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  1. This is probably SFMM's attempt to do a final push for season pass and membership sales...
  2. I really thought it was time for SFStL to recieve an RMC Raptor clone. This ride looks good nonetheless.
  3. Great job! I really like this mobile version. I guess the color scheme will get updated in version 2.0! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this possible. I can see myself getting lost in posts while at work...
  4. I am unable to rank in Chrome. There is nothing for Six Flags St. Louis. I don't think that it is necessary to have the "thank you" message pop up every time that I select a coaster that I have ridden. Great start and really cool idea!
  5. Congratulations! Thank you for all that you do! I am happy to be apart of this journey! Can't wait to see the channel reach 10 million!
  6. I love the feeling of being pulled by the rest of the train, so I'm going to have to go with the back seat! It's usually also a more intense ride.
  7. My favorite time of the year! Great updates; thanks a lot!!!
  8. I'm really excited about TC! This one may be better than any of the concept media!! It looks as though it's going to fly through the course.
  9. 1. Yes, on both 2. Yes 3. Videos & News 4. Full video 5. Thumbnails are pretty important. I normally will not click on a video without a thumbnail. 6. I'm not fond of the fb messenger app. 7.No. I enjoy all of the posts from TPR!
  10. Great addition to this wonderful Missouri park!!! I only wish that they had gone for a record breaking S&S Tower... one can hope! The theming seems spectacular!
  11. I like the whole wooden tilt coaster idea. It's revolutionary and can be a family-ish attraction. Can't wait until the big reveal!!
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