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  1. just imagined something. a spinning mad mouse coaster where the riders spin. call the coaster "Ball Busters" keeping it a double entendre, theme it after like a pin ball machine.
  2. park looks like a lot more thought was put into its planning then people think back in Saudi. hopin' that'll change with the parks coming soon to Dubai. hoping that the Dubai parks will cause a shift in the amusement industry across the middle east.
  3. i'm usually just a lurker reading the posts and looking for something interesting. but this is wow. that looks so odd and new. very cool.
  4. also wanted to put up photos i got done resizing of Sunset Beach, a really nice little waterpark, where the strict Saudi rules don't seem to apply. the general public don't really know about it, and hte price to enter is fairly high for the average person (almost a 100 riyals, which is about 25 bucks). that sounds cheap in America but in Saudi - on an average Saudi budget that is high. the rules for the women clothing was pretty clear, no abaya's or the head to toe dresses. you can wear a one piece or a two piece clothing of your choice, but nothing heavy for safety reasons. the park was not big, the best of the water slides was a bowl, and i love bowl slides. there was one indoor water slide in the fake mountain and another just below it that rode on top of the fake mountain made more for the kids. in any case, with the Western women and Saudi women in their bakini's i gotta admit it was a reprieve ( ) from the 'still' conservative dress wear that exists in Saudi. I took no pictures of the women, i dare not to cause a stir with the public, everybody minds their own business here. everything is a bit expensive but everything was top notch treatment. I am definitely going to it again this Friday, so i might snag a few more pictures. pictures taken 8/08/08 kids play area, but even the teens just hung around it. the bucket came down a lot more often then it would at regular waterparks. water full in it by the way. Also in the little fake mountain on the left side there were two slides in it. no name for it, but i love these things, and this was no different. Picture i took from the entrance of the park
  5. well i got pictures of Saudi Arabia's (probably - cause i've looked and asked) biggest amusement park. i did look for the second 'unknown' coaster like rcdb has it listen and didn't find it, i asked the foreign workers if they knew and they didn't know, no doubt - could care less. but as far as i saw and i did indeed look there is NO second coaster at the park. couldn't get a ride on Cobra as it was broken with one guy messin' with the over the shoulder restraints, and i probably don't intend on comin' back. unless i'm bored out of my gord. Also the park is indeed located in the city of Dammam, in Ash Sharqiya Province (Eastern Province). but the company the OWNS it is called "Saudi Amusement Centers" the parks name is King Fahad Park. personally i'm used to naming the King, King Fahd but whatever. hope you guys like it, this is Saudi's biggest coaster (aside from the boomerang called Kraken on the other side of the country). its a Pax Cobra but it has two loops. photos taken 8/09/08 Park's entrance, its fuzzy - i know i was in the car when i took it. it is King Fahad Park. so the name isn't Saudi Amusement Centers Cobra's station, notice front half of the train is looking backwards and the back half is looking forward. Another shot of the odd lift hill with the King Cobra station in the center for decoration. a picture down the way through the station over the hill into to two loops only to do it all over again backward. awkward lift hill, with the Cobra head that is fully lit up at night. Men's entrance had the most interesting entrance. Two loops in the evening sky Cobra in Arabic. very neat i thought.
  6. I got a couple of more photos to share with you all, hopefully later tonight i'll update it. i got pictures of Crazy Twister kid coaster at the new Saffori Land in Al-Hasa, which is a spinning coaster (but the seaters face outside). and i got some photos from a really nice water park (small but damn it was it nice and everything was like being in a hot Texas summer with Saudi babe's in their bikinis (i was extra careful but i did manage to obtain 3 photos) and my God it explains why they cover up the way they do . so i'll upload those soon.
  7. hey well i'd have to say a bit good riddance. never been to the park, but Corkscrew is sorely the weak link in the park. Alton towers has now become THE park of 'class' when i think of great parks in Britain. hell if i were to stop in Britain i'd make it an objective to hit up this one and Blackpool (just cause i love old parks that are just jammed full of coasters).
  8. you can. but in the Saudi parks its a rule of no pictures while in the park. somethin' about taking pictures in public around women, children, and government. I understand the government but the family part annoys me. Its just some of th fundies tryin' to get their way and as no one listen to their laws, if pushed the gov' will. (the fundies btw are indeed slowly losing their power in the country, but it will probably never will be the ultra secularist/Athiest happyland some would love to imagine) anyways, i'm trying to get the best pic possible without drawing too much attention to myself. i'll definitely try and hit up as many parks as possible. most parks from my generation look just like that, really just carny stuff. i didn't get to the Dammam Amusement Center as other plans came up. that park has and i've seen actual television commercials, of what looks like a PAX Cobra coaster. the other one on rcdb is listed as unknown but i'll definitey check it out.
