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Post your milestone coasters

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Phoenix was 200

Rampage was 250


First Coaster - Mini-Mine at SFoG


Prior to 200, I'm not sure of the order. I know that I was at around 40 before my first TPR trip in 2007 (Mid-West) so these trips DEFINITELY increase the old count.

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1: Either Beastie or Top Cat's Taxi Jam (Kings Island)

1st big coaster: Beast (Kings Island)

1st looping coaster: Son of Beast (Kings Island)

75: Spacely's Sprocket Rockets (SFGAm)

100: Top Gun (Carowinds)

110: Voyage (Holiday World)

120: Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure)

Coasters currently ridden: 120

Going to try to reach 150+ by the end of 2010, I started the year with 87, so I'm doing good so far!

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#1 Comet at Hp

#30- Drachen Fire at BGE

#50-Rolling Thunder at GADV

#100- Steel Phantom (before the change!) KennyWood

#150-Phoenix at Knoebels

#200-Alpengeist at BGE

#250- Star Jet at casino pier in NJ.

#300 - Millennium Force CP

#325 Steel Phantom at KW after change.

#350-Hydra The Revenge DP

#400-Thunder Road at Carowinds.

#450- Thunderhead at Dollywood

Hopefully #500 will be The Voyage but right now I sit at 489 with The Mind Eraser at Six Flags America being that , I just HAD to have the credit.


Sorry I hate editing but I found my written list.

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My 100 was Voyage. I had planned it out perfect for that.

#94 was Prowler. I then rode, Mamba, boomerang, Timberwolf, and Patriot, with Terminator: Salvations in between. Had to fight not to do the Wacky Worm credit for 100, it was tough.


Funny how #100 is tied for number one, with Prowler.

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I always go for super crappy or kiddie coasters for milestones:


25:Psyclone (SFMM)

50: Wildcat (some sketchy fair in South Central LA)

75: Shockwave (King's Dominion)

100: Flying Coaster (Elich Gardens)

125: Shamu Express (Sea World Florida, rode it opening day!)

150: Howler (Holiday World)

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