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  1. Closest thing I can think of is Fujin Raijin II / Expoland. Coaster had accident, whole park closed, park reopened but coaster stayed closed, then at the end of the season the whole park closed for good. Still not completely cut and dry as other factors were involved, but if the accident had never occurred I believe the park and coaster would still be operating today.
  2. ^ You might be able to relate more to this part of the PTR then... well, from the other side of the lake, haha. Thanks for the comments again, didn't expect it to get this many... Day 3 - Dead Sea We got up pretty late after being KNACKERED from Petra, so planned to just spend the afternoon at the Dead Sea. I grabbed some photos of our gorgeous 'hotel' before we went out... The view. Well, the view was a brick wall, but if you twisted your head with the same ability as Regan from the Exorcist, you saw this: We minced to the 'Bus Station' in a taxi, then got a local bus to the Dead Sea area. The buses in Jordan are like minibuses, and you just flag one down whenever you want to get on (as long as you're on the rough route). Thus, it's pretty hard to know where you're going unless you know already, as their are no bus stops and no buses are marked/numbered. The bus driver kindly told us when it was our time to get off, and we jumped in an unlicensed taxi for the rest of the journey, which was around 15mins. Then, we had arrived. Looking over to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories... There was loads of salt, loads. We forgot swimming shorts so had to go in in our boxers... This is a bit of a tradition now, I made the same mistake in Tel Aviv and Helsinki <3. The increased buoyancy makes it impossible to swim... I can't really describe how it feels because it's so weird. Here it looks like I'm touching the bottom but I'm actually not! Like, you'd never be able to do that in normal water... For all the foot fetish people <3. Once we were done with the Dead Sea we called Omar, our illegal taxi driver, and got a lift back to the bus stop, which really wasn't a bus stop. 'I love your country, it's very spacious!' Once we were back in the city we had a mince... .. and for all the vegetarians and animal rights activists who may read this... There were loads of sheeps heads loads, but I failed to get any pics 3. Oh, there's a fab photo from City Mall I forgot to post. The name of this chippy... Brighton! So that's it for Jordan. Thanks for reading!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah, the spinning coaster was really weird... according to RCDB there's only one other one like that (in China), but it's still listed as under construction (probably because nobody has been there yet). I guess it could work for a smaller park, or even a bigger park as a family ride if it was themed in some way... Day 2 - Petra. We'd booked our bus tickets the day before, which were about £15 return for the 3 hour (each way) trip. Not bad seeing as it was an actual direct coach. Plus, it didn't stop off at a carpet factory owned by the bus driver's brother, which was a bonus. Ticket prices for a day in Petra are around £50, basically doubling in the last couple of years. This resulted in the obvious 'dirty, evil robbing bastadz' expression being overused. When you enter the site it's VERY Star Wars... You then get to a gorge which guides you the rest of the way... This shows how huge it is (see the people at the bottom)... After around 15mins you reach the end, leading to stunning views of the Treasury. <3 After the Treasury there's another path leading towards the 'city centre', going past the amphitheatre and some other tombs... Gavin suggested doing a bit of a detour and doing a 'hike' up one of the mountains. This turned out to be a good idea as it was epic. Getting higher... Higher... Mincing... Looking back... At the top. Random couple sitting on the edge... 'Photos of us on high crap'. You can't really see in these photos, but this is right on the edge of a drop which must be around 600-800ft. Some ants I mean, people... It was grotesque <3. The path back down took a different route, past some more tombs and venomous creatures. Then it was time for MORE stairs, leading up to the monastery... By this point we were pretty knackered, and got STUNG £3 for a drink at the top. It was worth the effort though... The thought of the 2 hour walk back to the bus was a bit daunting, as we had both obviously flaked, so we were only up there for about 10 minutes before we decided to mish it back, via the 'city centre'. To be honest, Petra really blew me away. I didn't really know that much about it before visiting, so was aware of the carved buildings but had no idea just how dramatic the scenery was around it. It's amazing, and totally worth the £50.