  9. Rock n' Roller Coaster- MGM Studios/Disney Hollywood Studios Batwing - Six Flags America Roller Coaster - Dream Park (SLC from a park in Egypt best one i've ever ridden).
  10. I'm a coasterfan who happens to be half American and half Saudi. and this summer i'm back in my 'other' home in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. so i gotta a couple of parks i thought of heading up to and taking some pics to help add to rcdb's website. tonight i'm heading out to Saudi Amusement Centers, otherwise best known as King Fahd Park. however last night i hit up another park. on RCDB its listed as "Castle Park" its actually named "Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Amusement Park" bin meaning "son of" and Fahd being a-duh the late King. There are two coasters at the park, a Zyklon/Galaxi named Typhoon, and a kiddie coaster named Dracor, that's it for "Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Amusement Park". Also to boot, there is no Dhahran province, its still part of the Ash Sharqiyah province. the city just happens to be Dhahran. Planning on hitting up the big park here "Saudi Amusement Centers" otherwise known as here on the ground as "King Fahd Park" hopefully tonight. parks don't usually open in the early day it is way too hot and nobody comes out till right after asr prayer (which is when the heat begin to let up). planning on also hitting up a bunch of smaller parks and snagging pics to help out the coaster sites. ================= Edit: Can someone tell me how to contact the guy who puts up the photos at rcdb.com ? i e-mailed the feedback link and got no response in perhaps the last two days. just wondering thanks. more photos coming soon. maha salama for now. the real name of the park. close to the track pic of Dracor. the turn around on the Dracor kiddie coaster. Dragon trains Dracor Kiddie coaster station Typhoon turn around Typhoon station from a neat angle. more of Typhoon Typhoon sign at the top of the ride in Arabic and in English Typhoon sign on the station
  11. My God is it really true that the Wooden coaster is gonna be themed after Terminator? one that doesn't seem to make a whole lot of logical sense and two it tells me SF is really ***** out the place. Notice Tony Hawks - Nation-known franchise Dark Knight - Batman (everyone knows) but more importantly summer blockbuster. Evel Knievel - Nation-known franchise. Goliath which was the oddball is a name i think is owned for SF to use on their coasters. which also doesn't make a whole lot of sense because Goliath the tall strong Philistine, doesn't conjure the image of flying ie like an inverted. it made sense with Hypers because of the height. Just saying when it comes to names and themes it doesn't matter. and Dark Knight while this time around is well known franchise of Six Flags, is more aimed towards a single movie which shows short term planning not long term. the only thing i see them doing long term is fixing up the parks operations and the parks themselves. and Six Flags Dubai.
  12. man if its the Robo-Arm coaster than i might just have to hit up the parks of Britain in the next year or two!
  13. ^that show was the best Batman show i've ever seen. the only other one i saw was Six Flags America about 5-6 years ago, and it was basically bikes and flipping around all the time. SFMM, SFGA i've been to since the management change, and both parks have looked better, and the park's look livlier. Only thing i can think of is, hating Six Flags, but Six Flags isn't the same one that we all remember and grew up with. old habits die hard.
  14. I have never posted a complete list of my RCT3 recreations. It was here that i got encouragement to make the videos (as most do not even play it here). Before list them, i want to make an important note. At one point in time i was using the name "Warguardian19" - I NO LONGER use that username, however at the moment most of my videos are under that username. So long as the videos are up under the Warguardian name i'll keep the videos there. From here on out i used the more mature and logical name of NeoGuardian21. So forward all PM's (on Youtube) to NeoGuardian21 - i check it daily. So without further a do. I'll start with newest than go down the list: - Cedar Point - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valleyfair - Valleyfair - Valleyfair - Six Flags Great America (I know i put a thread up but why the hell not add it to the complete list) - Valleyfair - Valleyfair - Cedar Point - Six Flags Astroworld - Six Flags Great America - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Valleyfair - Six Flags America - Six Flags Astroworld - Six Flags Great America/Six Flags Over Texas - Six Flags Over Texas ----------------------------------------------- The only rule i really follow is the coaster HAS to be one that i've ridden. (i've tried doing one i haven't ridden, and it never feels quite right). Here is my ride list Here Hope you guys like it! enjoy! I'd love to get response on what were your favorite/least favorite, and what you guys think! -------------------------- P.S. you can download them here Most are up for download those missing will soon be added. NOTE - Dark Knight download has been corrupted so far (no danger to YOUR laptop ) there is just nothing in the Winzip, even though i clearly know i uploaded the winzip with the necessary files.
