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  1. Which is lame because majority rules does not equal constitutional.
  2. I nominate Adventure Express at Kings Island for both the best and worst ending. I mean, that last lift was pretty cool and built up your anticipation for a drop or something when... THE RIDE ENDS! Really? That was lame.
  3. Do you guys binge drink? It just seems so much better when you drink to get drunk!
  4. How is she your girlfriend if you have never kissed?
  5. I know they have the hydraulic launch patent online. If I remember where it is I will make sure to post it.
  6. When you told me it would be expensive I was expecting about $50 a plate. Having to pay for admission rather than signing myself in for free would have been a deal breaker if I had known, but on top of it you guys spent over $100 that day! Thank god I didn't go. I've already been and have pictures to prove it. Going a second time and paying that much would have been a waste of money for me.
  7. Doesn't add anything useful. It has Aero Flip 3D so you can flip through your open windows. And DreamScene, which is the capability to apply a video as your desktop. I have it, but don't use those features.
  8. Yea, they were putting it up last night. Was only going to go up two letters at a time...looks like they decided to do all of them! I'm also glad to see that the sign is not inside the loop, as the original plans had detailed.
  9. Build your own? Honestly it's quite easy and maximizes the potential of the computer for your needs. But I would suggest that you have some knowledge of computers because if you cause a problem, you have to fix it. Or take it into Geek Squad. There was PC Club but they closed.
  10. They have the best soup for Saturday here in Anaheim. Not sure it this applies to all Cheesecake Factory restaurants, but you must try the Cream of Chicken Artichoke Soup...it's to die for!
  11. I have no problem with traffic. I have patience. I drive a good 45 miles to work and I just know when I have to be on the road by. As long as I stick to that schedule it's fine.
  12. How is that disrespectful? Part of being a couple is kissing. I guess if you view kissing as a private matter then yes it would be disrespectful to do it in public.
  13. Hey at least the guy didn't try to make his own album and market it as professional and good...
  14. He has to post in all caps for work. I called him out on it when he first joined. Definitely not a worthy post to be made fun of here.
  15. It's also because they want to keep them dark. Taking pictures in the dark would require a flash.
  16. I don't think anyone can say DCA looks good in it's current state, but what else are they supposed to do? I just don't think it's plausible to ask the park to close down for a few months to a year to allow completion without guests seeing the mess. That's like asking SFMM to close for the same amount of time...the two achieve similar attendance figures. Yes they should have gotten it right the first time to avoid this construction but that's in the past. You can't go back and change that. They need the upgrade and I can't see them going any slower. If they do, then I'm sure the average guest will start to notice the construction getting in the way. From my view, guests will only visit the park once or twice during this construction. And they definitely notice it affecting their visit. But if Disney took longer to complete this project then it's more likely that guests will visit the park while under construction more than once or twice. That will put a lasting impression on some...that the park is not worthwhile anymore. I feel it's necessary for the guests to bite the bullet by either visiting during construction, or putting their plans on hold until completion. Though, I definitely agree that a reduced price should be introduced for these construction years. It seems DCA wasn't worth the price to begin with, let alone with it torn up.
  17. The redo of Tomorrowland didn't have you walking through construction, did it? i think that's the problem, that you have to maneuver through ugly construction only to see that many attractions are closed. I don't think it would have been wise to shutdown the park, it would take too long to complete. I don't think the construction is that bad, but then again I am a local that can easily come back when the park is finished.
  18. I always enjoyed seeing people's desktops... Here's mine. I like to keep it clean and simple since I use my HDTV as my monitor.
  19. For someone who is against PETA getting publicity for their stupid tactics, whom is always the first to note that posting new PETA topics is just getting the organization more publicity, you sure do post a lot in the PETA threads. Just saying.
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