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  1. Magic Cone's funnel completed! An oval shape funnel looks unique and impressive. This slide is a modified product which fixing problems that were found on the first one at Aquacolors. The orange-yellow colors are nice. The blue-yellow slide is a Turbolance "Family" version. 4th Slide Tower including 4 slides. - Body Slide (Pink) an open tube body slide - Aqua Tube (Red-Yellow) an enclosed tube body slide with Polin's Natural light effects (NLE) - Space Hole (Green-White) a Bowl body slide with NLE - Space Shuttle (Blue-White) 4th Slide Tower finished. waiting for test run and system test. Space Shuttle is also modified product - fixing the problem that tube often stuck in the Space Shuttle tank in previous installations. Dinosaurs themed water play structure is nearly completed! It will be the same size as the Cartoonival at Cartoon Network Amazone but different themed. Kids pool area. All Slide will be finished at the end of this month, then they will do a test run and system test before its open.
  2. If you couldn't stand with the heat from outside or need private space, They were rental cabanas where was placed around the park. Inside the cabana featured 2 sunbathing bed, 1 table set and 1 mist fan. This cabana coast 1600 Bath for 1 day. They are various style that you can choose. Like this one, It featured 2 sunbathing bed, Colorful Plastic table set and fan is 1500 Bath for 1 day. If you need that please order at the Welcome center where was near the Dexter's ice-creme shop. They are also free sunbathing bed around the park too. The way to our next slide. This was slide tower called Adventure Zone which based on Adventure time. There were 3 slides on it. It wasn't high as The Omniverse, but looked like fun. LED lighting are placed around the slide to illuminated if the park opened at night. Jake Jump - Polin's Turbolence was really cute. Banana Spin also well themed. The Riptide Rapids. 3650 feet long lazy river. Inside the lazy river, they was waves too. The water was really clean. I could open my eyes under the water without irritated by chlorine. the river turned right to The Omniverse zone. There were water spreys along the ride. Under the bridge. Mega wave zone. They was the stage over the wave machine room which had Daily show along the day. Furthermore, they also had Wave Pool DJ. The Pool was nice. And again water was cleaned. The last zone that we explored was Cartoonival zone. This one was really huge water playground. It was 9 slides in here. Most of slide were slow for family and kids, but they was a thrill ones too (The Orange tube was powerful as XLR8-TOR at the end of the slide) All of structure themed with Cartoon Network Character and had 2 Giant tipping bucket too! Extra: How is Tipping bucket works? The giant bucket could maintained upright orientation because the pivot axis was above the combined center of gravity (CG) of the bucket. When they filled the water beyond a certain point. The combined center of gravity of the bucket and the water contained in the bucket became elevated above the pivot axis, causing the bucket became unstable. In addition, the bucket was special design to be the selective splash. They made the water container was smaller than the bucket and shifted it into the side that they wanted to get splash. Eventually, The Bucket was tipping and splashing the people. The water came out and made the CG point dropped to under the combined center of gravity of the bucket. That's why the bucket could upright again. Pink bowl was the only closed slide. Water from everywhere. big splash was coming! Tooncanival Overview. Nearly 5.45, the water park became silent The slide still opened but around the slide was cleared. The water on Cartoonival was off that mean it officialy closed. At 5.45 p.m. was the last chance to took off your money before system closed. Thay also had CN store near the exit We had a great time in here. It was fun and thrill. But the real problem was most of area were open, lack of trees caused extremely hot and The food prices was too high. Actually, This JUST the first place. So we took a taxi from water park to Balihai Pier at Pattaya. Yep! It was Reverse Bungee named 2Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball. It was located at the end of walking street, in front of Balihai Pier. The ride was built by Technical Park from Italy. let's find out The ticket for Thais in low season was 2 person 600 Bath / Shot. After we bought the ticket, They would give a waiver to accept about safety and ride policy. It was time to go into the sky. As the fun fair version The gondola has double locking system. The first locking was 4 point safety belt and sceond lock was OSTR. The bungee cords also safed too. Because inside the cord, They was a special cable preventing the gondola falling when the cords was broken. This ride was forceful and intense as Funfair version. From the top you could see a whole Pattaya beach at night. Thankyou for your attention!
