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  1. Wow. I never post here, but I had to post this time. I can NOT believe they went with that name. I laughed really hard for a really long time when I read it. Wow...
  2. I'm pretty sure I saw Mantis Man walking on the sidewalk in one of the first pics outside of Knotts.
  3. They don't always have an escort. My cousin is a character (he actually plays Tigger sometimes) at Disneyland and he says he rarely gets an escort.
  4. ^That's especially funny considering you have more than 3 times the number of posts he does.
  5. I have been a monster at Halloween Haunt for the last 3 years, and have loved the event for the last 10 years. But before you all think that I am going to trash HHN just because of that, I want you to know that I was REALLY looking forward to the event and hoping that it would be as good as I have heard that Orlando’s event was. But anyway, onto the review… We arrived to the park at about 6:30pm and the lines at the front for security were HUGE and unorganized. The first line we got in didn’t move for 5 minutes, so we went to another line and got through in less than 10 minutes. We got ins
  6. I can't say I was surprised to see the Luke Skywalker Twins there.
  7. Holy crap! I wrote a letter to somebody (I have no idea who, my mom got some address) at Disneyland when I was like 6 years old right after this came out about how much I loved The Little Mermaid and was hoping there would be some kind of ride and got a response saying that they were planning to build one. I can't believe it wasn't a lie! Looks like I will be buying this movie!
  8. I feel the same way...but that might be just because SFEG is my home park . But I still like coasters, I'm planning a midwest trip of my own with a few friends next year just for coasters. So I think it's just the park that I'm sick of.
  9. Ah, Mantis Man. Him and the Luke Skywalker Twins (or LST as we refer to them) are like celebrities at KBF
  10. ^I was actually just about to ask the same thing. This coaster looks great, IMO. I personally prefer airtime hills and sweet turns over inversions anyday, so I absolutely can't wait to get on this ride in June.
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