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Worst/Longest/Slowest Line you ever waited in!

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I'm pretty sure the longest line I've waited in was Splash Mountain at WDW, 1999. Being I was only six or seven at the time, I don't remember exactly how long we waited, but I'm still sure it was about 2+ hours. I also waited for i305 about an hour and a half the last Saturday of Haunt this year. Back seat at night, totally worth it!


As for the slowest, Gwazi takes the cake. What could've easily been a five to ten minute wait turned out to be thirty minutes, due to their check seatbelt first, then lap bars policy.

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Probably the slowest line I have waited in was Hades360. The one train operation already causes slow lines, but when I was there they would only dispatch with a completely full train. I waited at least twenty minutes in line and was the second train of the day, plus we waited another five minutes on the ride waiting for the train to fill up.

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Worst line I ever waited in was for Face/Off (now Invertigo) at Kings Island back in 2006. The ride ops were having some sort of party while the ride was in operation. My friend and I literally waited almost an hour for a three train wait. I was so angry about it, that I refused to ride it againuntil last year.

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Other than at Disney parks, I think I've been fairly spoiled with short lines at most parks. The longest line was probably Space Mountain on a rainy day at Magic Kingdom at over two hours, but I've waited nearly as long for Splash Mountain and ToT as well.


The last time I went to Cedar Point, the wait for TTD was 5-6 hours and though I've never ridden it, I would not wait for that.


I think that the worst wait was 60 minutes in line for Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It. It would have been maybe 30-40 minutes, but they ended up switching out a train while we were in line. Then, when we're literally next in line, the ride breaks down. Luckily we got express passes out of it and I think I'm most thankful that I wasn't riding when it broke down. The problem with the queue was the cheesy videos running over and over.


It's always terrible when the wait is longer than the posted wait at the entrance. I also can't really stand waiting in line for 15+ minutes when a coaster is running one train.

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Apocalypse at SFMM.


There were less than 50 people in line ahead of us. Single train operation. We witnessed the train go through the course full once, then empty twice. Full once, empty twice. Repeating. Then we got to the dreaded preshow area. Rather than, oh, I dunno, let people GET TO THE FRIGGIN' RIDE, they only let exactly one train's worth of guests in at a time. Then we waited for the preshow to start.


And then we went to the next preshow room. And waited.


Then the next preshow room.


And the next.


Seriously, why are there so many horrible preshow rooms for this ride?


Did I mention there was only one employee working the preshow, so he would only navigate one group through four (or 5? 15? Too many?) preshow rooms before letting the next group in at the first preshow room.


All of that. Like I said, only 50 people or less ahead of us when we got in line. We didn't get onto the ride until at least 45 minutes later. Sure, the coaster is fun, but it wasn't worth that torture.

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Steel Hawg - 59 seconds exactly



Raptor at Cedar Point - when I went the first time, the line was about one and a half hours. Wasn't fun, but it could have been way worse.

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This was not my longest line but one of the slowest, 1 hour for Fahrenheit with a not at all long line. The same day I tried to ride Skyrush in the front (at night) but I just had to give up. I was literally stuck in the stairs that lead to the station without moving a single step for like 30 minutes. I honestly don't know how that was even possible as they were dispatching trains (although really slowly) and I was not so far form the end of the line. It looked like the ops ran out of juice for the night and were just moving ridiculously slow.

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Worst - 4hrs opening day for TTD... I wasn't going to leave without riding it...Since that day, I've gone back many, many times and have never seen the queue line 100% full plus a line out the front and down the Midway.



Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, and Millennium Force. On a weekend, THEY NEVER END.


That's why everyone told you NOT to go on Saturday, or as Robb and many of us have mentioned, you need to get Fast Lane/FL Plus.

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The longest line I ever waited in was 3 hours for Raging Bull in 1999. I got in line right at the bathrooms across from The Orbit. I was only 13 years old then, we were there on a band trip- young and dumb! I won't wait more than 30 minutes for it now, and I won't wait much more than an hour for my favorite rides.

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Just something I have been curious about recently.


What is the maximum amount of time you are willing to wait for a ride?


For example: You are at a park, and all the rides have an 90+ Minute wait. You are have ridden everything in the park, but you are with friends who want to ride the parks newest ride, and have not had a chance to before. The posted wait time is 50 minutes. You have been in line over an hour and a half, and the ride breaks down. 20 minutes later the ride is back up and running. Finally about 30 minutes later you are next to get on the ride, and the ride breaks down again.


At what point when waiting for a ride do you eventually just give up, and leave the line, knowing that you have just waited over 2 hours for a ride, and if you leave the line now you are going to be waiting at least an hour and a half for any other ride in the park?


What is the longest you will wait in line for a ride in a park (including down time) before you just give up, and walk away?

(Sorry if this has already been discussed, I searched and found nothing)

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There are exceptions such as a ride that I've never ridden before (especially if it's at a park I may not be back to for a long time) but generally anything posted at 60 minutes or more will make me walk away.


In recent years I've been pretty spoled as at my home parks SFDK/CGA/SCBB I just show up when I know its not busy and when I go down to SFMM or KBF I always get the FP/FL pass to maximize my time. Having those options available (and single rider lines at SFMM) has definitely made me less tolerant of long waits.


The only recent time I willingly got in a really long line was on my last visit to SFMM with a couple friends when YOLOCoaster was on one train operation. My friends really wanted to get a ride in on the back row since they never had and though the line was posted at 90 minutes we bit the bullet and got in line knowing that it wasn't getting any shorter and it'd be a while before we got back. Completely contrary to usual at SFMM the ops were actually doing a fantasic job and the wait ended up only being a little over an hour.


Disney has always been somewhat of an exception too. They do such a great job with theming at Disney that I can tolerate much longer waits there. I had one trip to DLR in the past with a family member in a wheelchair where we skipped all the lines (and this was before people started doing it dishonestly) and I actually felt like I was missing part of the experience, especially on rides like the Jungle Cruise. Walking through the queue and looking at all the display items kind of gets you engrossed in the "world" of the ride and puts you in the right frame of mind. I wouldn't want a long wait either, but walking right onto all the rides felt kind of empty for me. At any SF/CP type park I'd love nothing more than all walk-ons.

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