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  1. Looking into going to the park on 30 Oct. I assume the park is going to be packed for Halloween but how packed is it going to be? Should I skip it (I'll be based in Sacramento) or chance the crowds? Any park planning would be nice as well.
  2. Wow, makes me glad I paid extra for the Royal Studio Pass... Its $200 but I get unlimited rides between certain times for all the main attractions. Glad I bought it early too. June 1st is the big date. Can't wait.
  3. Ok, that's it. I'm increasing the days that I am going to be in the park from two to three. This thing looks awesome (and would be my first B&M flyer). Question though: what would be a good time to go? I was playing on mid-May but I can really shift to anytime between then and the beginning of August. Thanks, Ryan.
  4. Confirmed: Universal Studios Japan Nagashima Spa Land Hopeful: Dollywood Carowinds Holiday World Kings Island Kentucky Kingdom Very Hopefully: Tokyo Disney Resort (again)
  5. I like the looks of this but the first thing that popped into my head was that if the supports are positioned correctly, couldn't this style of track pretty much hold itself up? Like with the latest Giga coaster lifts? I know that it wouldn't be able to completely hold itself up but wouldn't it reduce the supports needed dramatically or am I just being an idiot?
  6. ^ Painted himself. lol. I would like too for my wooden model but I suck at art. lol. I talked Andrew about getting a Millennium Force model shipped and then asked about the other three models and I was told that all four should be available by mid-September and that he would pull one of each for me and then contact me again when he can ship all four models at the same time to save on shipping. The issue that I am having is with Carowinds. I have called and emailed several different people and I have gotten nothing in return. Have they ran out of models or am I just being idiotic and contacting the incorrect people? I have used the general question/contact us through the website (did the same with CP and that is how I got Andrews email and phone) and I have emailed the name that was given above by someone. Thanks for any help that can be given.
  7. I have to agree with all the Thunder Dolphin reviews. I really need to go to Tokyo more often. Being stationed in Misawa is a little bit of a bummer ($150 bullet train ticket each way) but I love just randomly walking around. I will also have to agree that the owl café is really weird but from what the Japanese national that works in my flight says, there are several "cafes" like this (with different animals) all over Tokyo but the owl one takes the cake. lol. Really looking forward to the rest of your trip report as it will more than likely give me ideas on what to do next time I'm in Tokyo.
  8. I will be heading to Fuji-Q Highland and then several rides in Tokyo (Thunder Dolphin and the spinner in Sega World). That's June 11-14. Then onto Nagashima Sapland late August.
  9. Going along the thinking of a "water transport" system, what about something like what the Atlantis properties have with The River/Current. Mile long water pathway to and from one side of The Voyage, and it would allow them to keep expanding the waterpark in that general direction as they could also build a "river path" following one leg of the river ride. Just a though. On the note of Thunderbird, everything looks fan-freaking-tastic (as my sister would say). I know this is Holiday World and this level of (for a lack of a better word) greatness is to be expected, but geez. And this is all on top of what I have to say had to be the best teaser campaign that I have ever seen (granted limited years) from a park. I'm just really bummed that I wont be able to get back to the park (or the Midwest for that matter) till the middle of 2016...
  10. Thank you Ma'am, I will keep all that in mind. Sounds like a weekend trip that I can add on. Thanks again.
  11. I love it. That looks increasable. I will have to say that it looks like a glowing centipede though which isn't a bad thing, just an observation.
  12. Hello, I was just wondering if you could answer a couple of questions on this park/zoo? I went through most of the trip reports and looked it up online but I still have a couple of questions. 1)How large is the actual zoo part of the park? I know that the main draw is the Mega-Lite (main reason that I'm going) but I would like to see the other stuff too. 2) How long should I spend at the park? If the zoo part is really not worth seeing then I plan to just spend a couple hours here for the rides, then move on to the main trip to Universal Studios Japan. Although, if this is an all day park, I can make a weekend trip as I am in Misawa. (three hour train ride and cheaper/safer than renting a car). Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  13. ^ I will have to check that out when I go this summer. Speaking of, I'm planning a trip to Fuji-Q Highlands this 11-14 of June. This is a trip planned through the base travel agency (its a steal though) and I was wondering what order should I do the rides in? This will be my first time at the park and I was just wondering. I will have only one day at the park though as I will be staying in Tokyo and there is a free day so I could go but I would have to pay the way there (and I am planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland that one day). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I have a quick question. I have been to Kings Island three to four times a summer for the past several years (was right around Indy) I have done Dinasours Alive all of once... To my question, does DA still bring in a massive amount of cash or is it tapering off? I ask because I was just thinking about its location and the fact that if DA was removed but path back there was widened slighty, I see a loop connecting that deadend that is Windseeker and Vortex to the deadend next to FireHawk. If they were to do this they would have all the land to the back of that property (KI owns a lot of that land, yes?) I know that is more than likely wont happen but I just hate that deadend with Firehawk and that seems like the easier option to me. They could scrap Adventure Express I guess to get back there but I hope they don't. Even though it is rough, its one of the more unique mine trains left.
  15. I love them and have no issues with them. I think they are the best way to actually experience a park that you have only one or two days to visit. Case in point: last summer my family was insistant that we go to Kings Island as I was leaving the country for a couple years and I insisted that we get Fast Lane. We only had one day and my little brother had just reached 54" inches and this would be his first time there so I wanted him to have a good time as the only day that was goingt work all of us was a Saturday at the beginning of August. So I paid for all four Fast Lanes (Mom exculded as she doesnt ride as much). Granted I dont pay for much but Im still on the line where if I was to pay for most of it, I wouldnt have been going. After we got home, Mom said repeatedly that that day was the best time she had at a theme park in a while and she said I was right in insisting on the Fast Lane. I just think that some people just dont want to have ... fun (for the lack of a better word). They see something they dont really like and they get all up in arms about it. I've been on the recieving end of being in a long line for a coaster and watching people with skip the line passes get right on. I just took it as a lesson to either go at a time when the lines arnt massive or (if I have to go when I know that the lines are going to be massive) I budget for the pass. If I have to wait another month or two for this then I will. For example, Im in Japan for the first time this entire summer and Im budgeting to go on one long park expedition and I have passes to all the major parks that Im going to already in the budget. From what I am saving and what I need to go on the trip, I cant go till middle to late July as the skip the line passes for Universal, Fuji-Q, etc. put me over the budget for June. So I wait.
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