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Post your milestone coasters

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since it was impossible for me to backtrack the coasters I've been on (can't remember the parks, or even in which country they were located...), I decided to reset my count.


Or, to be more precise, to start actually counting, rather than just going by memory "yeah, I've been on that one... I guess..."



I decided to start the count on the Linnanmäki closing day (see PTR in other thread) to get the fireworks and all the niceties with it.


So, at the moment my coaster count is... 5!!!


#1 Vuoristorata

#2 Vonkaputous

#3 Tulireki

#4 Linnunrata

#5 Salama



That's a short list, but luckily it is pretty well composed, as there is a scenic railway and a classic wooden coaster (#1), a water coaster (#2), an indoor coaster (#4) and a spinning coaster (#5).



At least that's better than the three coaster guy in the previous message...

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  • 7 months later...

Hit #300 at


Movie Park Germany

Sunday, June 29, 2008


"The Backyardigans

Mission To Mars"


(One of the longest names for a coaster of any size, I've seen so far, lol.)


Currently at #332...



Closer in, showing that all-important "milestone", heh heh.


The long shot - missed getting the coaster itself in, darnit.

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