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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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You're all missing the thread that ties these together. You're stuck in the categories of looping, family, etc. And that's not how Six Flags sees things at all. There are two categories of coasters they've put VR on:


Coasters themed to Superman get the Superman VR

Coasters that are underperforming get the New Revolution VR


The logic behind the Superman VR is all about maximizing the potential of the IP. They don't care what the coaster is or what it does; they're just tapping the brand.


By underperforming, I mean in the business sense, as in an asset that has the potential for a certain amount of revenue but is actually bringing in less than desired. BTW, that's the same logic that Cedar Fair used when they identified their growth markets. It doesn't mean markets where they'll rapidly expand; it means markets where the revenue potential is much higher than the actual revenue.


There's your business lesson for the day. Now back to your regularly scheduled argument, already in progress.


I think this disproves your theory.




No way that a B&M hyper coaster is under performing.

His theory was for the first wave of VR and does not include Raging Bull and Nitro. Those two are in the second wave, and make no sense whatsoever.

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Cedar Point!!! Why wouldn't you be absolutely incredibly excited to be here?!?! I remember our trip nine years ago we were thrilled, but I just couldn't gather the excitement that I longed for this time around. I must be absolutely spoiled rotten when I say that our Trip last week on Friday and Saturday was really fun, but I had my expectations set much higher. I think when I visited in the past I was excited, because it was really only my 4th or 5th park spread out among my previous 22 years of life, with SFGam being the largest Park I'd visited to date. At the time, I also had well under 100 coasters, where I'm pushing close to 200 at the moment.


We ended up really enjoying ourselves, but I just couldn't help but to leave with the impression that this park had too much going on. Everything looked great and vibrant, but what would be really great rides and great areas at other parks, were overshadowed here. For instance, I really think that at any other park I'd want to re-ride Gate Keeper and Valraven more than a couple times each, but here I had no desire to do so, since they were overshadowed by other rides like Millennium Force and Maverick. But hell, even Millennium Force didn't give me the level of enjoyment that I craved, since Fury 325 took its spot as probably my favorite coaster a week prior to this visit.


Despite being spoiled rotten, we had a pretty good time. We spent our visits as we always spend out park days by relaxing and riding as we pleased, thanks to Fast Lane Plus. In the evenings we left for food and we drank delicious cold beers. It's funny how some things don't change, because we spent this trip, as we did with our last, mostly bouncing back and forth between Maverick and Millennium Force. I really forgot just how good Maverick was and I'm happy to see that the water cannons were still working. That said, turn off the pop music in the queue and bring back the western music, which really set the tone for the ride. The rest of the park was much better looking than I remember with clean lines and landscaping that was easy on the eyes without being overbearing.


We stayed at Hotel Breakers for our two days/night at the park, which I found somewhat underwhelming. I say underwhelming, because we've stayed in some really nice places in the $250-$300/night range over the past ten years of being together. Yes, the location was awesome and the amenities were great, but our Hyatt Place we stayed in the night before was much nicer. Am I spoiled? Again, you bet. I just found the room to be really small and although we requested a view of the park we got some underwhelming partial view of a courtyard with a peek at the park. It was clean, but some of the carpet and flooring already showed some wear, which told me that they could have chosen more quality building materials. But, whatever. We still enjoyed all of the conveniences.


The hotel grounds were decent, but the atmosphere was a little strange. There was a pretty interesting mix of people. Apparently rules aren't really enforced, since there was a crowd of people behind the hotel socializing around coolers full of booze... I'm cool with it, but I wasn't really cool with the middle aged guy smoking pinch hits right at the main beach entrance after everything was closed. Do whatever you want to do with your life, but really dude? There were loads of kids everywhere and this douche wasn't even trying to hide it. I didn't say anything to him or any of the staff members, because I could gather enough give-a-crap to do so.


I have to conclude by saying if I were filthy rich and owned a garage full of every car I've ever wanted (that would be a large garage), I would not appreciate my 2015 STI as much as I do now. For that matter, I wouldn't appreciate any of the cars as much as if I were to just choose between a selection of 2-3 (or 1, as my budget will allow...). My favorite pizza is not going to be enjoyed as much if it's on a buffet including my favorite tacos, my favorite pasta, my favorite steak, etc. All in all I had a good time at Cedar Point, but I can't say that I would want to visit this park again over some of the more recent parks I've been to like Carowinds, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, or even Kings Island for that matter. I again learned that 'more is not always better.' I would rather have a nice well rounded park with less crowds and a few large re-rideable attractions than a park packed full of anything and everything.