  3. Hi, everyone! On 29 May 2015, my brothers and I went to Cartoon Network Amazone. It was located at Bang Saray, Chonburi, Thailand which was the first of Cartoon Network Water Park of the world. Here was not far from Pattaya if you would like to come. Let’s check it out! * All of the footages recording with a kind of permission from the park. All videos are 2.7K resolutions. We hope you enjoy with our TR. We got to the park at noon. The park wasn’t busy too much but the weather was so hot. The entrance itself looked very simple and clean. It hadn’t any theme so much. I thought the building wasn’t finished yet, and they constructed food court area on the second floor. The ticket booth was at the left side. Here was the current ticket price. After we bought the ticket, they would give a really nice RFID wristband. The park didn’t allow bringing food, or beverage from outside to inside. Before we entered, they would check everything in our bags. When we entered here, We saw a large Aqua play that was called Tooncanival. If we zoom out the layer, you would see a very very large concrete floor which was too hot! Initially, we walked at the right side of Cartoonival where a storage cabinet and shower room was. You could rent the storage cabinet in the left counter. There were 2 prices, it were 180 Bath for 4 hours, and 300 Bath for one day. You also could top up by using the wristband at the right counter. The storage cabinet was separated between men (Left side of the previous counter), and women (Right side). The storage cabinet was RFID system which had many languages. It was very easy to use, and safe for customers They also had an instruction above the screen. The shower rooms were next to the storage cabinet room. Every single room had a water heater for servicing to customers. Look at the door, there were clothes racks too. It was time to get wet. We walked by bare foot. Three seconds later, we couldn’t stand on very hot concrete, so we walked into Cartoonival Pool to the first ride. That’s it! Where we wanted to go hang out! Here was a huge slide tower called The Omniverse Zone. It consisted of 6 slides, and all slides were base on Ben 10 (Omniverse Episode Aliens). The structure looked strong The way up the stair, I thought “Polin” combined with CN was a great work. The way passed through under the slide. Everything are very impressive. nice slide pacing, nice structure. Butterfly. All the rides would open at the last time at 5.45 p.m. and before park closed at 6 p.m. The park also announced 15 minutes before 5.45 p.m. to inform you to clear money in your wristband. First ride of the day was The Omnitrix which was the park iconic slide and the first Polin's Magic Sphere of the world. Before we played, we must go to the exit of the slide in order to weight scale. Then the life guard gave a queue card to our. When we had a queue card already, we took the raft and send it to the staff at vertical lift conveyor where was near by the slide exit under the slide tower. The raft went vertical slowly. During the raft took up. We went up the stair to wait at the top where was the highest point of the slide tower at 77 feet, or 23.4 meters. This point could see the sea from here. It was very nice view. There was a requirement of height and weight for riding The Omnitrix. The Sign of fun. Waiting. Yay! They came. From the top, you could see around the park absolutely. It looked very nice. Mega wave pool. Cartoonival Zone. After we ridden, the rides were so amazing, and there was one of my favorite slides - The ride was long and gave a swing during the turn. The dark tunnel was also terrified too. The finale part was drop into the sphere, and swing for 2-3 times before exit. Although the ride had modified at the last drop to the sphere for safety reasons because it could swing not too high. Overall, the slide was really fun, and worth to ride. Alien Attack was also the highest and the longest slide in the park. There was 109 meters which was long Polin custom space shuttle combined with flying boat (up hill section). The ride also used Polin's Natural Light Effect which gave an impressive rainbow strip along the ride. The safety staff used walkie-talkie to communicate with other staffs at the exit of the slide before dispatch new boats, and make sure that the slide is cleared. The ride was fun though. Starting with slide through a rainbow tunnel the drop into Space shuttle tank which couldn’t choose how we would exit in forward or backward. After we exit the boat, it shot up to the hill, and drop to second tank. Really cool ride. Humunga Slide - Polin custom king cobra in Humungousoar ultimate aliens themed from Ben 10 : the Omniverse. Unlike the other slide, This one had individual stair to the slide. It had double lanes ran together. Start up the journey at 23 meters. The height was through 4 helixes. Some parts of helixes enclosed to give the darkness for a moment. The raft speed up, and got dizzy around. After exited the helixes, it dropped into humungousoar to give a