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  1. Yeah, I’m an old soul. Van Halen — 1984 Queen — A Night at the Opera Electric Light Orchestra — Out of the Blue, I guess?
  2. Amazing job so far!! I wish I was this good at models — if I made one, I would want to have it functional
  3. Over Georgia is removing their Shoot the Chutes. It was confirmed at ACE Winter Warm-Up that it “would not be returning this season.”
  4. Way to make a first impression on me Mr. Alvey, the legend, which speaks... Since when was I saying this ride would be better/worse based on its stats? I just want to know how high that spike is and how long the track will be. 50mph is quite a substantial speed for a “family coaster”.
  5. Why? They just told us about a very immersive, one of the most immersive attractions and you're worried about height and length lol?!? Sorry, inner stats nerd talking here.
  6. Exactly! Please add some water effects though because it’s Texas.
  7. I really hope at least one of those “5 new coasters” end up being something substantial like a Gerstlauer eurofighter, Gravity Group kids wooden coaster or if I’m a dreamer an Intamin triple launcher like Sandy’s Blasting Bronco for Nickelodeon Universe NJ.
  8. If they're anything like the hush puppies at the BGW Food & Wine Festival, they're very tasty. Does that happen on March 23, 2019? That’s when I am going and bacon cheddar hush puppies sound very appetizing.
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