Enjoy my pictures. Most of them are not to be taken seriously.


Starting Day 1 out with some overpriced coffee.


And what a beautiful day it is!


Obligatory picture.


America says "Time to get your a$$es wanded!"


Another obligatory picture.


So of course when you enter the park with a woman, the first thing you have to do is stop at the bathrooms... again... So lets take some random pictures!


OK, so how long does it take to pee???


Ah! We're finished and we teleported to Millennium Force. We were pretty excited at this point!


So did Millennium Force deliver? Yes! However, it's no Fury.... and I hated the fact that it didn't blow me away like it used to.


She's still beautiful to look at, though.


And so is she!






Here you go, William.


Before anyone flips out, we had permission from the ripe operator, who had the common sense to realize I had my phone securely strapped to my wrist.


This looks so much better than Disaster Transport!


This looks pretty decent, too!


Good times!


On to another relaxing ride! If you're wondering why we're on the snooze rides, this was after we'd been in the park for a couple hours and we'd already taken a couple laps on MF, Maverick, and one lap on Dragster.


Another ride op with common sense allowed us to take pictures... I'm mostly certain he understood English, but he said 'OK' and gave us a thumbs up.


I can see our hotel from here!


We had a nice breeze.


And so did these people!


OK, seriously... we were ready to get off at this point after about twenty minutes of being on the wheel. Pictures allowed or not, it was pretty boring after about ten minutes.


We've landed, so time to act like a tourist mocking other tourists... Gate Keeper was decent. I think it would stand out as a better ride somewhere else, but at CP it's best ridden for the views.


We snagged one front row ride on Raptor. After my last three inverted experiences being Alpengeist (Love it!), Afterburn (Really love it!), and Banshee (OMFG Love it!) Raptor surprisingly didn't do much for me instead of bang my head a little. I'm not saying it was too rough, but I didn't have any desire to ride again... weird, since I enjoy inverted coasters so much.


We didn't snag any rides on this. I didn't need the credit and I'd rather spend my time elsewhere.


But we DID end up riding this guy! Was it awesome?! No... but it was fun. I had a much better time last summer on Griffin. I don't think the vest restraints are great for this ride, as you don't feel any air at all like you do on Griffin. I'd rather take a couple punches to the face from the restraints and feel the airtime. I still prefer the vests on wing riders and banshee, however. I think they go better with rides more focused on positive forces.


Two grown adults on the cars? We never say no to these. Especially since I can ride in the back seat comfortable without worry of Emily wrecking the car, since we can't go beyond the limitations of the rail. I did not take any photographs on this ride, since I did not ask permission. Didn't want to push my luck at this point.


We equally enjoy relaxing train rides, which according to Emily always require 'train selfies...'


So I tried it and I enjoyed it, but not enough for a re-ride. Again, I think this ride would be much more of a popular ride at another park, but it's just overshadowed here. From my most recent experiences, I liked it less than Dominator, but much more than Scream.


Again and again and again! I think we maybe got 7-10 rides on this MF coaster... Each ride was a blast and I appreciated the coaster more and more every time the cable lift flung us into the first drop. However, it would not fill the Fury crave.


Continuing to make a point to look (and act) stupid... Despite the picture, we did not ride this ride. I don't geek out over suspended coasters like a lot of us 'enthusiasts' so it wasn't worth our precious 26 hours.


I love seeing large coasters through the trees. It's one of the things that really makes any park enjoyable for me.


Look Mom, I went to tehh Cedar Points!


Hey look everyone, fronts row parkings!!


Around 4pm we checked into our hotel room. We opened the door annnnnd!!!... Holy crap this room is small... Whatever.


It was about 4:30 here, which means that it was 5:00 somewhere...


Really? This was the best we could do view wise? Eh. Our cheaper crappier room last time we stayed had a better view, but we tried to be thankful for what we had.


Continuing with the trend.


Kick starting the evening off!


A quick check of the supplies.

Because why not.


Exploring the beach and hotel grounds.


Trying to switch it up by taking a non dumb photo.


Annnnnnd we're off to the races!


Many memories were had at the Thirsty Pony from our last visit 9 years ago. Especially since Emily wasn't of drinking age, so the memories were more clear! We asked for Yuengling on tap, but our waiter (who was awesome) informed us that they only had 'simulared drafts.' The frosted pint glass made it worth it, for sure.