great air time. And climb up into their head. Humungaslide overview. The last 3 slides in The Omniverse zone at 18 meters of the height. Goop Loop - Polin looping rocket. This one was unique though that they didn’t have any sign to tell us when the trap door opened (No countdown). When trapdoor opened, it gave me to shock. I couldn’t control myself in the first round. the flat loop. View from the launch capsule. XLR8-TOR - Polin freefall slide. This slide made a scream louder than another slides. At the first, it was gently slope into enclosed tube. After a second, it turned to open air steep tube from 18 meters of the height Intergalactic Racers - Polin Hybrid Dragero (Mat racer slide+Up hill section) slide The ride is 4 colorful lenses The first drop was the most terrified. If you hadn’t got a mat, they had a spare mat in the top. "This was very intensive mat slide ever" was the first thought in my mind. The first drop was very steep, and then up to the hill, spin in the helix, and drop again which was an intense airtime. I gave this was the most thrilling slide in the park! Under the Omniverse Zone was very cool and shady than another zone. There was a shadow from spaghetti slide tube overhead, brick path with grass, and plant around I loved how they hid a Filtration and Circulation station inside the bamboo walls. Overview of The Omniverse zone. After we climbed the stairs for many rounds, we were very tried already. Let's find out for some food. Here was called Food Ville, The only food area in the park. Errrrr..... I thought it was too much expensive.. After asked for the park, they said they planned to have 3 Food Areas in 3 levels -Street Food would a place where was around the park in kiosk style. -Food Ville was an international food. -Toonalicious was a food area on the second floor of entrance building but Street Food and Toonalicious’s construction was delayed. In addition, there was too much complaint that they also planned to decrease the prices too. This was our lunch in 160 Bath. It consisted of Pop Corn 100 Bath, and Coke 60 Bath. Overview of Food Vile. Inside the Food Ville, you could buy by using your wristband only RFID Balance checking systems were placed around the park. Dexter Lab's theme ice-creme shop. They had Flow Rider called Surf Arena zone which could ride for free.
  4. After trying to upload videos. I found that if the file is larger than 500mb., It will encounter with "200, Stream not Found". So I decreasing video bitrate to keep the file smaller. I uploaded 3 interesting on-ride footages at Siam Park city in Thailand. Log Flume [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=logflumepov_v8da[/coastertube] Vortex - SLC extended with bonus helix. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Vortex_699z[/coastertube] And original HUSS Mega Dance. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Megadance_alah[/coastertube]
  5. I found the magic sphere POV which start at 0.40 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AodflEpz7E
  6. ON Friday 20 March 2015. I came back to the park again for joining 'Big Holiday 2015' opening ceremony. Here's an update! *All of the footages are filming with permission from the park. The way to the main entrance. I'm arrived at 9 a.m.- one hour before park open. At 10 a.m. park open. After strom on yesterday. Today was cloudy . The new souvenir shop was construct along the pleasure street. First rides of the day with Takeoff. The one of two Huss Take Off park version that I've seen. Really fun! Vortex. Nerd Shot! This is SLC silent anti-rollback. Africa adventure. They has some update. They has new thai narrator audio on-board on the boat. Dinotopia also update too! In the dark hall is brighter than before and all of trigger sensors are activated! After Dinotopia, I moved to water park to join the event. The lazy river with new paint. Speed Slide- 7 storeys Slide. Super spiral. And the wave pool which is World's Largest wave pool. They also use their own wave generator that used four linkage bar to push 10 tons metal plate in to the water every 10 second. (This image is the narrow beach of the wave pool) After the event I came back to amusementpark again. Start with Mega Dance. Twin dragon Giant Drop Balloon Race Condor Tagada Disco - today the operator operated in the automatic mode which is short ride cycle and bounce softer. View from the top of Condor that gave me a great view of the front part of the park. Top spin and Aladdin has a good news that the spare parts from Huss are ARRIVED! Log Flume from the lift side. Boomerang. The park converted Boomerang sign to park maps. The final rides of the day with the park newest attraction- The Ranger (Thai:วาฬเหาะ Eng: Flying whale) The ride look really nice. But they are undertesting. So they controling in manual mode with 4 flips along 3 minutes ride cycle. Inside the whale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_j8b-HogaM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mtlzcvc2ig Take off before park closing.
