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Post your milestone coasters

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My coaster count is far too low but I suppose I reached a Semi-Milestone last year - #25 Jungle Coaster - Legoland Windsor!


Atleast it was before they installed those weird sneeze-guard roof things!


Matt 'My Coaster Count Is Frankly Embarrassing' Downes

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I've only been on 80 coasters so I can't give it by the hundreds.


1: Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster (Santa's Village)

25: Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)

50: Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland)

75: Flashback (Six Flags New England)

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I've only recently begun keeping track of the coasters I've ridden, and I know that Great Bear at Hersheypark was #100. If I had to guess, I would say that my first coaster was Big Thunder Mountain at WDW.

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First coaster; Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

#100 Volcano: The Blast Coaster

#200 ????? (I'll update this this fall hopefully)


It didn't work out as well as i planned, But i got my friend to make a "zero" out of his hand while i make a "1" and another "zero"

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I just broke 100 this summer after 31 years of coaster riding. I had a pretty big dry spell for a while though.


I have no clue what #25 #50 or #75 were.


#100 was Cobra at La Ronde. Or Goliath if I don't count relocated rides.

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Have to do the short increments because of my being sad and pathetic but here goes:

1) Scooby Doo (KD)

25) Two Face: Flip Side

50) Montu

75) Runaway Reptar

80) Python Pit (Go Karts Plus!)


I hope to top 100 before the end of the year and if I do it will probably be at Hershey. Not sure if I'm going to try to make the milestone something memorable like Fahrenheit or Stormrunner.


At my current pace I'll reach 200 by the time I'm 64!



Edit to change most recent coaster credit from Dominator to Python Pit

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Well, I honestly have no recollection of my "in between" milestones like 25th or 50th coaster. However, I do remember the first one - Jack Rabbit at Kennywood. With any luck, I will hit number 100 in early September out at Six Flags Great America. My hope is to save number 100 for one of their coasters that looks like it will give a great ride. My top 2 candidates for that honor are Viper or Raging Bull.

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^WTF, no way, don't be mean. Raging Bull, please.

1.) Kiddie Coaster somewhere...

100.) Talon, Dorney Park (should have been Steel Force)

150.) Voyage, Holiday World (should have been... well, Voyage)

161.) Avatar: Airbender, Nick Universe

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