Thirsty Pony was great, if you're into bar food. The Potato Sampler was delicious. It had an interesting mix of people, and I'm pretty certain I saw a dope deal in the parking lot, but aside from that it was great!


Snoopy would NOT left me have dessert. Jerk...


"OMG Do not post that picture of me!!" Too bad! I can't remember what beer we got from this place, but it was our first and last of its kind.


We ended up finding the old observation area (I think???) for Shoot The Rapids to drink our beer peacefully.


As corny as it is, I fired up some my John Fullbright channel on Pandora (modern day hipster stuff) and we enjoyed our beers and our view for 20-30 minutes. These are some of the moments I enjoy the most during our visits to parks. Views like these are sometimes as relaxing to me as sitting somewhere and overlooking the beach or mountains.


All refreshed from our refreshments and vibe session!


Not even the fact that we were four beers deep (within a couple hours) could numb the thigh pain of the return bunny hills that this monster delivered. We rode it once for the coaster nostalgia. I probably won't ride it again.


Continuing to be obnoxious, we got two rides total on this thing. I forgot how much the trains sounded like jets roaring by during the launch. Although I had fun on our two Dragster rides, I enjoyed it much better during our last visit almost a decade ago. I did not enjoy the cramped queues. Why place staff members at the queue house entrance if they're literally not going to do anything both times we rode Dragster.


Feel free to caption this picture.


We didn't ride this guy during our visit, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity for another idiotic pose. My camera woman did not capture the crowd of people I was standing behind.


"Hello sir, can I help youuuu.... oh... **backs up** uh... OK...."


Trying to pretend I'm not drinking a piss warm Miller Lite, but still having a blast acting like a special child.


I did not do the climbing challenge, but isn't it beautiful?


AHHH YEAAAAHHH! DIP-N-DOTS!!! I didn't have any, although the sour patch Dip-N-Dots were calling me to try them. I saved my sugar intake for beer.


It's snoopy light show time! (or is it??)


I remembered eating bugs on this ride the last time I rode it at night. As well, I'll remember eating bugs on this coaster during last visit to CP... during my next visit to CP...


I did not realize there was a flying man playing guitar until I went to clean this photo up...


Funny people giving me funny looks.


We closed out our first night taking a few laps on this guy. You know what you're in for when the harnesses are caked with dead may flies. Awwww crap...


This part of the park was very crowded during the last hour.


As with our last visit, we took the long way back to our hotel. Rougarou's lighting package looks great. The ride glows a reddish orange.


That's mighty progressive of you, Millennium Force.


Dude, make up your mind.


CP's Snoopy Light show area did not play terrible pop music, which I enjoy after several beers. I felt cheated.


It's not worth it, Emily! Quick! Someone play some Kesha before she ends herself!



That's all for day one, Folks!!! More to come!!!

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Rise and Shine for day 2, which was a buy Saturday! Fast Lane Plus was almost a necessity at this point, with waits for Dragster and Millennium Force hitting the 20-30 minute areas with our magical wrist bands. I miss my other park experiences of walking past a 20 minute queue and pretty much right on to the ride with our Fast Lane Plus bands. Again with being spoiled rotten...


We also determined this day that we were going to can our proposed trip to Kentucky Kingdom during the first week of July. I tell people frequently that if you stop appreciating things as much as you used to it might be time to take a break. I'm going to take my own advice and save up my anticipation for Busch Gardens Africa in August.


Here are our day two pictures, which are to be taken even less seriously than our day one pictures.


Good morning! Valraven really does look incredible, despite it being a relatively lackluster experience. I'll jump on board the fanboy bus when I say that I wish they would have installed a splash down effect.


Some randoms.


Now we're talkin!


So about early entry on day 2... Maverick wasn't open and Millennium Force's line was too long to be worth it, since you can't use Fast Lane until 10. So, we just kind of wandered around and relaxed, but it aside from that early entry was pretty much useless, unlike our previous day.


Hurry to Maverick, so you can find out it's not open! Suckers.


Testing, but not opening.


So let's take some dumb pictures.


Cedar Crick (dialect) mine train!


Like fools, we just waited for this to open, which jostled us around a bit and that's about it. I like the mine ride at KI much better, but this wasn't bad. Again with being surrounded by other attractions which overshadow decent attractions.


Emily "Really, you're going to do this again all day?..."