  7. I'm sorry for lack of respond! In this year the park also have 2 more Huss rides which is Ranger and Break Dance No.3. Both are under constructing behind the Takeoff.So now they owned 9 Huss attractions. Next time! I'll be back again to report in other zone such Family zone, small world and Water park. The gondola might be paint into the whale theme.
  8. Yep! This model is 765 m. extended which have only 2 in the world. Another ones is in Suzhou Amusement Land, China. According to Vekoma info that both are the world's largest SLC model. Some details of the ride. Layout comparison between standard version (White) and 765 extended version (Black).
  9. Vortex - Vekoma SLC 787 m extended. I aspect it's rough as many SLC but this one is doesn't. It is fairly smooth and a bit rough in some part. in the station Control panel. Under the ride has a small garden. It is quiet. Roll over Danger zone. Extra helix This bridge located next to an extra helix where connecting to Adventure Island. Inside the island have monkeys in gigantic cage which take care of by stuff. But they closed it for safety to visitor because it is quiet and people can't see from outside. It might be caused of bad thing in here. Si-Am tower - The Huss 109 m. sky tower It's interesting that they doesn't dig a hole on the ground but set up on ground level and passengers load/unload on second floor of building instead. The first floor use for a shop. an extra lighting rod is placed above the cabin. Control panel enthusiast. View from above. Vortex 787 m. Extended in full layout. The water park is over there. Tagada - The most famous ride in the park. "People with bone or nerve problems are not recommended on board" Yup! It bouncing really hard but today an operator turn into manual mode which softer control than last time I had been on. On ride. Octopus Astroliner - the 90's portable simulator. "Hello World" All of old ride placed in indoor. Trabanth - It's kind of weird that they both disk and base are spin is same direction caused no wave effect. Rock and roll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4pIWbu_ak Astrofighter Astrofighter air compressor and tanks. Game booth. Mushroom food stall. Aladdin also closed as same as Top Spin. This time for Boomerang. The last ride before going back. The hydraulic cable winch for pull the catch car to the top. Danger zone. Field trip students are waiting their friends comeack. The day of fun is over. So, Thank you for your attention! If you want to know more about this park fell free to ask below ^^ -----According the Giant Drop----- They don't put the cover on a catch car because this ride often stuck on the tower. So the park decided to install release device which controlled by remote. If it stuck, an operator pointing a remote to receiver on a catch car. Then a small pneumatic cylinder pull a cable to detach a hook.
