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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Glad you got such a good laugh out of it. I guess you are right, my life is sort of a joke (dying inside)


Your life is what you make of it! Never forget that!


And that concludes your Inspirational Moment with Boldikus.™

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Just from my observations, no formal psychological training, it seems that people who become enthusiasts of anything are the sort of people predisposed to want to know how something works, not just what to do with something. They want to know what makes an engine run, not just how to drive a car.


That's interesting & I believe it's true for some enthusiasts, but it isn't how my mind works. To me, coasters and parks (well, good parks), put me in a zen-like state of total relaxation. Riding and even just watching a good coaster is a work of art. I feel like some people can recognize it as art, and others just don't ("that's for kids!").


I love the ebbs and flows of a coaster layout because it's a physical/sensory kind of storytelling that you put your whole self through, physically and emotionally. At the same time, the sights, sounds, and experience of being at a park just melt away my daily stress, and frankly it's like my version of going to church -- I know it's simply spiritually good for me to ride coasters and go to parks. It recharges my batteries and loosens me up.


In the course of being an enthusiast, sure, I've learned a lot about how coasters work, but I'm not motivated by the premise of how things works. For others, I can see that being the case, though. There are many paths up that mountain that have brought us here!

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socially awkward


Coaster enthusiasts? Nah

I kinda, not really, hate to bring this back up but why is this the case with a lot of us? I know at least 70% of enthusiasts I have encountered have been kinda "different" in the way that when it comes to things other than coasters they kinda don't know how to blend in. I have met some cool coaster folks who actually do things other than coasters but they are rare.

It is hard to blend in, especially when you see people who can rave about football and video games with their friends and yourself being the only person you can talk to about rollercoasters. When you try to get your mum and sister into rollercoasters and they get so bored they eventually start being sarcastic and yell at you. It especially all comes out when they have drunk a bit. Then other people around you call you sad for knowing lodes of rollercoasters. Then you become totally isolated . This is why you then get socially awkward as that is what happens when you have nobody to talk to about the one thing you can confidently talk about. Which could explain your statistic of 70% of coaster enthusiasts being "different" when they talk. Confidence is further lost in one's self when they notice in themselves how badly integrated into 'normal' society they have become, leading them, and who they are, to be backed up into a metaphorical and mental corner of their mind. A dark place.


This is why being banned for a month totally sucked.

So you aren't interested in anything that your friends's are interested in? No sports? Nothing?

Also if you were banned for a month you could got to Clusterfarce. It's nowhere near as good as TPR but it can still work as a substitute.

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