No Bill, we did not ride Mean Streak. However, we did ride the train again! CP has a good train.


Except... the train opened late so Maverick it is!


The train was still not open and Pappy was not happy about this.


Heyyy!!! Train time!


Hey Mr. Conductor! Take me to the beer man!


I guess Boonville sounds similar to Beer Man when you're working next to a loud train locomotive engine all day.


Oh wait! He did take us to the beer man! Two white lightnings please!


Woah! Drop the AR-15, bruh!


Awesome views from the train.


After about a 20 hour trip we were let off for a bathroom break.


Still better than marriage.


Heyy! Shoot tehhh rapids!


The Train Conductor said it would open later today, so I waited here for a good couple of hours.


We rode this as many times as we rode Shoot the Rapids.


What better way to spend the next 20-30 minutes?? We thought it was time to start the party, but instead our first beer just made us exhaust from the lack of rest and crappy sleep over the past few nights.


Some more shots of the park. At this point we were so exhausted we wen't back to the hotel and passed out for about an hour. It was much needed.


So after our rest, a coffee, and a trip to a local crappy mexican restaurant, it was time to get back in the game! Little did we know we just paid an extra $2 to pour our own beer. WTF?


Here we go again! This gentleman assured us Shoot Tehh Rapidss would be open within the hour!


"Can I help you, sir? Oh.... uh... .ok.."


Awkward looks from bystanders.


Like these people.


"Hey, do you sell funnel fries?" "Yeah" "Great!" *picture* "Bye!"


We spent our evening with a final lap on Maverick, and a farewell lap on Millennium Force, before killing the last half hour walking around and enjoying our setting.


After searching out the cheapest stuffed animal possible, we managed to pick up a little something for our dog.


Apparently people walking through the park after hours is not uncommon, as we took our final long way home, walking another lap around the park. The empty park looked awesome at night and no one seemed to care that we were slowly making our way out, among a few other groups we passed.


Mr. Toad, take me to the beer man!


Good night Cedar Point! Thanks for a fantastic trip!

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Great report Prozach. Love the captions and pointing lol. Hate hate hate Yeungling, that sh!t tastes like poop.


You're a terrible Pennsylvanian.


Great report by the way! The fact that you have to ask for permission to take pictures on the Sky Ride is ridiculous. Love the pointing of course

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Great report Prozach. Love the captions and pointing lol. Hate hate hate Yeungling, that sh!t tastes like poop.

To be fair, Yeungling gets higher props than it probably should since it's not available here in the Midwest... The grass being greener on the other side of the fence so to speak... I was that way for a while and know a lot of people who follow suit...

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Forget "Kim Jong-Un looking at things", now it's all about "Prozach pointing at things"! (without any further comparison)


Great trip report, lots of nice pictures! Love the picture of MaXair from the ferris wheel!

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Great report Prozach. Love the captions and pointing lol. Hate hate hate Yeungling, that sh!t tastes like poop.


Agreed....but still better than Bud Light.


To be fair, Yeungling gets higher props than it probably should since it's not available here in the Midwest... The grass being greener on the other side of the fence so to speak... I was that way for a while and know a lot of people who follow suit...


You're a terrible Pennsylvanian.


Yeungling has sort of blown up now outside of the PA area but growing up in Philly it was always around. Its been the "cheap beer" around here forever and there were definitely a few years in my late teens/early 20s when all I drank was Yeungling because of that. We'd get 40oz of it at the Chinese place I lived near that never carded us. Over time the taste has just started to sour on me, I really think it tastes like poo. Like its always skunked or something. Ugh. That's cool that yall love it, I get that its a thing for people not from around here, but I avoid it like the plague. It even smells bad.


Want good Pennsylvania beer? Try PBC (Philadelphia Brewing Company - I'm partial to the Walt Whit but the Kenzinger is a good go-to, as is the Rowhouse Red) or Yards. They're both made right in my neighborhood and they're both awesome. Miles better than Yeungling.

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^ I agree that Yuengling lager has some type of funky smell and aftertaste that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's the PA (fracking) water they use?


As mentioned in another thread, the brewery tour is really cool and there was a beer that we tried in the sampling room that was actually pretty good. But apparently they only sell it in that county or something like that, which seems strange given the way their popularity has skyrocketed in the past ten or so years.


I'll have to try out PBC - I have never heard of it despite the fact that I have beer loving relatives in Allentown!

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