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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I was at the park yesterday and here's a quick update.


Much better! I didn't hang around long on opening day (just two hours) but I was able to see how many things were closed. I am glad to say that yesterday only the following were closed:


Shoot the Rapids

Snake River Falls

Thunder Canyon

Gemini Blue


Windseeker, Ocean Motion, and MaxAir were obviously also closed, but they will be for a while. It was only in the 60s so no big loss on the water rides. So really only Gemini Blue was the one ride that maybe should've been open.


Drove through some rain on the way and it was cloudy when I arrived at the park, but it never rained on me and cleared up later on.


The park was awesomely dead. Got there a little before 2pm and walked onto Magnum. Walked onto Mean Streak and was treated to one of the best rides on it in quite a while (but that's not saying much, it still is a waste of space), there is a lot of new wood. Then went to Maverick and waited maybe five minutes. Millennium Force was another five minute wait. I headed to the front of the park and walked onto Raptor which was running fast and smooth. Walked onto Blue Streak and admired the trains, are they new or just refurbished (either way, why did they keep those stupid headrests?)? It was running well, and would be better regarded as a classic woodie without those said headrests.


Stopped by Pink's to see what the park-created hype was about. $14 and change for a decently big chilli cheese dog, a surprising portion of seasoned fries, and a regular Pepsi. It was pretty good, easily one of the better food options in the park. Unfortunately the three places that I will eat in the park (Pizza Patio/Hot Potato, Midway Market, and now Pink's) are all in the front. So if I'm hungry and in the back I have quite a hike. Midway Market is still the best value in the park, $13 if you eat before 5pm for all you can eat Golden Corral-quality food and free refills.


After taking the break to eat I got a few more rides of Raptor, which really is running well. Had the longest wait of the day for Disaster Transport and was disappointed that not even the Alaska scene was lit. Walked onto Wicked Twister and then swung by Windseeker. They were lifting the chassis like pictured on the previous page. It was cool to watch for a bit. As it lifted there was a worker watching from the midway obviously looking for something, so there may be truth to the delay being cable-related. There is a complicated mess of cables that lift the ride chassis.


Walked by Dragster and would've taken a ride until I saw that its station was complete mayhem, it's the only ride in the park that its station gets that way. I Walked onto Magnum for a few rides and then continued to Maverick, which was now a walk-on. Rode that for about a half hour. Maverick has really grown on me. Ever since I learned how to hold the restraint to prevent neck chops I've really enjoyed it, but now the issue is the lap bar smashing into my legs and staying there during the first turn. Though I guess I'd rater have that than getting my neck bashed around.


After I got my fill of Maverick I headed down to Millennium Force and it was a walk-on by now. So I spent my last hour and a half riding over and over again. Sometime after 7pm they opened the gate between the unload and load stations which meant I was usually able to get on the same train I just got off of. Ended up on the last train of the night which capped off a pretty good afternoon and evening.


Here's a few pictures from the day:


I do think that Windseeker will be a nice addition to the park once it opens.


I watched them lift the ride chassis off the ground. It was pretty cool to watch.


The area around the ride looks nice. I'm happy to see some planters to break up the space, but it'll be quite a while before those trees start offering any type of shade.


Maverick's a walk-on!


(crappy cell phone zoom) Stopped to notice the difference in Millennium's paint. Hopefully they paint the rest of the ride for next year. What is painted looks really great.


Millennium's a walk-on, too!

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I have a few things to add to that wonderful TR...


Windseeker's pretty much been moving up and down for the past week or so now. I hear actual cycle testing will begin sometime next week. Maintenance has just been going up and down with final touches to the tower. Ocean Motion is finally up and running. MaXair, I hear, will probably be another week or two. Dragster's catchcar was sent to Intamin this winter and was serviced. There was a huge box out on the midway. I'll try to upload pictures as soon as I can. Millennium's paint job is actually scheduled to be a 3 year project, so don't expect it to be finished next year. Not to mention the new catchcar loos pretty awesome! Dragster and Millennium both got a few new road wheels which are made of Aluminum instead of steel, and they look very sexy! Everything else is going smoothly. It should be a good summer!

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And in 3 years what was painted this year will already be faded...not like it is now obviously, but it didnt take long for that brilliant cobalt blue to start fading. I remember that distinctly.


Really hoping Maxair goes up as soon as it can. One of my fave flats in the park.

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^ You actually believe this dude?


I figured most people would have caught the sarcasm.


As far as the visit, Saturday was ridiculously packed. We rode Mean Streak, Magnum and Gemini in the morning and that was it as just about every queue for every ride was packed. Luckily, we also went into the park Friday night and today and there were a lot of walk-on's during that time. We spent yesterday playing mini-golf at Challenge Park, drinking beer and people watching.


Lot of rides up and down all weekend, but only Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon and Max Air (and Windseeker, obviously) were rides that I noticed down the entire weekend.


