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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Check out this amazing photo compliments of Dave Morgan!! 

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

Posted Images

Demon Drop. Now THERE is something retro that would be awesome to see back at CP in 2020 for the 150th!


Yes, but even bigger and faster. It would be a side note to the new vintage tee shirts and banners.

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^ It would be even better if they just had their 800-foot Demon Drop clone go right in the middle of Top Thrill Dragster (meaning inline with the top hat). Intamin fans would rejoice forever

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Okay, so we know two of the six 799-foot rides will be Top Thrill Dragster and Demon Drop. What do you think the other four will be?

Iron Dragon, but it's still the same layout just 799 ft off the ground.

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I saw someone post on Facebook that Steel Vengeance is getting cell phone pouches for 2019. Can anyone confirm with a source?

I'm not a very reliable source, I but was at the Chill out event. It was asked during the presentation and the Cedar Point staff responded saying that pouches would be added on Steel Vengeance below people's knees (like on Twisted Timber).


Popped in though to share some quick photos of the new BBQ restaurant that is being constructed if you haven't already seen it on other social media platforms.


Just want to also praise the CP staff for putting on the Winter Chill Out event. Really enjoyed the "self guided tour" set up and loved every moment of the day. Thanks!


Some pavilion seating I think


ooooo there's the entrance


Really fills up a lot of space...


Entrance to the BBQ place




Look at it from further along the midway towards Dragster.

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Last time I had any really good food at the point , other than Bernardi's Fries until the late 70's, was years ago at a place called Spiral Burgers. Flame broiled and big and oh so good. They were located between the Space Spiral and Jumbo Jet, and even before Jumbo was there. That was way back when CP still had some independent food stands. Now for some history lesson time. To the person a while back who was surprised the Point had a Flying Coaster, aka Kangaroo, yes, they did. CP also had another fave of mine called Twister. Twister was a tilt a whirl type ride with only one hill up and down. Both were located in the area of the Pagoda and the current Scrambler/ Flying Bobs. It is very hard to find complete old ride info about the Point, even rarer for pics. Ie, they had both a Wild Mouse and Scamper running at the same time. I preferred Scamper. Wiki notes Wild mouse was removed in 1962, but there are pics of it running in 1963. I know, I rode both the same year and liked the wooden Scamper a lot more. ( Even though I got a bloody lip from slamming into the front of the car as it hit the brakes.) So much history is lost. Things like this were pre-internet. The only thing we have left is to rely on old pictures. Ie, Here's the only pic I could find that is certifiably of Twister at CP. I will keep looking for more undocumented pics from the Point.


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Props to CP making improvements to Steel Vengeance to increase rider satisfaction. I'm glad they installed handle bars on the trains. I think it will make it much more enjoyable for Emily and I. It was a bit too violent for us with nothing to hold onto.

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A nice intense B&M Flying coaster could fill the hole in Kings Island's coaster line-up now that Firehawk is gone.



Exactly right! If Cedar Point cared about dark rides we would still have Disaster Transport. "Let's tear down a dark ride and build another one!!! Yay we did it!!" A GCI is not different enough for the average person to remember. Imagine a flyer better than Tatsu or Manta. I'd take that in my backyard over any GCI. And if I craved that woodie thrill, I could just go to my neighbors house...

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Cedar Point adding to Brew & BBQ, adding new dining options in 2019. And yes, the Italian style food is confirmed.




Any word on whether these 2 new restaurants will be on the dining plan?



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