  4. OK, this wasn't really a coaster trip but there were a couple of credits involved so I may as well post it in here. Feel free to move it if it's not coastery enough . So, me and my friend Gavin went to the Middle East last week. We were there for 4 nights, with 3 full days. Day 1 - Credits and tourist stuff in Amman, the capital. Day 2 - Petra Day 3 - Dead Sea Day 1. There are 5 credits in Amman according to RCDB, 3 of which are shopping malls with 1 each and one of which is an actual outdoor 'park' outside the city. Due to it being winter, we expected the outdoor park to be closed and unfortunately we were right. On top of that, one of the shopping malls was impossible to find, leaving us with just 2 credits. Obviously, the coasters were just a bonus and not the focus of the trip, so whilst it was spiteful it didn't really matter. We got up at about 8am and headed straight for the bus station, where we booked tickets to Petra for the following day. As taxis were so cheap, this was pretty much how we got around in the city. Within half an hour or so we were at 'City Mall', a new western style shopping centre complete with a credit! The coaster... It actually made me feel quite grotesque, maybe because it spins loads but doesn't actually DO anything else. The 3 circuits were NOT appreciated. After the +1 we grabbed another taxi to 'Amman Mall', an older and more ghetto mall somewhere else in the city. People were openly smoking in all public buildings and areas including malls, shops, hotels, busses etc. The second (and final) credit of the trip <3. The name made us chuckle... There were a couple of other rides... By this point it was nearly lunch, so we hung around for McMurder to open. This sounded amazing but was pretty grim... Once the credits were done, we minced back into the old town area to see the Citadel and the Amphitheatre. As the Citadel was up a huge hill, we got a cab up there first and then walked down to the Amphitheatre. The Citedal was quite cool... This flag was excessive. Dome thing... Looking down at the Amphitheatre... More views... Ok, Theatre time. Totes caught this kid stacking it... Looking back up to the Citadel... So that's our first day. I was suprised how nice the people were in Jordan, after having lots of bad experiences in Egypt and Morocco. Don't let the dumpyness of the city fool you, it's fab. Thanks for reading!
  5. Ughhhh that was VILE. I did mention it earlier (scroll back to Tiananmen Square, haha)! Gross. I still think the spitting is worse because it happens so often, and the NOISE they make just before //3.
  6. The Great Wall of China There are various sections of the wall you can visit. The closest one to Beijing is Badaling, but it's also the most touristy (and a lot of it has been rebuilt) so we spited it and went to Jinshanling. It was a bit of a pain to get to because you have to get a bus to a town 'nearby', then hire a driver to take you the rest of the way, then take you back. It was a bit overwhelming when we got off the bus and were getting harassed by all the drivers. It was pretty vile 3. However, when we got to the wall it was worth the spite. The condition of the wall changes every time you turn a corner... Some of it was really steep, worse than Brighton & Hove /3 Shoot <3 The next day we had a HORRID journey home... Beijing - Shanghai (2 hours) 2 hour layover Shanghai - Hong Kong (2 hours) 12 hour layover Hong Kong - Doha, Qatar (8 hours) 3 hour layover Doha, Qatar - London (7 hours) ///3. All in all, I can't make my mind up about China. It's an amazing place, but for all the wrong reasons. I don't like seeing one side of a road full of luxury apartments, with people on the other side sitting in the gutter with rags on who have absolutely nothing. But, I guess it's only recently discovered how fab capitalism is... it'll level out eventually. Oh, and I don't miss the food. Ugh. Or people spitting on the floor //3. That's it. Thanks for reading!
