with this ride design because they seem to be quite popular with the parks, and it is working out really well so kudos to B&M. I just don't get this philosophy where if you don't "get" the cars you're not allowed to like the coaster? I mean some people don't "get" stand-up trains on roller coasters but still like riding Riddlers Revenge, right? Especially now that a new wing-rider coaster came out incorporating elements that hadn't been done before on these style of cars. For the first 2 I wasn't really impressed with what B&M did, it seemed almost like a waste of a new wing-rider car, but now it looks like they're really starting to take full advantage of these new cars and I'm really starting to like what I see.
  18. Made up your mind yet? Wow, I guess I didn't realize I'm not allowed to change my OPINIONS about a roller coaster more than a MONTH later when a new and improved track design comes out that really uses the train design to its full potential. Not to mention it looks better than all the ones previously created. I suppose I'm also not allowed to hate Ghostrider at Knott's either because 10 years ago I posted that I loved it.
  19. Based on the image and video that was released, it appears like they're going to be adding on to the structure of the ride, with steel i-beams that weren't there before (I circled and drew a line where the new i beams will be added). The front of the tower has always been wider than the back, making for a weird angle on the sides of the ride, it appears that will be fixed for the installation of this ride. Also, I have never heard that the structure could not withstand a drop tower. I wouldn't believe it if I heard it either, because it just doesn't make sense...look at that structure, its made out of nothing but steel i-beams! I mean, if I were to place a bet on what structure in CA would still be standing if everything else toppled over after a huge earthquake or hurricane, I would put it on Superman. That thing is built so strong, it's never coming down unless you disassemble it.
  20. Superman's noise CANNOT be reduced. The sound you hear is the lateral metal wheels on the car rubbing up against the center rail of the track.
  21. How is this different than any other post you make? This ride looks AWESOME! Six Flags has really outdone themselves in 2012, and here's to hoping SFMM gets an X-Wing coaster (perhaps the tallest and fastest) sometime in the future to replace Deja Vu. B&M really hit the nail on the head with these new style of coasters, it's amazing how well they're working out for them!
  22. Lex Luther. Instead of NOT riding and not liking it, I haven't even ridden it yet and it's already my favorite!
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