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  1. Great trip report, defiantly brining back some great memories. Here’s a picture of the scoreboard, it reset before I could get a shot of my score but I believe I finished with a total of 47 flips. I was dizzy with my score I can only imagine how the monthly high scores felt.
  2. I’ve been here the last 2 days and rode every major coaster multiple times and asked every time for a specific row (front or back) and every time my request was honoured.
  3. It looks like it’s still there, the roof was covered in moss and with all the rain we've had it’s probably greener than normal. You can kind of still see the posts from the awning.
  4. Great TR, I really miss Japan, that trip was so much fun I want to go back.
  5. When we walked by roughly 20min after it happened the car was sitting in the pre-launch with the first 4 rows still seated. It looked like everyone was ok but EMS, security and a bunch of other employees were up at the train talking with people
  6. I was walking under the hill when it happened. All you could hear was a loud bang then metal hitting metal then we looked up at the tower and you could see large white pieces falling. Then a few minutes later security and EMS walking around with flashlights.
  7. Your not alone, now the songs stuck in my head again. Anyone up for a quick trip
  8. Just had a few beers and watched them remove the top of the loop. So now the only thing remaining is the launch tunnel and a small portion of the loop bottom, I wonder how much longer that has.
  9. After getting in at 1am. Nope no sleep here. Now bring on the coffee or at least a coaster.
  10. I will deffinitly be their on August 31 to give it one last ride. I may also try and go Sept 1 but I have to work till 5. It's a shame losing such a great classic ride, it is also the only stand up that I've truly enjoyed riding.
  11. I definitely plan on doing this event again this year. I had a blast last year at Canada's Wonderland and look forward to it again this year. For anyone that may be interested in joining I've started a team TPR for Canada's Wonderland. Link
  12. Had a great day at Canada's Wonderland yesterday, this was a great event and we managed to raise a lot of money congratulations to everyone and thank you to those who donated. I managed to get in 17 rides on Vortex and 77 rides on Behemoth. I will definitely be doing this again next year with hopes to doubling my donation.
  13. With only a few day left to got I just got bumped from first place at Canada's Wonderland. Help bring me back up to first place and donate to my page. Thank You
  14. Really wish I stayed for a second night that way I could have walked around the park and see everything at night lite up. Great pictuers of Grizzly Gulch.
  15. This will be my first year participating and I will be at Canada's Wonderland. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JonathanLocke/CanadasWonderland2013
  16. Oh the memories, it feels like only yesterday that we were all in China. I still have all of my souvenirs sitting on my desk including my red panda plushy.
  17. Just got back from being at the park the last 2 days and I can still say Windseeker was closed the last 2 days.
  18. Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Cars at Hong Kong Disneyland last Saturday morning.
  19. I would like to buy a piece of the sign but they wont ship it international.
  20. I'm still having nightmares over that dolphin attacking me well I was sleeping.
  21. Count me in, and if I can bring two other people then count on three of us.
  22. Canada's Wonderland just announced on facebook that Windseeker is now open. Now I just need to get up their to ride it, maybe Thursday.
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