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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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Maybe Mindbender's trains are in need of permanent replacement very soon, and Six Flags is experimenting building Revolution-like trains for it, so this is a "trial run"? Weren't the Revolution trains done in house?


I just completely pulled that out of my a$$, though. It's interesting nonetheless.

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I want this to be 12/31 because it would be hilarious.


I can't figure out which I want more... a 12/31 opening, or a 2020 opening. Either way, it's just comical at this point that it's this far delayed.


All the ripping on them for not having the coaster open by now isn't even funny anymore. It's actually gotten kinda annoying. All the delays were completely out of their control. I can't wait to ride this thing, and I'm glad they're doing it right!



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quick shot of West Coast Racers from tonight. this was like a 6-7 second night mode shot with an iphone. it was really dark. so here's WCR, and the coaster that rattled my brain next to it. i guess i missed out on the smooth apocalypse again. wish all that what looks like flat land was actually six flags to expand with their giga coaster some day.




Holiday in the Park media post coming soon!

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All the delays were completely out of their control.

Yeah, this is the company that starts to build a new attraction MONTHS after everyone else. They absolutely could build in delays to the construction schedule, much like schools build in snow days so they can account for weather without extending the school year. Six Flags has simply built a business model where this isn't necessary. They see opening rides late in the year as a positive--they get to place "come back later to ride the new hotness" signs all over the park and that can drive ticket sales.

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From the SFOG thread:
So I rode mindbender today and noticed one of New Revolution @ SFMM’s trains near the lift hill behind the Maintenance shed. Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of it. But it was so interesting seeing them there

I had noticed Revolution running only one train over the past few weeks and had just assumed the 2nd train was being rehabbed. I wonder if Six Flags plans on using that train on Mindbender and keeping Revolution at permanent one-train ops? Permanent one-train ops isn't a typical practice for Magic Mountain, but Revolution rarely has a sizeable wait anymore and doesn't have much need for a second train outside of exceptionally crowded days - so who knows?


I'm hoping that's just a test of the "new" "Rev train in Atlanta. The 1 train operation on Rev, makes for long lines just about any day, in contrast to your comment. I also thought the other train was in rehab. I do enjoy Rev since the new trains without horse collars and the VR is permanently gone (I hope).

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Theme Park Review was invited to Six Flags Magic Mountain's media event for Holiday in the Park last night. The focus for this event was food! A number of items were setup in a buffet for us to sample!


My favorite we got to try was the Jalapeno Bacon Mac & Cheese. That will be served at the YOLO sports bar. Also there is the Prosciutto & Broccoli Mac & Cheese I plan to try next time I'm at the park. The Maple Cranberry Meatless Meatballs were also great. I had no idea they were meatless, I just saw them, and started eating without realizing. LOL


They also served us soft drinks, beer and wine! Of course we were also given a refillable hot chocolate mug. I probably had about 4-5 servings.


Once the lights turned on we toured the park to check out the lights. SFMM really looks great in the decorated areas. The projections on the side of the theater is a great touch. Of course it also snows from time to time in all the areas.


Now on to some pics!








Like last year, if you buy a plush, they will donate a plush as well.

























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Here's a few shots of the renovated candy shop near Apocalypse and WCR. The area where they will be making candy will be ready later on. It's just boarded up at the moment. Place looks great. Especially from the last time I saw it during a construction tour where it was totally gutted, walls and all.









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SFMM pushed out an email this morning with this announcement:


Exclusive Preview on West Coast Racers

We're giving our Members and Season Pass Holders a sneak peek of the most anticipated new coaster before it opens to the public! On December​ 21 and 22, West Coast Racers will open exclusively for Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond, and Diamond Elite Members from 10:30 a.​m. to 9 p.​m.


Then, all Season Pass Holders and Members will enjoy a preview of the ride on December​ 23-31 from 10:30 a.​m. to 7 p.​m. and January​ 1-5 from 10:30 a.​m. to 6 p.​m. Just present your valid Pass card at the ride entrance and get ready to race. These are previews and due to maintenance and other circumstances, West Coast Racers may not be available at certain times.


I can't wait to check out this ride and explore the full area once they get it all open.

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Yay! The time has finally come!


I'll be at SFOT and SFFT next weekend, so I unfortunately cannot go the first days. But I plan on going on the 26th! I love that I will finally ride this ride... 6 days before 2019 ends! lol


And yeah, I think a very large majority of guests at SFMM have a membership or season pass, so it definitely isn't "exclusive." I anticipate long lines and heavy crowds during the preview. It's basically open at that point.

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