  7. Happy Valley Beijing It was quite surreal going to this park because as a teenager I admired the theming, and to be honest, couldn't see myself going here for a while (if ever)... The operations here were a lot better than the other two Happy Valleys, but they still did the irritating opening times. Crystal Wings and Extreme Rusher didn’t open till a bit later so we started at the back of the park. The Mine Train was up first… We were a bit sick of these by this point, but it looked pretty. We then got the SLC over and done with, which only took about half an hour thank GOD. Yeah, it was worse than the one in Shenzhen… (still better than Kumali <3) The other burdenous cred was the Golden Horse, which took a rather venomous, spiteful hour 3. This area to me was the only part of the park which felt run down… ... it did spite Bugs Life / Antz though <3 (and you can see them GORPING //3) By this point Crystal Wings had opened and had a short queue… … guess why? TWO TRAINS No word of a lie, this was the first and last park in China we saw coasters running two trains. Crystal Wings is fab. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Superman (SFGadv) so wasn’t expecting much, but the setting of Crystal Wings made it for me. <3. The Disko totes ruins this 3 The last coaster was the new S&S, Extreme Rusher. The queue was excessive, but they were running two trains (<3) so they can be forgiven. They were running it really well actually, but I guess new rides are always spiteful… It was about 2 hours... Eventually it was our turn. I’ll post a little review after the photos… This hill was OBSCENE. It was like, a turn, with ejector airtime, banked the wrong way... The trains <3 I thought it was really good. The launch was amazing, and the layout is so random and RCT-esque that it feels out of control. The only issue I had was that a couple of the transitions were REALLY brutal, especially when you enter the brakes. Hopefully it doesn’t become painful in a few years… Another ride I remember thinking looked fab was the Frisbee, but for some reason they’ve removed the snakes from the supports… maintenance issues perhaps? Never seen a stand up Rockin’ Tug before, AND it had a bump in the middle… The Splashdown looked fab, but we couldn’t be bothered to queue over an hour for it... OK, we didn’t ride anything else so I’m just going to post the rest as general park photos: Absolutely gorgeous park, helped even more by having decent operations. Happy Valley Shanghai had slightly better coasters, but I’d rather spend a day here I think. Thanks for reading! Next (and final) part: The Great Wall of China
  8. Pretty much what Elissa said really. The restraints were HORRIBLE, and they pinned me to the point that I had trouble breathing for the whole ride (they were pushing right against my collar bones and I couldn't inhale fully it was so tight). It was SO rough too, but I think that was mainly due to the amount of shuffling which occurs as it struggles through the inversions. The main problem with Chinese manufactured coasters is that they're designed for shorter people. If you're over about 5ft 10 you'll find a lot of them very uncomfortable (we're both over 6ft and there were a few coasters we only just got on). The shuttle loop coasters were particularly painful on my shoulders. Regarding flat rides, to be honest, we didn't really do any on the whole trip (except the Giant Frisbees). I'm not the biggest fan of flats anyway, and simply wouldn't trust a lot of the rides in China. I'll go on the coasters, but even on quite a few of them I was genuinely scared. Flats though? Nah. Besides, they were pretty generic, and most parks were pay per ride so that was another deterrent. Thanks for the comments again! I'll try and get Happy Valley up tomorrow, then it's just the Great Wall and the report is finished!
