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  1. Yay for Progress!!, Ryan, I like the Stand up layout a lot!
  2. Just please don't black out the tiles in the middle of the layout, looks really bad in my opinion..
  3. All entries for all rounds, or just the first round?!?!?!
  4. Looks very nice Coupon! Only thing I would say is to make your foliage a little less sparse, but other than that, great work!
  5. Yes, welcome indeed! I have to say I like what you're doing with those lights!
  6. More work has been done. Mostly Spain finishing up, and some planning on other areas as well. Main Strip- 100% Spain- 90% Italy- 35% Sherwood- 20% Overall Completion- 57% Now on to some pictures! Spain Marketplace II.bmp This marketplace is situated on the banks of this pond. Spain Palace.bmp The grand palace towers over the entrance.
  7. How did I know Dj would pick me first? Looking forward to a nice fast contest!
  8. Yay, I've been waiting for this one! Nice screens, you're definitely improving your foliage! A few suggestions, though: 1: Please add some footers beneath the corkscrew supports. Me and cf did it in Inferno with Deco pieces, and I think you'll be able to, too. 2: Your paths are very bland, try changing path types or adding some gardens, fountains to spruce it up. 3: Please add some small shrubs beneath Intimidator, it's really bland and ugly without anything there! Hope to see more of this park in the near future!
  9. But look at what is finished! And yes, I notice the shovel too O.o
  10. Killing innocent peeps in RCT.... It's just so.....satisfying...
  11. Corkscrewy, you spelled Millennium wrong in your signature. Also, if his park is located in Germany, isn't it a possibility that he might be as well? I agree that you need to use spellcheck, but welcome to TPR!!! You do have a nice little park here, I'll be watching.
  12. Ak-74u= TRYHARD Famas= TRYHARD What I'm trying to say here is that commonly used guns, perks, etc, tend to get called try hard setups, because everyone uses them ,and they don't take much effort to do decent with. Just try to vary what you use, and you should find something that you like that isn't so commonly used. By the way, working on getting to 4th prestige! I also picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum, and I have to agree with what mcjaco said. Got CoD4, and have been playin the crap out of that!
  13. Thanks guys! I was actually going to send this in over at NE, and hope for a Bronze. Main Strip- 100% Spain- 80% Italy- 35% Sherwood- 15% Overall Completion- 55%! The Main Strip has completed itself over the past few days, and I've been working heavily on the Sherwood area of the park, including Robin Hood. Robin Hood Peninsula.bmp The small peninsula that Robin Hood Resides on. (Layout next update ) Main Strip Cap.bmp The end of the Main Street. Viper Station.bmp Come take a ride on Viper, the parks oldest coaster! Note: The broken benches have been dealt with. Viper Towers Over.bmp I love the way it dominates the skyline over the Main Strip. Viper Double-Up.bmp A little more Viper action for ya.
  14. She's a Superbeast, Superbeast! She's Super Beasty... Is it sad that tha is the first thing I thought of? The only thing I can suggest is to try and make those footers smaller. As is, they look a little awkward.
  15. Love this ride. I wish more people tried to make more scenic and relaxing rides like this. Awesome job!
  16. I think your foliage needs a little work. Also, it's spelled Pizzaria(lol Psi). You have a nice little park, looking forward to seeing it in person.
  17. Brandon (No I'm not dead, just too busy to post) Teller But seriously, I know how it is. Nice screen, and I'd love to see some more of this. Glad you're back.
  18. Just a little tip, when recreating coaster layouts, don't make them actual size unless they're under 75 ish feet. This will hopefully let you eliminate unwanted or unsightly track ,and help to make your recreations more accurate.
  19. I'd reallly like to see Reviar's entry... No, I didn't expect to make it that high, mine was pretty empty to be honest. Congrats Reviar, and I hope everyone had fun!
  20. To Tha Face- Tejb feat. Pierre & Gwitha) Actually this dude is a gamer, but this song is pretty sweeeet...
  21. Just sent mine in. Had to rush it because this month has been soooo busy. Good luck all!
  22. What an opportunity, Dave. So sad to hear he's passed. It just makes all of his funny work earlier in his life that much more special.
  23. Potnas- Will Smith Really not into much rap, but this song has an excellent message.
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