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  1. Is it safe to assume the worst for visiting LaRonde on Thanksgiving? Or is it surprisingly not busy? Wanted to hit up the park while I have a Six Flags pass this year and getting there on a Monday is easier to make happen than a Friday or Sunday.
  2. East Harbor State Park is about a half hour from the park and has a large campground. Ohio has a nice state park system with well-maintained facilities so if you are cool with tent camping it could be a good option. http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/eastharbor
  3. The park was quite dead today. By the late afternoon Steel Vengeance's line was only down the straightaway to the station, about 30-45 minutes with the one train.
  4. The year White Lightning opened I stopped by Fun Spot. At the time they offered what I think they called a "trial pack" that gave four rides on anything. Worked well to grab the credits and get an extra ride on White Lightning. It was a slight discount off of buying the same number of individual rides. Does the Kissimmee park offer something similar?
  5. Close to the park but not on-Point I like to recommend the Maples Motel. It is on the rural end of Sandusky, right next to the back entrance to the park. Very retro but clean and run by a friendly family. The motel was mothballed and on hiatus last year, but it looks to be open once again this year. Only problem is that it is across the street from a busy railroad crossing, so if train horns wake you up that might be an issue.
  6. First, a big thank you to Cedar Point for inviting TPR out to their Valravn announcement event. There was a bit more going on than just a press conference, so let's take a look at what took place! For details, renderings, and video, check out the Cedar Point Discussion Thread! What could there possibly be a media event for today? Teasing a bit. "2016 Announcement"? Here we go! Time to learn about the park's foray into being the world's largest logistics consulting firm! After a video timeline of the park's coasters. Valravn is officially revealed! The tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the world! That view will be pretty impressive come spring. Tony Clark introduces the ride. Cedar Fair Vice President of Planning and Design Rob Decker highlights more details. Valravn will have the world's tallest immelmann. It is also B&M's 100th design. Cedar Point Vice President and General Manager Jason McClure then took the mic. "We're doing something that's never been done before at an amusement park. You can ride Valravn in virtual reality before it is built!" After concluding the announcement, these VR view boxes were passed out. Start the Cedar Point VR app and slip your smartphone in. You're then riding a virtual Valravn that you can look around 360 degrees on! Keep your eye on the Valravn site, the press release mentions the viewers will be available for sale. If you happen to have a Google Cardboard, that will work too! Can't get your hands on a viewer? Hold your phone nearly up against your nose and let your eyes relax. This will let you experience Valravn as a person who is not wearing their glasses (I'm kinda serious about this!). We were then taken to the ride's location. First stop, the construction site! Where they had fancy Valravn shovels. Those shovels were used to help break ground on the ride. And I actually mean break ground for the first time. Where we dug is the only footer marked so far. Construction is starting today. Valravn is scheduled to open with the park in May. Let's check out the rest of what's here. A giant Valravn throne. Valravn breaks 10 records! This is what the park called a "Social Vending Machine". You tweet about Valravn and get a prize. I got Fast Lane for two on Valravn! The vending machine will be available to the public to use. If you haven't seen dive coaster track, it is huge. Over 6 feet wide! There was a station to try the VR ride using an Oculus Gear VR. This offers a more immersive ride on Valravn than the viewer box. It is my understanding the park will have these available for guests to experience at times this Fall. The Marina entrance will be getting a makeover with the construction of Valravn. The park is in the middle of the Halloweekends transition. Back at Breakers Express, they were unloading track. The field will be getting full very soon! And here's what it will look like when it's all done: For more details, renderings, and video, check out the Cedar Point Discussion Thread! Once again thank you Cedar Point for putting on a great event. I'm thoroughly excited for Valravn. It looks to be a great addition to the park's coaster lineup!
  7. I have never ridden Lynx to Disney, but have taken the I-Drive route and rode it to and from the airport on separate trips. They were fine. Don't expect them to operate on a strict schedule, buses can get caught in traffic and backed up very easily. One time I watched three go down the road in the opposite direction before one came heading where I needed. But they are clean and offer decent coverage of Orlando. Once you're on Disney property they have their own free bus system to get between the parks, which I imagine are more timely than the Lynx buses.
  8. If you're looking for a cheap hotel off the peninsula, I highly recommend the Maples Motel. Its an old-fashioned roadside motel run by a nice family who take good care of it. It is on the more rural side of town, but is just as close to the park as anything on 250. The "back entrance" to the park is right next door which allows for a bit easier drive over in the morning. http://maplesmotel.com/
  9. I got to know Matt a bit on the TPR Midwest Tour a few years ago. He is certainly qualified to run the park and is more than familiar with what kind of park Holiday World is and how things operate. He was head of the business side of things for over ten years, with the official title of "General Manager", and was basically Will's right hand man. He stepped away just last year, though I can't speculate why that may have been. Though I would agree that Dan was doing a nice job and it would be best for the park to settle the legal drama.
  10. It's a fine ride. A couple if nice moments but overall if you've ridden a B&M built in the past 10 years you know what to expect.
  11. I'm a big fan of B&M inverts, but one thing I've noticed on many is that there's a point where seems like B&M simply "connected the dots" to complete the course. On Raptor it's going from one corkscrew to the other. Pyrenees has a long shallow ramp after the corkscrews. Even Montu had a boring turn that made you scratch your head.
  12. ^ Opened the thread for the first time to say exactly this. You just kept falling. When it felt like you fell long enough to be hitting the brakes, you fell some more.
  13. Darn, I was just at the I-X Center last week for the Beer Fest! Looks like you had a good time.
  14. Funny you say that. I was just about to post that I really like SkyRush's station, ornate while staying on the understated side of the line. You can say that about all of Hersheypark. There is no general theme, but everything just looks good and has extra touches that most parks wouldn't do. I agree with Tanks in that I consider Hershey to be the benchmark for unthemed parks. And about the bathrooms, they are a good use of space but what I like really about them is that it looks like they have always been there, and they just built the loading platform on top. It adds character to what would've been an otherwise unused space. The whole Hollow renovation looks really well done. Looking forward to seeing it all in person (and of course riding the coaster) in June.
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