  9. ^ Thanks! Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park With 10 coasters, this was the park with the most amount of credits on the whole trip. It was a pretty huge park actually. As usual, it was about £2 to get in, then it was pay per ride. It wasn't cheap by any means, costing us more than £30 to get all our credits. When compared to the general cost of living in China, it's VERY expensive. Knockoff Disney castle <3 The first credit we stumbled upon was the mine train, which was a clone of the one at Sun Park (but in a much worse condition)... To get to the main section of the park you have to go over a bridge, which gives pretty good views of the other rides: The SLC hadn't opened yet, so we jumped on the Big Apple next to it... It was rather overgrown... A Chinese park wouldn't be complete without a Golden Horse! Next up was the Knockoff loopscrew... If I remember correctly, this was the smoothest one on the trip and was ALMOST good! The Knockoff Batflyer was closed. Shame, it looked amazing //3. It might be SBNO, as we returned a few days later and it was still dead. I'm sure I saw a PTR from a couple of months before we went and it was closed then too... Oppsite the Batflyer was 'Jurassic Adventure' or something. For an enclosed coaster it was pretty huge and had some amazing theming, if a bit ghetto. For some reason this park has two 'Jungle Mouse' coasters, one being larger and newer than the other. We did the newer one first, which wasn't too bad... The smaller one was GROSS though. I did get a video of it but can't find it... By this point the Knockoff SLC had opened. Goliath (Walibi) anyone? I don't really know what to say about this coaster... The shape of that twist... It nearly stalled on several elements... This video shows how slow it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfiXwsypeHI The last (open) credit was the shuttle loop, 'Coaster'... There were loads of Knockoff flats, loads. The most interesting ride for me was 'Adventure of Jones' aka 'Ghetto Knockoff Stormforce'. It was FAB <3 It had the backwards drop and everything <3 Spite Gardaland... Another view of the castle... 'Some cheesy show... Ugh //3 Health and safety? So RCT... The last ride we did was a Soarin knockoff, which actually used some of the scenes from the real one, mixed with some other Chinese stuff. So ghetto, but better . Thanks for reading! Next part: Happy Valley Beijing
  10. Forbidden City I'm not going to tell you what this is, because you should know. If you don't, shame on you! There's a moat around it. One of the main entrances, opposite Tiananmen Square. We used this one... It's huge, but we found it rather repetitive. Every time you walk into a new section, it's a the same as the previous one. It's huge, but we found it rather repetitive. Every time you walk into a new section, it's a the same as the previous one. It's huge, but we found it rather repetitive. Every time you walk into a new section, it's a the same as the previous one. But, it was very pretty. Me sashaying... Ben shanteing... On the way to the gardens... The gardens were cute <3 We then left at the other end, doing a circuit of the Raoul... This got us back to Tiananmen Square. There were no tanks unfortunately, just babies being lifted in the air to piss in bins. Looking back to FC... Yeah, that's the square. It was pretty dull to be honest! We quickly minced to Beijing Zoo, cus Ben wanted another Panda fix... Aww <3. People were throwing VARIOUS projectiles at the bears... By this point it was time for dinner, and after seeing an advert on the metro for duck necks; ... we wanted some duck. Yeah. This is the biggest duck restaurant in the world or something... it was excessive! We had a whole duck, head included. 'Can we have the BILL please?' It was well nice <3. Oh, and the woman insisted that we have some bone soup. It, was, grotesque. Thanks for reading! Next part... Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, home of the Chinese knockoff!
  11. ^ Haha, I didn't notice that! What a dump... Sooo, we decided to get a bullet train to Beijing, no photos of the journey or anything, but the bullet train was awesome. Sun Park & Beijing World Park On the way to Sun Park we walked past this structure. No expert, but it looks like a roof for something. ... and looked EXACTLY like B&M track! Sun Park was a typical pay-per-ride park. Very RCT1, you pay a couple of quid to enter too. First credit was the LoopScrew, which wasn't bad at all really. Smoother than a lot of Vekomas... Disney infringement... Next credit, the Jungle Mouse... So much rust... SO much... Ghetto mine train... Couldn't really get any photos of this... It looks really dull but has some crazy hidden trackwork. It was actually quite vicious, haha. Powered dragon' coaster, with some more fab english This was really ghetto too, and it's SUCH a credit You also get ravaged by foliage... The kiddie coaster was amazing <3 Bit of a squeeze, but still a lot better than a Go Gator! The last credit was a weird family coaster that did NOTHING. The infringement made up for it though... Yeah, it was awful. Beijing World Park We knew this place had a coaster, but that was about it. The models were pretty good... There was a random elephant hanging around the entrance <3 Here are some pictures of models. This was actually huge... Oh, China. Really? The coaster was another rusty mine train. This is the only photo we have of it It was the least amount of legroom I've EVER had on a coaster. It was actually painful just sitting there... Thanks for reading! Next part: Beijing tourist stuff...
