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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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This will be my first year going to Coastermania but I have a question. I will be staying a Breakers but the registration is at 9:00am at ticket booths 12 and 13 at the front of the park. How long is registration open for should I drive around the park first thing or do I have enough time to walk threw the park. Also if I register on friday do I have to register on Saturday.

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Hello! My name is Sayaka, & I have booked a room at Hotel Breakers for 3 nights @ this event (June 2-5) for me and my boyfriend. The room supposedly has 2 double beds in it - It was the cheapest one I could find - & We only need 1 bed for ourselves. Would anybody be interested in rooming with a couple of strangers? (I abso-bloody-lutely promise we are not axe wielding murderers!) The room for us cost $548.14 (including taxes and 2, 2 day adult tix ), and if you pay us $204.61 your more than welcome to stay with us. Or, if your brave and your single, it's only $102.30 per person. Of course you will have to purchase your own admission tix. This price is for all 3 nights of just hotel. I am not trying any funny business except to save some monies and make some friends. I swear I've checked and rechecked the math, but If you think it's wrong or want to negotiate somehow, I am open to any suggestions.

I am also very interested in carpooling (gas prices are going way to high!) We will be coming from the Chicagoland area, so we have quite a few hours of driving to do. Out car has a something like a 10 gallon tank, and last time I went it took a little less than 1 tank of gas to get there.

So, hotel and/or transportation and friendship for a small fee, anyone?

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New blog entry regarding Ocean Motion's new location:


I have to be perfectly honest. For many years, I never knew where Ocean Motion was located. Tucked into the corner of the park by the beach gate, it was practically hidden! You could say I “discovered” the ride the year Wicked Twister opened, when extra attention was drawn to that section of the park.


I've ridden it every year since.


You know I love my roller coasters, but I always enjoy a good swinging ship! I think it is a true amusement park staple, which is why I was thrilled to hear Ocean Motion is getting a new location this season!


With the addition of WindSeeker, Ocean Motion has been uprooted from its original beachside location and is moving front and center. Ocean Motion will be one of the first rides guests see as they walk through the main gate, and we wanted to spruce up the ride.


Our Planning and Design department was kind enough to let me share a sneak peak of the plans!





Most of the ride has been constructed, and crews are busy working on the pool, queue and ride entrance areas.



Hope to see you riding this summer!



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This just occurred to me. Having Ocean Motion moved to its new location and themed up will make Hurricane Hannah's seem a little less awkward... I am glad to see them refreshing an old ride like this rather than just plopping it down and calling it a day. Cant wait to see it all finished!


Also, here are the LARGER images if you want a closer look.




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Has anyone ever gone during student ID weekend? Are the crowds that much heavier than normal? Weekdays are out of the question, but I'm trying to find a time that would be bearable, crowd-wise, and May 22 seems like the best choice before Memorial Weekend.



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There was a really bad winter this year. but still they should no. they are on a lake and have been open for a few years.



And what are the laws for testing, how long does the ride have to be tested for before the state let it open?

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I am having a hard time believing that it was "entirerly" weather related. I base this on all of them being delayed. What are the odds?


I think it may be a manufacturer problem with the ride. It is a new type of ride for mondial(sp).

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^Considering none of them have reached the testing phase, I would guess it's all construction related, which has been delayed by the weather. If I'm not mistaken, paperwork and red tape were the culprits for the delay at KBF. I have no idea about the one at CW. People need to realize that construction delays happen. It's nothing unusual in any other construction project. Besides, a week or two won't kill anyone.

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