  15. Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America, about last Wednesday.
  16. this is to those who might know. i'm gonna be going to New York City for about 8 days,and i'd really like to know what mass transits can get me closest to the park if any. i can deal with local taxi services (i've done that many times in my life). I ask because i usually do not travel by car, just by mass transit, and i KNOW NYC has a lot of that. just not that far (just wanna if there is any that get near it - cause taxi cost would kill me) I've never been to this area of the country, and all i know is Amtrak and greyhound go in and out of the city all the time. planning to just hit up the park in one day (if i have a day to spend, since most of my time will be touring the city). Also one more question, the flash passes is it the Qbot or the four pieces of paper. thanks ------------------------------------------------ Found this http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0139.pdf this is a bus service that goes to Jackson New Jersey (hey its the town SFGA is in, i can just get cab fare from there). i just need to know what street is it...
  17. looks like it was fun. the parks look interesting, they don't look bad or scary, just different. Like if Cedar Fair was smaller scale with a dash of carny feel.
  18. would definenty then want to get Flash Passes and you'll also want to hit For SURE Superman Krypton Coaster Goliath (never rode it but its a Batman clone and the Batman rides are awesome) Poltergiest the rest do at your leaisure Don't feel bad if you don't get to do Rattler, as big as it is its not a great ride at all.
  19. i was only there when Batwing was new, and the only problem i had with the park was they couldn't seem to keep the rides running all the time. I overall had an enjoyable experience though. Batwing still stands as my favorite flying coaster, and Superman Ride of Steel and Roar made it to my top ten. yeah Roar is a coaster people near-universally deslike/hate and i actually loved it.
  20. ah so Six flags America has now replaced Six flags Astroworld for the gang-drug fuel'd park in the Six Flags chain.
  21. it is 43.50 for one day admission for one adult. The thing is though, of all the American cities i've gone to San Antonio is my favorite, its like Mexico lite. LOL I'm an Arab-American, i've always really enjoyed this city. there is a lot of history there i'm sure you'll appreciate. by all means though, you should have a great time, because if push came to show for what park i'd wanna go, hands down i'd wanna go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. to me its a young park, and its defienently one of the best ones i've visited to in the states. barring Disney/Universal (i never count these they are in a whole different class) Six Flags Over Texas, Cedar Point, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are very very good parks.
  22. don't froget man that in San Antonio they also have SeaWorld Great White is basically a SLIGHTLY more compact version of Goliath. and Steel Eel is a really beautiful D.H. Morgan coaster. they have two others coasters there (not there when i was there) Shamu's something something - kiddie coaster and Dive to Atlantis - NOT the Dive to Atlantis like you see at SeaWorld San Diego or Orlando. its this sort of "water coaster"
  23. make sure you check out some of the shows, there is a reason that park wins the Golden Ticket Award for best shows - so many times. I loved the Los Festivales area (basically the mainstreet area) beware Rattler is very rough, and for what was once the tallest wooden coaster its really shaky and does not really use the terrain to its full potential. Road Runner Express is a cool Mine Ride. Poltergiest is a favorite of mine there (just not my top 10) Superman Krypton Coaster is my #1 coaster on my top ten. Boomerang -- is a boommerang. I've not been there since they put in Tony Hawk's Big Spin and Goliath. I DID ride Joker's Revenge, and it was well.... a good time waster, since the ride itself was going backwards.
  24. the only real physical problem i have with Nick Universe is that it is so damn loud. when it was Camp Snoopy, even on a busy day it wasn't so bad. I remember when i had an all-day pass and i actually had to leave the park and go within the walls of the mall as i was starting to get a migraine. Valleyfair i do love it a lot, i love their ice cream! i just drive down there and grab rides on Wild Thing and Renegade all day. the only things i would not miss if they tore them out would be IMAX theater (waste of space if you ask me - UNLESS they start putting in better shows) and Excalibur - another great waste of space. something so much better can be put there. the Waterpark can be moved somewhere else, its got no space to grow and therefore its essentially stuck the way it is right now which is sad.
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