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Mantis Man rides Xcelerator 20,000 times since 2002

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At least he's not "hooked" or "attached" on other things....


Seriously, though. This guy is just crazy. Who would invest all the time, money, and effort to ride a roller coaster 20,000 TIMES!


That's just a waste. If you're gonna ride roller coasters that much, at least choose a different ride. He has other amusement parks near him.....


Oh well, that's his decision, I might have to say hi to him . I can see it now.


ME: Hey! Aren't you the guy that rode Xcelerator over 20,000 times?!

HIM: Yep, that's me!



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While it may not be the true origion of the "Mantis Man" name, the first I saw of it was on anAbsolutely Relaible article.


Mantis Man: Enthusiast, or Super Villain?


Buena Park, CA: Ride operators on Knott's Berry Farm's popular Xcelerator thrill coaster got a lesson in loading Tuesday by an enthusiast only known as "Mantis Man." "He’s been here all day," said one of the park employees, clearly not sure whether to be amused or frightened by Mantis Man’s actions. "We can’t get him off of the platform."


Mantis Man's M.O., it appeared, was to linger on the exit platform and spring, insect-like, into any available seat. When the open seat was on the loading side of the platform, this bold enthusiast did not hesitate to tell people to move.


Hit the link for a picture of the masked super villian in action!


BTW, that TOTALLY needs to be a Haunt character. Someone with a bug face and a Mantis shirt chasing people around the park on a bicycle!



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I love screwing around with ACE fanatics

Waiting in line for spinning dragons

ACE guy: This is the newest addition to worlds of fun

Me: Since when did orient express get inversions removed, and spinning cars?

ACE guy: orient express is defunct.

Me: Oh, I thought that was mamba.

ACE guy: no.

ME: Did you know mamba is the tallest fastest roller coaster in the world?

ACE guy: no, thats top thrill dragster at cedar point in ohio.

Me: Did you know six flags astroworld in new jersey is building one 2 times as tall as top thrill dragster?

ACE guy (getting mad): NO!!111! Thats six flags great adventure in new jersey, and it is only 36 feet taller and 8 miles per hour faster with a 128 foot tall speed hill!!!!!

Me: Oh, isn't it going to be called superman the escape?


Me: I thought that was millenium force..

ACE guy (pissed off): NO! THATS IN CEDAR POINT!

Me: I thought that was liseberg in new york...


Me: Isn't it a mean streak clone?

ACE guy: *leaves the line*


And that is waiting in line for spinning dragons..


yeah...totally believable...

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Come on! They gave him a certificate and jacket.


If I were Knotts I would've just given him a cookie and maybe a buy one get one free coupon for something.


Any press is good press. That and the fact that this guy had a season pass for the 5 years and the free advertisement which is saying that someone loved our ride so much he practically spent more time at it than his job really doesn't hurt either. I'd give him a free season pass for that kind of press, if not more. You can't get media coverage that good for that low of a price.

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^^Yes, it is ironic, but most of us on here aren't obsessed with coasters that much. Personally, I just love them. I don't love them to the point of riding one 20,000 times (I'd get bored by about 1,000), and that is what I find off. I mean, this guy literally does NOTHING but hang around Knotts and ride Xcellerator. Isn't that more than a bit creepy??

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I'd like to point out that in the begining of the video he has his creepy sack of doom that he carries with him everywhere. Proof that he brings it with him INTO the park. It's not from stuff he gets while AT the park.


What's in the bag?! A severed head? Used tampons he collects from restrooms? Flyers left over from his flyer handing out job? What!!!


Also, what is the dude behind him doing whenthe train comes back to the station. Looks like he's attempting to ghost ride his own whip. Which reminds me of the BEST RUMOR EVER about this guy.


This is a RUMOR, it may not be true, but word has reached my from those who would know that Mantis Man had recieved a temporary ban after he was caught masterbating in one of the restrooms.


Now, Knotts has a legion of weirdos so it could have been any one of them. But still...ewww youuu...


Maybe if he really cares about the ride that much he could paint it a bit since he's there all the time. The thing is pink now, come on!



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Wow, some TPR members showing their true colors here. I don't know Mantis man or ever heard of him before now but I think its obvious that he does not have a lot of what we take for granted. So people make fun of him? Spread ugly rumors? And you guys think yourselves are better than the average ACE'r?


Considering this is a Theme park forum, I think we have a little pot calling the kettle black going on.


I have seen plenty of threads here that contain the same thing, the arguing of minute detail of coasters.


I don't want to give the impression I do not like TPR, its one of my favorite sites holding a place of honor on my Firefox Navigation bar, but C'mon, This is just mean.

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I've always found it amusing to hear "US" (of all people) ripping on a guy for being "too hardcore" about a coaster...


ring ring..."Hello, kettle? This is pot..."

Thank you so much, Pete. Finally, a voice of reason in this thread.


When you weren't busy messing with the man about coaster stats and facts, did any of you ever take the time to actually talk to him and perhaps try to learn about who he is? If so, then my apologies; but I'm guessing it's easier just to label him "creepy" and proceed to rip him apart for his love of that one particular ride. Is he a bit "different" from most of us? Perhaps he is. Has he said or done anything negative towards you? I'm guessing no. For all we know, he may even be a war veteran suffering from something we'll never fully comprehend.


And to be fair, let me address what Don posted about a certain rumor. *IF* it is proven to be true, then he'd definitely be in violation of the law. However, even then, does that mean he is not deserving of some compassion?


It's funny that some of you will travel the world primarily in search of every credit possible, yet overlook the fact that Knott's IS this man's world. He will never have the luxuries that many of us take for granted. But judging from what I've read, he seems to have found a certain peace in doing what he does for a living, and enjoying the one passion that, ironically all of us can identify with....a roller coaster. I can think of much worse things he could be out doing.


Wow, some TPR members showing their true colors here.


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That's some feat to ride a coaster that many times.


The guy is staying loyal to the Park and that is a good thing, if this coaster was "razed", I wonder if he would hit "Ghostrider" or "Silver Bullet" 20,000 times.


I managed to ride "Collosos" at Heide-Park and "Goliath" at Walibi World 14 times each during the day I was there.


But then after driving from the UK you have to ride them as much as possible.


Both coasters are a joy.

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Mike, BeemerBoy and Pete,


I'd just like to say thank you for a voice of reason. Intolerance of any sort is far too common, and far too often tolerated. I'm mostly upset that a moderator jumped in to help make fun of the guy, rather than put a stop to it.


An amazing milestone, regardless of the individual who achieved it.

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