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  1. I just gave credit and anyone hear of the scrapyard in NLDC??? If someone still gives credit for taking the ride off NLDC you still would call it trackstealing????
  2. Anyone hear of banking changes?? And the hill before the station went up too quickly, so I smoothed it out. Changed the launch from 68 to 64 mph to have no red gs.
  3. 1. I did a model that was similiar to the one in 1.5 (the roughness resembles real life experiences, it's not perfectly smooth.) 2. I don't know.
  4. Download version 1 I need more 3ds for this to be 100% accurate. This is my entry for the recreation contest. I cannot do 3ds very well, and all I done so far was the station, path for some of the queue, and the chanlink fences for the launch. Edit: there is a nlpack if you want to see the 3ds. Thanks to Bill Brandt and Tom Zeliff for making this track so I can work off it. Thanx. Wicked Twister.nltrack Wicked Twister.nlpack
  5. no coaster can replace "Deja Vu". Why did you do that?
  6. What ingredients will you Roob (I mean, Robb) use to lose the contest?
  7. Castles and Coasters is overlooked all the time, but, I don't think it will get huge though...
  8. So, can anyone get me a 3d model of the fence in the above picture?
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