  10. 29/12/2014 : Before ending of the year. I decided to going to Siam Park city again. This is the first time that I went on a working day. Along this trip I visited alone to see more what exactly happen around me and make a new friends during visited. Since I has a short time to visiting today, In this report including Amusement park zone only (Not include Family zone, Small world and Water park) I went to it by Taxi which about 15 Mins. from my home. My main camera was broken so all of this was taken by smartphone camera. Let's checking out! I'm arrived the park at 10 am.. In front of the park have many signs about ASEAN community (AEC) which established in 2015. สวนสยาม (Suan Siam) was the original name of the park. In 2010 The park has Guinness certificate of world's largest man-made wave pool. So, They changing to Siam Park City. Walking They welcome with the colorful entrance castle where they adding new Si-Am mascot on the fountain. Inside the castle is a long lobby hall where you can buy ticket on the left side. Surprisingly! There's look more crowd than weekend. when the line is a bit long, I see ms. Noppagarn -The Park Deputy Managing Director come to see what happening and solve it by herself. They give me a purchase order. If you come with your group, Just one person per PO in a line. In this year they have 2 type of prices. The first one is for Thai resident is 500 bath (over 130 cm.) and 120 bath (101-130 cm.) another ones for Foreigner is 900 bath (30 USD/ Over 130 cm.) and 750 bath (25USD+101-130 cm.). Both are Day Pass Ticket. Today just opens in 2 booth. Day Pass Wristband. Don't warp it by yourself! But go to the gate and staff will scan and wrapped with sticker. when you pass the gate you'll see a double deck carousel. Giant drop is starting test run. Boomerang is locate on the right side. but line look a bit long. I would be check later. First ride of the day with Takeoff. If I remember correctly, This is one of two takeoff park version (Särkänniemi has ones). It gives a great force and I really love it. This ride is high capacity but less rider because it was a really "flat" ride and located in the alley between Log Flume and Boomerang where people rarely come through caused less ride per cycle such 2 out of 40 seats. I think Ranger which under construction behind them will helping it. Twin Dragon - Japanese style pirate ship. Not really big but it was fun. Top Spin Fortunately, It closed for many years ago to waiting spare parts from Huss. The weather is coming hot. I decide to cool down with Log Flume the park's second popular rides. The ride has rotation station, 3 Drops (Reverse one) and double dip drop from the top of tiger-lion mountain. Climbing to the tiger mouth. And drop down from the lion mouth. Under the ride, They have some cleaning staff in many part of ride to keep the pool clear. Dryer - Nobody use them because it make a little splash and don't know how to use it. Mega dance is one of the rare Huss Mega dance model existing in the world. Furthermore swinging option on this ride still work. Gondola Swinging. Balloon Race A luggage bucket when you riding. Look inside. Next up with Enterprise. the most ride ride of the park. Today look like they reducing near vertically spin than last month that I had been visited. After riding Enterprise, I have a great headache. So I'm going to Log Flume Restaurant for a moment. They located in the front of Log Flume. And you can taste with many Thais food at here. I ordered Fried pork with garlic & pepper on rice - the one of ten famous thinkless food for Thais. The taste was good and not so expensive. After eating. Walking a bit. They have fourth languages on the guide sign. Look really clean. Giant Drop? Not this time. Walk on the pleasure street. They have a new paint. And the new park souvenir. I'm stopping at Pedal boat lake where I have many memories at here such the first roller coaster I've ridden (Loop The Loop-SBNO) or when I was Young I like to sit here to see Loop The Loop running before going back to home. This area like time freeze. I really missed it. Pedal boats. Noted! Shops are everywhere around the park. Condor The center of the park the global fountain. They have a few photo spot. Giant Drop - Intamin 75 m. Drop tower. It pretty high during the ride.they have own sound effect. Some cycle they have minor problem such take up very slow or catch car doesn't down back or stuck in the air. That's make more scary. Noticed that they didn't put the covers on the catch car. I have an answer at the end of report!
  11. The good news today. the Vana Nava Hua Hin Official Fanpage has announced their grand opening day that opens on 1 December 2014.
  12. I found some video that take a tour around the construction site. Here is some details in the clip. - The project is about 90% complete. - Total Area is 35 rais (13.8 acres) separate in 2 phases. the first phase is 20 rais (7.9 acres) for the water park.The second phase is The 400 rooms Holiday in Hotel and 2 Condominiums behind the water park. - All slides come from the White Water West. - Main theme is Water Jungle. - The Abyss is cover by a fiberglass rock feature 31 meter high man-made waterfalls on the side.
