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  1. This is really amazing. Been a member of the community for a long while, though I've become pretty inactive on the forums over the past couple of years. I remember being, like thirteen, and drooling over the chance to go on one of your tours! This year probably won't be the year for me, but I'm so excited that you're opening these back up a little more. I hope the experience is a good one, and I hope to tag along with one of your tours maybe in 2019.
  2. I can't remember the last time I posted anywhere on TPR. Just went into lurk-mode for... what, eight years? Maybe more... 'Sup?
  3. Lets try to get a chain going - I'd love to see TPR help bolster some more Google+ popularity. As soon as I get my invite *ahem* Kyle *ahem* I'll offer a few invites to other TPR members. We all invite five, and those five invite five...
  4. So, I got really bored and decided to make an AMV of one of my newest guilty pleasures. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - yes... that's the name of the show. Also, be warned, there are... y'know, panties... and stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BByLGlxyjWg
  5. I'm starting a fun lil' project. Eventually it will be open for anyone in the forum to participate - eventually... Twisty! So much track, so tightly wound - what could this mean? A micro-city?
  6. After a long and awkward semi-hiatus from the TPR forums, my new years resolution is to get back into the threads!
  7. Amateur musical tinkerer here. I've played piano since I was eight and I've never had any piano or music theory lessons, though I'm happily going into AP Music Theory at my high school next year. I love music and playing piano as a form of meditation, though I don't think I'll ever go into it as a career. Lately I've also been tinkering around with "tracking" on the DS with a few dorky little cheapo-chiptunes. Might one day make the investment to by some good equipment... Anywho, here are a few of my bits of music. (If anyone would like to comment/critique I'd love it!) The DS bits
  8. ^ Noted, and working on another coaster as we speak. Also... would anyone mind checking out my slightly older RCT 3 coaster? Collider? **shameless bumb attempt**
  9. Whew, it's been a while since I finally fell back to good ol' TPR. Family drama, friend drama, and schoolwork pulled me away pretty abruptly, but I'm finally back baby! Since it's been such a long time, I've decided that I'm gonna come back into my usual groove slowly, starting off with the older games, and then I'll move back up to NL. Either way, I'm starting off with the misfit of all RCT 2 coasters. The groovy little side friction coaster never got as much respect as I think it deserved, so here's my first track in a good long while: Cedar Dipper. Comments greatly appreciated! A
  10. Geez, it's been almost one and a half years since I posted here, and about a full year since I even looked around at this sight, and it's been a dark time... Anywho, I really miss the quirky nature of the forums, so I figured I might as well come back here with a bang. So, without much more ado, here is Collider, an extended steel rollercoaster that can satisfy anyone's need for a good thrill ride. Though the fun part is that this entire project was finished within 4 days, a new record! Comments of any sort are GREATLY appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_s0OdCDxgo The fin
  11. Hah! This is a fun one from last year at a ballroom competition. I had just danced for about 30 minutes straight, and then I had to change into my third costume... So. Effing. Tired. Incidentally this is the face I get after riding Kingda-Ka. Pure stoned bliss.
  12. ^^ Wow... that's really tragic, but I can sympathize. My friend died of cancer a few months ago, as long as you have good friends I'm sure you can cope. On a lighter note... this is my first post on TPR in like... a year,
  13. Ok, so I've ordered my R4 and MicroSD card for my DSLite. (If this sounds like gibberish, stop reading and go to another topic) I quickly realized that I also needed a few more things... namely: The EZFlash 3in1 expansion Hori Screen Protectors Thumb/Finger stylus (set) Hopefully there are a few nerds out there who know a website where I can just order those three things all at once. In my current situation, I'd have to buy the Hori's and stylus set from GameYeeeah.com, and the EZFlash from another website. I really don't want to pay shipping costs (yeah I'm that cheap) and I've be
  14. Heh, I guess I should add a bit, and I've just found a code-of-conduct of sorts for the mass of people "coming out" to the public... mostly teens my age, because by the looks of it... we need help. You can either come out in one of two ways: A) Burst forth in a nuclear explosion of rainbows, tassels, brightly colored streamers and eurobeat rave music, or- B) Tell the people who ask, and the people who need to know... that's it. I've got a... friend (and I use the term very loosely... hate the little annoying bugger) in Provo, who decided to come out with method A, and had to run
  15. I'm laughing a bit at what I've read since my absence from this forum. Mostly about the drama... all about the drama. Anyway, I'll be the first to admit that I'm gay, and I'm not gonna hide the fact that when I came to terms with who I was, I wanted to flaunt it into everybody's face, I wanted to "come out" to everyone. But as of late I've been a lot more laid back about my sexuality. After all, I'm still young and honestly my sexuality has little, to no influence on my life yet. It's a little stupid to try and jump into boyfriend after boyfriend when you're in school. You're too young to know
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