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  1. Until the wind picks up and covers the park in dirt from the housing development construction behind the park! Lol
  2. During the Q and A section of the governor's press conference somebody specifically asked about theme parks. Governor Newsom said that they are still "actively working" on guidelines for theme parks. (Basically the same thing he's been saying the last 3 months.) Its funny because Orange County was removed from the state's watchlist last weekend, and as of today, it is showing ranked "purple" which is the most severe of the new levels.
  3. I'd recommend hitting full throttle, then West Coast Racers first. I just went on Monday and Tuesday this week and the park was completely dead. Everything was a walk on, but WCR still had a 20-30 min wait. With X2 the line tends to die down by early afternoon.
  4. Great report! No way to tell really yet on how the line moves. During the preview period it would go down pretty often while they were working out the kinks.
  5. Yes, it's one time res on the more expensive pass only. They were doing flash pass on it up through this weekend. The ride was closed yesterday, and today they are doing media day, and they have the whole underground area blocked off from guests.
  6. Just a friendly heads up, if anyone is thinking of heading to the park this upcoming Sunday, you miiight want to reconsider. I was speaking to an employee yesterday and she informed me that they are anticipating a repeat of last year. She said they are expecting to have to shut the park down by 2 because of reaching capacity. I plan on arriving early to try to get a couple rides in and get some pictures of the chaos!
  7. In addition to the above comment, I didn't notice them when I was wearing a hoodie, but there was a bit of neck chopping in the back when I just had a t shirt on. It wasn't painful at all, but a little annoying, but in no way a deal breaker.
  8. I think just that many coaster nerds came out that the overflow was needed. The line moves pretty quick though. Yesterday (Sunday) the line had died down to about a 20 minute wait by mid day, and a walk on at night (It started raining and cleared a lot of people out.) I got a total of 7 rides on it yesterday, 4 during the day, and 3 at night during the rain. I think it might end up knocking TC out of my top 3! I gotta ride both a few more times to be sure, but WCR is an EXCELLENT ride!
  9. There's some theming and theres a video and sound effects. When I was on it only took them about 30 seconds to send us out on our second lap!
  10. I don't want to spoil anything and I'll let an official Theme Park review person post the review, but I just got off the ride and it is awesome! Like, seriously awesome!
  11. With it being Christmas Eve they'll probably closed right when it starts raining.
  12. All the ripping on them for not having the coaster open by now isn't even funny anymore. It's actually gotten kinda annoying. All the delays were completely out of their control. I can't wait to ride this thing, and I'm glad they're doing it right!
  13. Viper has new wheels on the front two cars of it's brown train and I gotta say, they are MARVELOUS! That, was the smoothest ride I have ever had on this thing! I hope they make this change on all the cars.
  14. I went yesterday in the afternoon. The park was pretty crowded. I hit GhostRider first and it had over an hour wait, but I used the single Rider line and waited only about 15 minutes (tons of groups using the SRL) After that I went to Santa's Christmas Cabin (wilderness dance hall) and got a cookies and cream cookie shot with peppermint schnapps for $10. The liquor was good, but the cookie was kinda hard to eat. Then i hit the log ride, it only had a 10 minute wait! (It was only 50° out! Go figure?) It was fun as always but it was weird that they made me, a 28 year old man by himself sit in a middle seat with a 7 year old boy by himself. Kinda uncomfortable having to keep my knees up to my shoulders the whole ride. Then I walked around for a bit, Xcel and Hangtime were both on one train and had over an hour wait (Hangtime was just over two hours.) Then it was back to the Christmas Cabin for a cup of mulled wine! Very tasty! And it's served with an orange slices and cinnamon stick. After that I saw the 5:30 Snoopy on Ice show. It was the same as last year, and just as spectacular! Be forewarned: it's even colder in the theater than it is outside! Also the quiet parts can be a little awkward when a bunch of tiny humans sound like they're being murdered. And I'm pretty sure the kid next to me crapped his pants at one point. After the show I caught the snow and Glow in Ghost town. It was packed shoulder to shoulder and for some reason the audio wasn't working, which took away from the experience. And at that point I was so cold I couldn't feel my feet anymore so I took off. Not a bad day at the park at all, but there are definitely things that can be improved upon. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures this time due to my hands being numb, but I'll try to get some when I go on Sunday.
  15. It looks like they're taking the train off now. Damn, I was planning on going today, but now I don't know....
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