  13. In the afternoon. We're back to Adventure zone for next rides. Haunted Mansion-Walk through haunted house. I.E. Park Bumper car Viking Viking and Bumper boat They have 5 level on the ship is Kindergarten(center), Primary Level. Secondary Level,Undergraduate And doctorate (front/back) Ride-Operator are really great entertainer. Huss Viking control panel. It's Space Mountain! (but its Vekoma MK-900) Track layout Inside Space mountain station. Oh! Hurricane is open in the afternoon! Hurricane ride-op. He is great entertainer as viking op and like to adding extra (such as 6 flips continuely) for some round. But you can request to him. Hurricane Control Room Hurricane control Panel The Color Of The World Parade around the lake. Aliens. This ride is like an Alien Encounter : Extra Terrorestrial at WDW. 4D Adventure. Inside the theater. Speedy Mouse Speedy Mouse Train around the lake. Water Fun Giant house last panorama view for skyride. Oh! The time is up, but we had a great day. See you next time!
  14. Last Sunday, I went to Dreamworld with my brother for his birthday. We used "Happy Birth Happy Day" promotion which is the park set for all this year. If you come on your birthday you will receive a free Visa (Day pass ticket) + water bottle + 2 x refill coupons + VIP seats for the show. So now this is our trip. Dreamworld is one of major theme park that located in Pathumtani province (near Bangkok), Thailand which is very colorful and fun for all ages. In this month are low season due to the rain. That's save our time on the line so much. The park is separate in 3 major zone is a Lake, Fairy tales land and Adventure land. They've 3 coasters and 30 attractions with 1 snow town(Under renovated). Most of staff are very friendly. We were arrived at 9 a.m. or 1 hour before park open. The line still empty. Gates are still closed too. You can see like this staff around the park. High restriction board The Ticket price board for Thai residents ONLY! But for foreigner. please come in Information room to buy the ticket with lunch. It's become crowded. 9.45 a.m. Ticket booth is open. The front gate that they still used staff but their turnstile is changing to scanning system (not complete). 10 a.m. Park is opening. noted! First zone is a plaza that have many shops in colorful building. Next zone is a Dream garden. That is very large area with many photo spots. Water Fun- The new water play structure is still quiet on the morning. First ride of the day is Cable car. Which is a new life of Hershey park's sky ride. first ride of the day Half way POV from loading station to motor drive station. Gondolas. Inside the station. Gondolas. The counterweight that move up and down to adjust the tension from gondolas like elevator or cable lift. locking/release device. Here we go! From above Fairy tales land They turned the old pirate ship that used in old parade show to a decoration. Small sleeping beauty castle and rice field beside the park. Speedy Mouse. Noted! Hurricane still not operating along this morning. But Viking is open now. Drive motor station. As I said you can see this everywhere. Next zone is Fairy Tales Land. Is a large theme area as love garden. In this zone they have a theme from many tales with synopsis. The entrance to Fairly tales land Prince frog and small sleeping beauty castle At the entrance of sleeping beauty castle. Inside. She is still sleepy. Hurricane Animal farm. If you want to feed them just 20 bath (0.6$). They also have a animal show in Uncle Tom's farm next to the animal farm. Next zone. Adventure Land is located behind the park but Almost of rides are in There! SKY COASTER- Is one of fun Vekoma family swinging coaster but a little bit rough as Vekoma style. Sky Coaster sorry for noise! sorry for noise! TORNADO-The park newest Technical Park Typhoon ride. Its very fun and after you riding you can see your while on the ride at the exit and sold 170 Bath (5$) tornado More high! Here is example that I brought for this review. Most of major rides they use photographer hide on many point or automatically cam for faster ride (Sky coaster/Super Splash) Hollywood Action Show stage. Next ride is Super Splash- Hopkins 16 m. Shoot the chute ride. It not too high as larger version but It make an impressive wave and get WET! Thunder bird. the speedy telecombat. Crazy Bus Grand Canyon (Hopkins) Random kiddie ride.
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