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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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^I will agree that a ride on Chaos is nothing to pass up, but the one at Cedar Point was kind of a piece...it was down all the time due to hydraulic problems and the mechanics never really knew how to fix it. Not to mention the employees weren't too fond of the restraints


Last I recall hearing was that Chance Morgan recalled most chaos rides due to a problem with the restraints,funny thing about that is when I last rode SFA's chaos before it was removed the restraint did feel rather loose so I was not looking forward to flipping the ride half as much as I used to.

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I went two days in early August back in '09, and was suprised at how quiet it was. Went Thurs. for twilight, and Fri. for the whole day, getting to ride every major ride at least twice. Longest line was an hour and forty five minutes for MF, but that line quickly went back down to around 35 min, which was about the average for the big 3. WT, MS, Magnum, and Gemini were all under 10 minutes which was also a plus. You should be fine if you avoid the weekends.


PS. Hold off on Raptor until the middle of the day. We waited 45 minutes early on, but got a walk on in the afternoon.

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Nice to see the blog back! I really enjoyed some of their "behind the scenes" stories and info.


In a semi-related piece of news, looks like plans are all but finalized for my brother's bachelor party bash at CP on opening weekend! I'm pretty stoked to be heading back there after a 2 summer hiatus. Also pretty excited to be at their opening weekend, as I've never done that before. Handful of guys messing around, doing a bit of drinking, and riding coasters - sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me!

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I plan on finally hitting up Cedar Point this year after not being there for 4 years.



May 2007, the opening day of Maverick. I stood through 2 hours of rain for Maverick, and I LOVED it. That whole day kicked a**. The only downside was missing out on TTD because of wind...


I swear, this year I'm getting on both TTD and KK...


I'll be sure to hit up Windseeker. Hell, maybe I'll even get a few rides on Mean Streak, seeing as the old grandpa never has a line...

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Sir Rub-a-Dub's Tubs is totally going to win this.

The time has come for Ride Madness 2011. We have seeded 64 Cedar Point rides and arranged a tournament bracket. Each ride will be paired with a college team according to their seed and region. The ride whose corresponding team wins their game will advance. Download your Ride Madness bracket and predict which ride will become the ride champion! http://bit.ly/dTN6pM Have fun and good luck!


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