  12. Shanghai Zoo Firstly, we were going to skip this Zoo and do the one in Beijing instead, then RCDB added a coaster here so we decided to include it. Secondly, I really don't care about animal rights. However, even I was pretty shocked by what I saw at this place. They had a whole section for dogs, which I found weird for a zoo... The Pandas were in much worse conditions than the ones in HK... Other animals, I won't bother with captions... This was horrible... Ben got some nice pictures of the turtles... Finally, the coaster! It was pretty ghetto... The previous day we'd seen a poster for a Canival in Shanghai, occupying some the World Expo site. We went to check it out incase they had some credits, and they did! Suspended kiddie coaster, similar to the one at Bottons in the UK... An actual Pinfari Big Apple! Italian... There were 3 other coasters. A Pinfari looper... ... a Pinfari wildcat... ... and finally, a Pinfari Invert, which was closed, unfortunately. We think it's the one which used to be at Nigloland? That was our final day in Shanghai. Great city <3. Next part: Sun Park in Beijing!
  13. Thanks for the comments so far! ^ Nah, sorry, we generally don't do videos... and we were only there for a few minutes to ride the coaster as we'd been delayed earlier! World Joyland This park is a bit of a shag to get to but obviously it had to be done. We got a train from Suzhou to Wuxi, which is the nearest major city to the park. From there we took a taxi, which took about an hour. There IS a bus from Wuxi station to the park, but we didn't realise this till we were returning later on. If I could go back I'd still probably get the taxi there just because busses are so much more difficult to understand if you don't know where you're going. Anyway, the park. Due to the fact that it had only been open a couple of months, nobody really knew what rides were there (apart from the 3 coasters), so we did miss quite a lot. To be honest, suprise suprise, the operations were so bad that it was about 4pm by the time we'd ridden all the coasters, and we had to get all the way back to Shanghai from here. The theming looks great, but is already showing signs of decay. Generally, the park felt rushed. I just got the feeling that they'd cut a lot of corners. The kiddie area copied IoA SO much... Of course, we went to the B&M Flyer first. it was worth the trek just for this... The twist/loop/turn is up there with X2's first drop for my craziest coaster moments. Pure fabness. It took us about an hour in the end because you have to FAFF with lockers, then it broke down for about half an hour when we were right at the front of the queue. There were actually puddles of sweat on the floor due to the humidity and so many people being crammed together. It was gross. After the flyer we got some lunch. The service was so terrible that this took the best part of an hour in the end /3. Once we had inhaled some chicken and chips it was X Car time <3 We like these. That's all there is to say really. Oh, they made Ben take his watch off, then put it in a locker, only to get given a wristband with a sharp key attatched to it. I think we were the only ones who were questioning this policy?!? She couldn't count either. The Mine Train didn't open till 2, and by now it was about half past so we sashayed over. This was the most putrid queue of the day for sure. An hour and a half. ONE TRAIN. Oh, and it's a Golden Horse knockoff, not a Vekoma <3. To be fair, it wasn't a bad knockoff. Rapids. Meh, couldn't be bothered. By this point we just wanted to leave, so got some photos just to show how much of a dump it is. Paint all over the floor... THESE ARE SO ANNOYING //3 Finally, a bit of casual copyright infringement... They also use ideas/buildings and stuff from popular games, none of which is licensed. Ben will be able to tell you more about it, but as far as I know there may be a lawsuit? Either way, this place is a massive hole which I don't want to return to. I can't believe THEY got such a great B&M, what a waste. Next: Shanghai Zoo and Shanghai Carnival
  14. Nope, we had no idea about the tide thing? No idea with the Toboggan, it looked pretty SBNO but all the rides there were so run down it was hard to tell for definite. After riding the one at Chuanlord we were actually quite glad it wasn't open, they really are the worst rides ever. Oh, and if you're over 6ft you'll have trouble closing the restraint on your legs (at Chuanlord they had to remove all the padding so it would lock on us)!
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