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Post your milestone coasters

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Originally I had thought Hydra was my 100th but I messed up along the lines somewhere and upon a recent "update" I think I have it right.


#200, Little Eagle at MBP. I always make sure to pick the special coasters (though it was definately better than Rolling Thunder!!)


I dont have any photos of Rolling Thunder, which was my 100th (and one of the crappiest rides around) so here's a picture of El Toro!

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1?? Matterhorn Disneyland

100 Kraken Sea World Orlando

200 Laser Dorney Park

250 Twister Knoebels

300 Mad Mouse Lakemont Park

400 Shockwave Six Flags Over Texas

500 Little Dipper Castle Park

600 Teeny Weeny Tusenfryd

700 Jungle Mouse Hamanako Pal Pal

750 Spook Express Joyland

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Robb's list isn't in order until #521


So I'll go from there, unless he has another list on his computer somewhere!


521 Xcelerator Knott's Berry Farm

600 Face/Off Paramount's King's Island

700 Dragon Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

750 Colorado Adventure Phantasialand

800 Angel Coaster Harmony Land

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I'm pretty sure that the SLC at Wild Adventures was #500 (or at least I'll call it that one) but I never really kept a count, or at least an organized count until I met Elissa, I have no idea what my "milestone coasters" were before then.


--Robb "She's the credit whore of the relationship!" Alvey

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1. Flitzer- Morey's Pier

100. Mind Eraser- Riverside (now SFNE)

200. Ninja- SFOG

300. King Solomon's Mines- Pleasureland Southport

400. Hurricane - Rye Playland

500. Excaliber- Funtown USA

600. Trombi- Sarkanniemi


Sorry, no pictures of me holding signs, I don't do that sort of thing.

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1th. Some Big Apple coaster? or Cirkusexpressen- Liseberg or Jet Star - Särkänniemi.

25th. Megafobia-Oakwood

50th. Grand National or Avalanche or Steeplechase - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

80th. (not really a milestone, it's my last ridden coaster) Joyride - PowerPark


I might hit 100 this year, I've still got two parks that I'll visit almost definately which (if every credit is open) would raise the count to 93 and then I also have a small West Germany trip in mind, on which I would ride my 100th coaster... Well I'll see what I can do.

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I don't really have any milestone coasters as far as counts go, but I'll list my milestone coasters in a way that means something to me:


First roller coaster (Also first steel): Space Mountain (1998)


First Wooden Coaster: Dania Beach Hurricane (2005)


First Coaster w/ Inversions: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (Apr 2, 2005)


First B&M coaster: Kraken (Jun 2, 2005)


First Inverted Coaster: Montu (July 6, 2005)


First Schwartzkopf: Scorpion (July 6, 2005)


First (and so far only) coaster above 200ft: Sheikra (July 6, 2005)



I happen to be lucky! Expedition EVEREST landed in my 25th spot!

RCDB Image

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Well, wish I knew my milestones, but for ME, the latest milestone was this past Friday:


Coaster # 356, THE VOYAGE!!


My new #1!! Just wish it was closer to me! OR....better yet.....Gravity Group should BUILD one in Florida!!


Sweet! And they had all 3 trains going all day long. This meant the average wait was 5 minutes!!


OK, do you think you would EVER see Dick Kinzel or the guy from Six Flags out front welcoming people to their parks? This is why I LOVE Holiday World!

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1: Dragon wagon at fiesta shows Meford (Miss you ).

3: Polar coaster at storyland(First permanent instalation coaster

5: Thunderbolt at SFNE

Future 10: eother Yankee cannoball or Galaxy at Palace playland.


A good photo of thunderbolt. You can see my favorite part, the double dip. from RCDB.


Polar Coaster atStoryland. from RCDB

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50. Thunderhawk @ Dorney

60. Comet @ Hersheypark

70. Nitro @ SFGAdv

80. Head Spin @ Geauga Lake


That's all I remember, although #40 came at Cedar Point... probably on something like Wicked Twister or Disaster Transport.

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#1 was Big Thunder

#50 was Roar at SFA


I got bored a couple of weeks ago and redid my track count (I hadn't opened up the file since like 1999). I'm at 97 right now...I always thought I was at 110+. Guess not.

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