I will say that our ride on Gemini was LOADS better than it was last year. Either we rode it in the wrong seat last year, or they have done some track work. It looked like some of the area at the final helix had some weld work done to the track support, but not sure if that would have any effect on the ride itself.


Mean Streak was not awful, but still not fun...and the trim is back on the first drop. This coaster needs major help. I did notice some of the markings and flags over by the petting zoo and Snake River Falls. Not really sure how a coaster would fit into that area though...and I definitely don't want them taking any more trees out of the Frontier trail area.

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Random question- Has Shoot the Rapids finally started allowing riders in the back row without the boats sinking?


From looking over at the ride on the island from Camp Snoopy (where I work), it depends... Shoot the Rapids and the other water rides dont open till later (have two team leaders at the moment and one is the one at Snake River Falls and he goes back Tuesday) but when Shoot the Rapids was running a couple of days ago for a little while there where several boats that I could see that had people in the back of the train. Then again, some also didnt, I dont know if that is because of the shinking issue or if it has had to do with that there was no one in line.

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I was there yesterday (Sunday) and here are a few key points from the day (I know some things have been said already, I just want to reiterate them):


-A lot of breakdowns. I don't think any major ride ran consistently throughout the day. Some of the rides I noticed were broken down at some point in the day include TTD (extended period of time), Millennium, Maverick (more than once), Magnum, Raptor, Skyhawk, Shoot the Rapids, Mean Streak, Iron Dragon, Wildcat.


-Neither Snake River Falls nor Thunder Canyon opened the entire day. It was fairly hot, too.


-As someone said above, Windseeker was moving up and down the tower all day.


-There was activity at MaXair, mechanics were working up top.


-As someone said above, Ocean Motion is open.


-Mantis is still giving kick-ass trimless rides.


-Mean Streak's trims were definitely on full-force. It was slightly smoother than previous years, but overall still fairly jerky and rough. Still only 2 trains also.


-Blue Streak's new trains make the ride a lot smoother and enjoyable.


-Millennium Force is back to 3 trains now. I remember reading a TR last week saying one train hadn't been put back together yet.


-Gemini was running both sides.


-To answer a question above, every time I saw a STR boat, it was full.




Overall it was still a decent day despite the breakdowns. More than once they significantly lengthened my wait times, but I still got to ride everything so it was more of just an annoyance if anything. The storms held off, and even though the midways seemed fairly crowded, the lines seemed fairly minimal, as I never had to wait in any switchbacks, except for Maverick.

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CP is going to make quite a bit of money from me off those stupid 25c water cannons around STR...Im addicted to those things. But more so on cold days like opening day when I doused several dummies for riding it in the cold temps.


Sounds like its starting to come together. Its just...very uncharacteristic to see so much trouble already still. (take TTD out of that mix..I always expect some downtime, either a few 15min break downs or some larger malfunction)

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-A lot of breakdowns. I don't think any major ride ran consistently throughout the day. Some of the rides I noticed were broken down at some point in the day include TTD (extended period of time), Millennium, Maverick (more than once), Magnum, Raptor, Skyhawk, Shoot the Rapids, Mean Streak, Iron Dragon, Wildcat.


I agree with the breakdowns... though Millennium's wasn't as much a breakdown as they removed the blue train for a little while until the line started to kick back past the ramp, then they went to 3 train operation... that was the only downtime I saw on MF all day. TTD however was down after about every 4th launch, and pretty much closed up shop by 4pm. Maverick was also up and down every 15 minutes... Finally did get a ride after the 3rd attempt to wait in line. Iron Dragon seemed to close up shop about 2 hours early, and only started testing at right before close.


As for the question about why Snake River wasn't open... I don't believe they usually open both SRF or Thunder Canyon prior to June, or Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday was extremely hot, sunny, and humid. Felt almost like an August day rather than a day in May.


Pretty good day overall:

5 laps on Millennium (found new love in the back 2 rows of the train... seem to fly faster than I remember in the back)

4 laps on Rapture (err Raptor)

2 laps on Mean Streak (as stated by a couple of other people, giving better rides this year)

2 laps on Magnum (after early morning downtime)

2 laps on Gemini (good to see it running two sides after the valley)

2 on Disaster Transport (which unlike other peoples complaints of no lights, makes the ride seem faster and more fun for me)

1 ride on Maverick (ran fast, loved the back of the train for the first time)

1 ride on Wildcat

1 ride on Wicked Twister


Even got a chance to ride some of the lesser ridden rides due to wanting to screw around and just enjoy the day... Including Paddlewheel, the Antique Cars, and Cedar Downs.

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Millennium was one of the more consistent ones, but there was one point when I walked by later on where something was up, as there was no one in line at all and they weren't letting people in. It was eventually running again obviously, so it wasn't anything major. It was just one of those days.

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^Paddlewheel is the hidden jewel of that park!


I would not have agreed 10 years ago, but do now.... Amazing how we grow older and we look at these rides a little more. That is probably one of the rides I miss at The Point in my top ten list.

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