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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I used to be opposed to fast pass, but honestly....I just never had money and when you're coming from 8 hours away and can't take off too much work...it'll be nice to do everything in one day opposed to two.

Exactly! I don't know why enthusiasts would be so opposed to the idea of fast passes when it really saves a lot of money in contrast to going two days instead of one. "But people cut in front of me in line and I don't feel like paying extra!" On rides such as Raptor, even on a busy day, they let like 150 an hour through, which is only 5 or 6 trains on raptor. That's like an extra 5 minutes per hour. That's not that bad!


There are rides without fast lane, though. Ride those first! They're kind of the less popular rides so there's never a line in the morning. Then you have all day to use fast lane and ride everything even faster!



Yeah, Raptor has always been my most difficult ride. Think I've done it twice in the the total of 10 times I've been there, 2 days each visit! With Gatekeeper Any hope of it without fast pass is gunna be impossible

Indeed, I used to think it not worth it/arrogant buuuut I was a poor college kid then. Now I realize its just 50 bucks and is worth it, since the alternative is hundreds of more dollars for a second day! I'm planning on mid August....earlier than I usually go but hopefully won't be toooo bad still.


Never seen TPR signs at a park...but I've never looked! Would be crazy to see one of you randomly

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Gatekeeper is looking super pretty at the front of the park! I'm thinking Gatekeeper is going to be a fun ride. Nothing intense, just a giggly fun ride that makes you go "wheeeeee!!"


can you say that i am really really excited to work for this place!
Do it! It's cool meeting people from TPR when I'm at CP.
At least this year Ill be able to see more TPR members then the last 3 years.


(I was the one that put up the little TPR sign in Mean Streaks control booth when TPR visited in 2011)

Seems like a lot of TPR peeps including myself are working at Cedar Point this summer! I'll be sure to say hi if anyone stops by Gatekeeper

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Probably because of this...







Wing Over Drop – once riders crest the top of the lift hill, the coaster train will rotate 180 degrees to the right, turning riders upside down before plummeting toward the ground at speeds of more than 65 mph!

Immelmann – a maneuver where riders enter a half loop, go through a half twist and curve out in the opposite direction from which they came.

Camelback – riders will fly over a giant, 105-foot-tall camelback hill that will be filled with “airtime!”

Giant Flat Spin – a hair-raising 360-degree flip that will provide two different ride experiences for guests on each side of the train.

Zero-G-Roll – a flying element that takes riders through two support towers that will dominate Cedar Point’s new Main Entrance.

Inclined Dive Loop – a tight, 180-degree turnaround pushes riders through an overbanked turn and rockets them back towards the station.

360° In-Line-Roll – an element that will take riders extremely close to the new massive support towers while flying over guests entering the park below.

Camelback Drop – a quick drop that will help propel the train and its guests through the rides final thrilling element, the spiral.

Spiral – GateKeeper’s track rotates a wicked 360 degrees before bringing the coasters train back to the ride station.

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It's so interesting to see all the Gatekeeper construction photos and watch that giant crane move around! Obviously it's meant to do that, but it sure is cool to see that massive thing move! And the wideshot cam of the entrance called "Gatekeeper Construction Cam" on CP's website is really neat! This ride is gorgeous!

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^Roller coasters in general can be built pretty quickly, especially steel coasters. The process is pretty simple. Pour footers, hoist supports, bolt them to the footers, hoist track pieces, bolt them together. Like a giant puzzle. It's a rather efficient system. Someone should tell SFMM that.

GateKeeper's looking great! I will definitely be there this summer to check it out!

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